How to terminate a pregnancy

How to terminate a pregnancy - girls sometimes encounter such a problem. Disappointing medical statistics claim that more than 75 million women become pregnant each year with an unplanned and unwanted child. As a rule, most of them, and this is more than 2/3 of women, are looking for ways to terminate their pregnancy, but how not to get pregnant ?! Today, not in all countries, abortion is officially permitted, so many women are looking for a way out of illegal methods of abortion, which are often dangerous and unhealthy. As a result, about 80 thousand women die every year during an illegal abortion. That is why your favorite tips website will tell you today how to terminate an early pregnancy.
In addition to the traditional surgical method of abortion, there are other methods that can get rid of an unwanted pregnancy in the early stages before and after a delay of menstruation. These include manual vacuum aspiration, and apparatus vacuum aspiration, and various medical methods for terminating a pregnancy. Remember that any termination of pregnancy is fraught with causing irreparable harm to health.

How to terminate an early pregnancy

The essence of this procedure is that using a special syringe, contents are extracted from the uterine cavity. This method of abortion is performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting. But it should be remembered that MBA can be used only if the gestational age is not more than 12 weeks, this is about 3 months. To date, this method of abortion is one of the most effective and successful.

This abortion method should be considered successful only if all products of conception have completely emerged from the uterus. You can verify this using transvaginal ultrasound. It should be remembered that the drug method of abortion can be used only if the gestational age does not exceed 6 weeks. Note that this procedure is carried out only under the vigilant supervision of a doctor. Just before the procedure, the woman will have to undergo some examinations, then sign the consent to the abortion, and then take the medication in the presence of a doctor. After taking the medication, the patient is monitored for 4-6 hours. If a combination of several drugs is used, then each time they are taken, the patient will have to come to the doctor's office. Now you know how to frustrate a pregnancy in a short time.

How to terminate pregnancy at 2 weeks with tablets

As a rule, it is psychologically more comfortable for women to do medical termination of pregnancy than with the help of surgical intervention, which is carried out with the use of anesthesia. The essence of this method is to take medications that affect the uterus and the functions of the corpus luteum, after which pregnancy terminates. For termination of pregnancy for periods of up to 9 weeks, drugs such as misoprostol and mifepristone are used, also these drugs are known as RU486.

The tablets act as follows. You must first take a mifepristone tablet, and after 24-72 hours a misoprostol tablet. These drugs cause uterine contractions leading to miscarriage. In most cases, in 95-97%, the pregnancy is terminated. Mifepristone interrupts the production of the hormone progesterone, which is necessary during pregnancy, thereby relaxing the muscles of the cervix, and misoprostol contributes to uterine contractions. After 7-9 hours, an abortion occurs.

Termination of pregnancy with a medical method is possible no later than 8 weeks after conception. The first pill can be drunk after consultation with a gynecologist. Taking the first pill in most cases causes heavy bleeding, which in its nature resembles menstruation. Bleeding can be both mild and very severe. In some cases, there is no bleeding - in such cases, bleeding should wait after taking misoprostol - the second tablet. The action of this drug is such that bleeding occurs within 15-20 minutes, and after 6-8 hours a miscarriage occurs. The cramps are wave-like, the bleeding is usually severe, and resembles severe bleeding during menstruation.

10-15 days after the abortion, the gynecologist must confirm the success of the procedure - if the interruption procedure by the medication was not successful, it will be necessary to interrupt using an aspiration method or vacuum abortion. According to statistics, in 5% of cases, medical termination of pregnancy ends in failure. Despite the absence of surgical intervention, medical termination of pregnancy is fraught with serious health problems - heavy bleeding, nausea, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, severe spasmodic pains.

How to terminate a pregnancy in the first hours

To terminate a possible pregnancy immediately after sexual intercourse, the drug postinor is used. The effectiveness of the drug taken within 24 hours after proximity is 95%, after 24-48 hours - 85%, after 48-72 hours - 59%. The sooner the drug was taken after unprotected sex, the greater the chance of success. The effect of the drug is based on the suppression of ovulation and fertilization. To prevent pregnancy, you need to take two tablets - one as soon as possible, and after 12 hours and another tablet. If after taking the second pill vomiting begins, you should take a third pill of postinor. Postinor can be used only once during one menstrual cycle.

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