How to get rid of mice in a house or apartment

Mice spread infectious diseases and parasites; accumulations of their droppings intensify allergy attacks and asthma. A bite carrier can cause infection with nausea, dizziness, and fever. Rodents spoil wall decoration, furniture, destroy food, and damaged teeth cause fire. To bring out mice, you can call a professional-disinfestator or try household methods.

How to detect mice

Signs of rodents:

  • Fresh feces (with sharpened edges, shine, look like putty, old hard, crumbly) and musky smell of urine.

  • Smooth round, coin-like holes in the upholstery and baseboards.
  • Shallow scratches on the surfaces, eaten corners of boxes, packages.
  • Oily traces on shelves and floors, inexplicable trash, tiny pieces of paper (material for nests).

How to rid a house of mice

Professional pests are destroyed by private disinfectors and the Federal Sanitary and Epidemiological Service (SES). Their services are paid, but the result is quick and lasting. Processing a typical apartment will take half an hour, you only need to move the furniture and leave the room with your pets for the duration of the work.

Methods of independent struggle:

  • Folk. Mice do not tolerate the smells of wormwood, tansy, coriander, peppermint, cilantro. Lay out bouquets or dry gathering in corners where rodents can appear.

  • Mechanical. Buy or make traps or traps with bait.
  • Physiological. Mix poisons with food, scatter in places where traces of pest activity appear.
  • Biological. Mice are afraid of cats, dogs, hedgehogs.
  • Ultrasonic. The emitting device repels rodents with waves that a person does not hear.
  • Chemical. Buy the poison in the form of granules or powder, place it in a room inaccessible to children and animals.

Restrict access to food

Rodents come for food to smell it. Transfer products to airtight containers made of metal or glass. Seal plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. Spread herbs or sachets with repelling odors next to food.

Close penetration paths

Getting mice out of the house is sometimes harder than keeping out. Find out how rodents get into the room. Possible ways:

  • ventilation shafts, wiring channels;

  • pipes, sewer risers;
  • doors, windows, cracks in window sills, thresholds;
  • foundation, trees, high vegetation near the house.

Rodents penetrate into the cracks from 3 mm and climb vertical surfaces, clinging to sharp claws. Repair the foundation, putty holes on the walls, check the fit of the doors to the thresholds. With reinforced mounting tape, silicone sealant or steel polishing wool, insulate the channels along the pipes. Do not use rubber, plastic and wood, which rodents easily destroy.

Use mouse control tools

Traps, poison baits and rat repellers will help get rid of mice in the apartment. You can buy devices in hardware stores, branches of disinfection services. Choose a method, taking into account the area of ​​the room, the availability of mouse holes, the presence of pets.


Set under the sink, behind the sink, refrigerator (in a private house - in the attic, in the basement) mousetraps. Focus on droppings. In addition to traditional wooden traps, you can buy plastic sealed or electric. Rodents live in groups, so you need 5-6 devices at once. Check traps regularly to get rid of trapped mice on time.

Poison Bait

Buy special poison (rodenticide) or factory stations based on it. Toxic traps should not be left in the open. They are suitable for non-residential premises or inaccessible areas - under cabinets, behind a refrigerator. Before installation, put on disposable gloves, after processing, discard them, wash your hands. Store toxic chemicals in sealed containers in a safe place.

Get rid of mice with potent liquid acid-based products in a protective mask. Even spraying will provide a special spray. Avoid contact with skin. Animals will spread crystals of acid in the nests, this will lead to the death of the entire group.


Ultrasound machines generate a wave, which should scare away mice from the house. Install them on the wall, taking into account the coverage area. For an apartment, devices with a range of up to 200 m2 are suitable, and for a private house - up to 1200 m2. For other animals, ultrasound is safe.

Folk remedies for mice

Even the presence of a cat can force rodents to leave. The same natural enemies are dogs, hedgehogs, rats. Together with other unprofessional methods, they will help to drive the mice out of the house, but 100% efficiency cannot be expected. Plus of these methods is the minimum cost.

Homemade traps

Bucket Swing

  1. Take a deep container or plastic bucket with smooth walls.

  2. Place a plank or ruler on the edge so that the other end hangs over the container. The first edge should be accessible from a table or cabinet.
  3. On the hovering end, lay the bait so that the running up animal imbalances and falls.

Bottle trap

  1. Cut the plastic container from under the soda so that a funnel is formed from the neck.

  2. Turn the upper part over with the threaded hole down, fix it with tape in the main container.
  3. Lubricate the walls of the funnel with oil, throw the bait with a bright smell (cheese, smoked meat) to the bottom. The mouse, trying to come up, will slip and cannot get out.

Sticky trap

  1. Take a piece of cardboard or plywood, apply glue from rodents to the surface.

  2. Put in the center a slice of cheese or another bait with a pronounced smell.
  3. Install the device near the mouse socket, check regularly.

Trap of cans and paper

  1. Pour 0.5 liter of water into a large glass bowl.

  2. Use a knife to make a cross-shaped incision in a sheet of loose paper.
  3. Center the jar, fix the edible bait above it.
  4. The animal, trying to reach, with its own weight, will push the notch angles and fall.

Intimidating mixtures

Home remedies for mice can be made on the basis of freely growing herbs (elderberry, ledum, tansy, wormwood) and spices (coriander, cloves). Unfolded dry bouquets or decoctions scare away rodents by smell. Ammonia-vinegar mixture will help get rid of incoming rodents:

  • Pour half a vinegar and the same amount of ammonia into a liter jar, add a few bay leaves.

  • Close the lid, let it brew for a day. Put the leaves on the saucers and place them next to the entrance and windows.
  • Refresh "flavors" once every 2-3 days.

Peppermint Oil:

  1. Put the cut shoots into a mortar, mash until the juice is released.

  2. Heat almond oil, add it to mint so that it completely covers the leaves.
  3. Put the infusion away for a day, then strain and pour into the bottle.
  4. Dilute the finished mixture in half with water, shake and pour into a spray bottle. Spray surfaces daily, maintaining a smell.
  5. To quickly get rid of domestic mice, you can arrange cotton swabs soaked in the product in the corners.

Professional baiting mice

The most likely to get rid of mice is a specialist-disinfectant. He knows the types and habits of rodents, habitats, ways of moving. A professional has the opportunity to use highly effective drugs. They will erase mice from the house for a single spray. In addition, the disinfector will give recommendations on the prevention of rodents in a particular room, fill the traps, issue a guarantee.

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