How to choose an evening dress by the type of figure

In the life of a modern woman, a period comes when it becomes necessary to buy an evening outfit. This can be a publication, a cocktail party, a wedding or a romantic evening for two, requiring a dress code. If there is no experience in acquiring such outfits, it's time to ask yourself how to choose an evening dress to make a lasting impression on the audience?

How to choose a dress by the type of figure

If you received an invitation to a social event, I want to look spectacular. Black evening dress is a capricious wardrobe item that requires matching the type of figure. Otherwise, the outfit looks ridiculous and ridiculous, and its owner becomes the object of sharp remarks and witticisms. With the right outfit, the girl will feel confident and comfortable even in an unfamiliar environment.

When choosing a model, it is important to build on the type of figure to discreetly hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of an outstanding appearance. Follow these guidelines:

  1. For figure X (hourglass), styles with a low waist and a high cut of a skirt are ideal. These are models with open shoulders of a trapezoid silhouette, a round neckline of the neckline is not excluded.
  2. For a figure A (pear), styles with a high waist, a V-shaped or square neckline are considered harmonious. Permissible length - to the knees, maxi.
  3. For figure V (inverted triangle), it is best to purchase a model with a low waist and a high neckline to demonstrate the slimness of the legs. Shoulders for visual narrowing are preferably bare.
  4. For the figure O (apple), the ideal option is models with a deep neckline, open hands, high waist, loose cut skirts. Allowable length is maxi, below the knee.

How to choose a fabric-

To make an appropriate purchase of clothes, it is important to take into account all the nuances, not limited to the style of the future outfit. You need to correctly determine the material that emphasizes the impeccability of taste, elegance of style. In order not to make a mistake, it is important to remember the following rules:

  1. For women prone to fullness, chiffon fabric is perfect.
  2. A dense silk for tight and curvy shapes becomes an ideal option for taut and athletic figures.
  3. For flawless forms, it is best to purchase elastic material.
  4. If the parameters of shoulders, waist, hips are the same, heavy silk gives the appearance femininity, luxury, sophistication.

What style is suitable for a festive evening

In the wardrobe of a woman, an outfit must be stored. Models of evening dresses are striking in their diversity, but must comply with the theme of a particular celebration. For a festive evening, it is best to choose a classic style with an open neckline and a long skirt. Such an exquisite outfit will not go unnoticed, will give its owner an inner confidence. It is recommended to find out in advance what requirements for the appearance of the organizers of the celebration. Only then can the final choice be made.

For the wedding

When choosing an outfit for the marriage of friends or relatives, it is important to remember minimalism. The dress should not dazzle with sequins, attract volumetric decor elements, and shock with frank cutouts. It should be a simple, elegant, but not defiant style, which imperceptibly emphasizes an impeccable sense of style, fully consistent with the theme of the celebration. It is also recommended to contact future newlyweds and clarify all the nuances of the dress code.

To the party

If you have fun with friends or work colleagues, the requirements for women are unobtrusive as well. The ideal option is cocktail models that are fashionable at all times, which not only raise the festive mood, but also attract everyone's attention with their original style, sophisticated colors and the most unexpected design solutions.

The final choice depends on the customer. If you still have doubts about how to choose an evening dress, it is recommended to watch a video that will answer all questions and protect you from an erroneous purchase. It is important not to rush, to correctly determine the type of figure and theme of the upcoming event.

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