Women's fashion leggings 2019

Leggings are the most comfortable clothing for relaxing, walking, active games. They are deprived of rough seams, fit tightly to the body, do not constrain movement. But they have a big drawback - leggings (or leggings) strongly emphasize the body, so you need to choose them correctly, immediately deciding what to wear and where.

How to choose leggings

Like any tight-fitting clothes, leggings look beautiful only on girls with a slim figure. This is especially true for products from very thin fabric, it emphasizes all the irregularities of the body, including skin imperfections. If the legs are not taut, without muscle relief, cellulite, choose tight leggings, wear them with an elongated top.

Other selection tips:

  • With low growth, prefer leggings with vertical patterns, stripes on the side or across the entire surface of the fabric. Avoid 7/8 length models - they visually shorten the legs.

  • For wide hips, choose leggings of dark colors, with no patterns at the top.
  • Take a look at fashionable or leather leggings if you are creating an image for an office or university. They look like full pants.
  • To cover the folds in the abdomen, choose fashionable high-legged leggings. They have a tight tight top that will narrow the waist.
  • For everyday wear, choose models with the addition of natural materials so that the skin breathes. For the gym, buy leggings with elastane and spandex.

Fashion Trends in 2019

  • Lace and embroidery. Give femininity to the image.

  • Lampas. Contrasting side stripes will stretch the figure, make legs slimmer.
  • Leather. This is a great option for going out, studying, walking.
  • Vivid prints. Animals, floral, children’s, geometry - choose any, but the rest of the things should be solid.

Leggings with original lettering

If the fashionable women's leggings of 2019 with a bright design are too extravagant for you, try simple models. The inscriptions located vertically on the side or diagonally in the lower part of the leg of the leg will not attract much attention, but will add a zest to the image. Often sports-style leggings are sewn with this design, so combine them with oversized t-shirts, sneakers and leather jackets.

With children's motives

Fairies, unicorns, colored balloons - prints that return to school. They are appropriate on a young woman, but only in a casual way. Wear such leggings with a tunic or a short skirt, a denim jacket, as was popular in zero, and no heels - replace them with ballet shoes or soft sneakers.

Leopard print

The most controversial design, which some stylists recognize as fashionable, and others as tasteless, even vulgar. Leopard leggings make the image predatory, extravagant. The model requires careful selection of the rest of the ensemble details. This print emphasizes all the flaws of the figure. For girls of short stature, a colorful pattern is a taboo, because it visually reduces the length of the legs.

Basic rules and advice from stylists:

  • Leopard leggings are the core of the image. Choose solid colors of calm shades for them. No additional animal prints.

  • Pick up 1-2 large accessories. Many small ones will simplify the image.
  • Wear leopard long-legged leggings. Avoid short tops, especially opening the belly.

With unusual inserts

The combination of several different materials creates an interesting silhouette and gives freedom of imagination. It is easier to make a fashionable bow with leggings sewn simultaneously from cotton and leather or complemented by a mesh insert than with classic ones. You can adapt to one of two materials.

Fashionable in 2019 inserts:

  • Leather. Even basic black leggings glamorous, especially if the inserts have rivets, spikes, rings or rhinestones.

  • Velvet. Visually adds volume in the places where it is located. The ensemble of velvet and matte leather looks interesting.
  • Grid. Often added vertically along the side seam. In contrasting to the base color makes the legs longer and slimmer.

With floral ornament

Very fashionable leggings of 2019 for the spring-summer period, which will add a twist to the evening and everyday look. The main thing is to choose the right print. Avoid the abundance of small flowers as on old chintz dresses. Such leggings will look cheap, add extra volume to the legs. Choose large buds or bouquets, drawn singly or as complex compositions in the style of D&G.

Tips stylists:

  • To add volume to thin legs, choose leggings with a light background and saturated colors. With full hips, look at neutral, dark tones.

  • For a walk, try a combination of leggings and a denim shirt. Complement your look with ballet flats or low-heeled boats.
  • The combination is suitable for the exit: bright floral leggings + black or white top, the same leggings + linen top and a long jacket.

With a complex pattern

African drawings, Indian paisley ("cucumbers"), fashionable for several seasons, Scandinavian prints - all this looks interesting only on slim legs. The abundance of complex patterns visually expands the surface, so such leggings will not work for girls with voluminous hips. It is advisable to choose a solid top, in calm colors - beige, brown, gray, muted blue, grassy. The image will complement scarves, boots, ankle boots.

With imitation lace

D&G, Liu Jo, Dsquared2, McQueen, Gucci - almost all fashion houses in 2019 offer such feminine models of leggings:

  • A print with imitation of lace on top of a dense elastic fabric from a distance looks like marble stains. Unusually, discreet, will suit the everyday look with a white shirt.

  • Neat decor in the form of lace details on the bottom of the legs or on the side seam on the outside of the thigh will suit everyone. Such models in black color are universal, they can be combined with any top, high heel shoes or ankle boots.
  • The most fashionable women's leggings of 2019 - with lace all over the surface. It is advisable that the base is dense fabric, otherwise there is a feeling of pantyhose on the legs. Keep in mind that such leggings will visually add volume.


Great choice for women of any age. Due to the texture of the fabric, the product conceals small flaws in the figure. Such leggings completely imitate classic jeans - often there is a fake clasp in front, but they are on elastic. The lack of tight side seams makes them more comfortable, provides a better fit.

Stylish images with leggings under the jeans:

  • A classic for every day and for long walks - white slip-ons, a loose T-shirt of any color. If the leggings themselves are without decorative details, choose a print top.

  • In the cold season, combine denim leggings and long knit cardigans, turtlenecks and ankle boots or low shoes without heels. Another option is a hoodie, a leather biker jacket, sneakers on massive soles.
  • To hide the fullness of the legs - jeans leggings with contrasting longitudinal stripes on the sides and high rise. Add to them a tucked-in shirt and high-heeled shoes.


Such models remain in the trend for more than one season due to their versatility. They are dense, smooth out minor imperfections in the figure, and are suitable not only for slim legs. Designers offer to wear fashionable leggings of 2019 from natural and artificial ("eco") leather for a walk, in a cafe, for a party, and if the dress code allows, then for work.

Recommendations of stylists:

  • Matte leather is an excellent choice for every day and for any figure. Glossy or metallic, in bright colors, is appropriate only for the exit and then only slim.

  • The most fashionable image in cool weather is leather leggings with an oversized knit sweater or dress.
  • A business bow will be obtained from a combination of dark leggings and an elongated white blouse, emphasized by a thin belt at the waist.
  • Media faces wear leather leggings with a linen-style top, voluminous jackets and brightly colored jackets. Such fashionable images are suitable for publication, but only to slim girls.


They do not fit the figure too tightly, do not emphasize the skin texture, and therefore are appropriate in a business wardrobe. Often, such leggings have pockets or their imitation, pronounced side seams. For an office or university, choose options in muted colors: dark blue, brown, black, wet asphalt. Discreet patterns will also look good - thin stripes, a cage. Wear such leggings with a shirt and an extended jacket, large knit sweaters.