How to choose a mink coat when buying - tips

No matter how dramatic changes occur in the fashion industry, mink fur always remains the standard of femininity and affluence. So that the product can be worn for many years, you need to know how to choose the mink coat. A high-quality mink is not afraid of precipitation; for a long time, it does not lose its original attractiveness.

Tips for choosing a mink coat

Fur of this animal is highly appreciated, products from it always remain popular and are not cheap, so manufacturers often save on tailoring or even offer unauthentic goods. Unfortunately, with the development of modern technologies, the likelihood of encountering a fake has increased, even at proven retail outlets. In order not to fall for the bait of scammers, study the recommendations of experts on how to choose the right mink coat.

What nuances you need to pay attention to:

  • High quality products will pay off with interest. After all, good furs will be worn for more than 10 years, without losing their original attractiveness.
  • Available in financial terms, mink products are made of brown fur. The darker the tone, the more expensive the mink.
  • Furs of red, blue and gray colors are sold at an average price.
  • The high price category includes products from unpainted white furs.
  • Valuable and elite is considered a mink of black with a shimmer of color, to the touch resembling velvet.
  • The high price does not always mean quality. Perhaps in this shopping center just a high wrap. When buying, focus not only on the cost, but also on the quality of the goods.

How to determine the quality of a mink coat

Carefully inspect the fur coat, feel the fur, if possible, look behind the lining to assess the quality of the mezra (the back of the skin). It is better to choose not in the market, but in a specialized store. In this case, the chance to run into a fake is minimal. Keep in mind that the furs made in our country are not bad, but European manufacturers pay more attention to the quality of the material and tailoring.

How to choose a quality fur coat:

  • Swipe your hand against the direction of the villi, a good mink fur will quickly assume its original position.
  • Dark and dull furs, as well as uneven colors, indicate the age of the skin.
  • After contact with a fur product, hair and fluff should not remain on the hand.
  • The fewer seams on the wrong side, the longer the purchase will last.
  • Rub the dyed fur with a light handkerchief, while keeping the surface of the fabric clean.
  • Quality fur should be thick, with good undercoat.
  • Ask the seller for a certificate. The markings on it and on the label must match.
  • High-quality mezdra is soft, elastic, without cracks, when pressed, it does not make creaking sounds.

How to distinguish a mink coat from a fake

Under the guise of mink, they sell products from other fur animals. To determine the authenticity of the skin, take a look at the villi. All must be the same length. Mink is often replaced with a groundhog or rabbit, in which the pile is shorter. The rabbit is soft to the touch, and the marmot is slightly scratchy, while the mink's hairs are hard and springy, after bending they quickly take their original shape.

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