How to make a slime

All children remember such a wonderful cartoon called "Ghostbusters" and his outstanding hero Lizun. After all, he served as a prototype for creating a strange, but enthralling toys for children with the ability to stick to surfaces, hands, bring a lot of enthusiasm. Children are interested in playing with such a toy, and it’s even more interesting to learn how to make a lizun with their own hands. Take advantage of the moment to have a pleasant and useful time with your child, creating an unusual toy together.

How to make a slime at home and what is needed for this

Creating a lizun at home is a very easy task. A homemade version of a cartoon hero will not glow in the dark, like a real one, but it will spread, stick, change its shape. There are many options for creating this unpretentious toy, as well as a variety of materials for its manufacture: for example, chewing gum, starch with water, glue, flour, gouache, for alcohol, some even use condensed milk if they want to make an edible toy. You can choose the most different colors, using food coloring or, for example, gouache.

All you need is to prepare the necessary materials in advance, choose the method according to which you will act and enjoy the process of creating a slime. This is very interesting, even if you do not have children, and you have long grown up from childhood.

To extend the life of the product and give joy to your child from the game, study the following points:

  • a necessary condition for storing a toy is a closed dish (for example, a small jar with a tight-fitting lid);

  • do not leave the lizun in the open sun, on heating devices, batteries: he loves the cool;
  • you should not put the toy on fleecy surfaces, for example, carpet, clothes, because micro hairs will stick to it, and you will get a heterogeneous surface;
  • to make the toy original, use essential oils during manufacture that will give a pleasant aroma to the craft;
  • for a lizun with a “twist”: it is interesting to pour cosmetic sparkles into the mass to be made and get a “glamorous” cartoon character;

  • To give a taste to the toy: add salt, sugar, condensed milk to the rest of the ingredients during the creation process;
  • add a couple drops of vinegar to the solution with the paint - the slime will stretch better, will not be smeared;
  • with the help of glycerin it will turn out slippery, vile, just like real;
  • use hydrogen peroxide to make a homemade cartoon character light, airy;
  • if you want the toy to look more alive, stick eyes from rubber buttons or paper.

Ways to make a lizun with your own hands - instructions with photos

There are both primitive and harmless ways to create a sticky toy - for the smallest children (for example, edible lick), as well as more “professional” ones. We will look at some of the methods in detail in the creation instructions using comprehensive illustrations. Here you will find a list of necessary materials, information on where all this is acquired. We proceed to the phased description of the manufacture of the slime with your own hands.

From glue PVA, borax and water

This is a quick way to make a sticky toy without much effort. Crafts made in this way will turn out elastic, will be able to bounce off surfaces, almost like a hopper, will remain soft. A slime made in this way is not “afraid” of water (you can safely wash it).

Source materials:

  1. PVA glue is pure white, with an actual shelf life (this is important, because it will affect the quality of your slime), in an amount of 100 g;
  2. One glass of water at room temperature;
  3. Borax (sodium tetraborate under the medical term or borax). Buy it at any pharmacy, in stores with radio products or with chemicals, there are no special conditions or restrictions on its sale. Ask for either a 4% solution or as a normal powder.

  1. Zelenka, food colors, gouache, acrylics - to make the cartoon character color;
  2. Any tank (with a volume of 0.5 liters or more) in which all this is mixed and a stirring stick.


  • mix the fourth part of the water with the same amount of glue by adding a dye of your choice, for example, zelenok;

  • further prepare one tablespoon of auger;
  • gradually add borax to the previous ingredients, stirring constantly, as a result of which the liquid will gradually begin to become thick, a viscous substance will turn out - lizun.

From clay and gelatin

A simpler way to make a slime with your own hands is with the help of improvised tools such as clay and gelatin. The toy will not last for a long time, but it will create any shape that you give it to him. It is recommended for the youngest toy lovers, as able to develop the motor skills of small pens. Essential Ingredients:

  1. Plasticine of any color, approximately 100 g;
  2. Two packs of edible gelatin 25 g each;
  3. Warm water, at least 50 ml;
  4. Two containers: one metal for heating certain components, the second plastic for manufacturing;
  5. Capacity for stirring.

We proceed to the manufacturing process:

  • in a metal container, dissolve gelatin in cold water, leave to infuse for an hour;
  • after the specified time, put the gelatin on the fire, bring to a boil with steam (heat in a water bath), remove from heat;
  • in a plastic container, mix plasticine with warm water, use a wooden stick for this;

  • after cooling the gelatin, add this liquid to plasticine, then mix thoroughly until a thick homogeneity is obtained;
  • send the resulting substance to the refrigerator until it freezes - the lizun is ready.

Find out more interesting ideas for what can be made from plasticine.

From starch and soda

It’s easy to make such a type of manufacture of a cartoon character, the ingredients for it will always be found at home, they don’t need to go anywhere purposefully, to spend additional funds. However, the result of the resulting toy will not please you very much, because its properties will not be the same as we would like: the slime will turn out to be solid, but there is a plus: it knows how to jump well. Ingredients for crafts:

  1. Water at room temperature, about a glass;
  2. Starch (100 grams), which can be replaced with soda and get the same effect;
  3. PVA glue, one hundred gram can.
  4. Any color: green, gouache, food color, acrylic paint.

Production Instruction:

  • take starch / soda and mix with water 1: 1 to obtain a jelly-like consistency of the substance;
  • add glue and mix thoroughly;
  • even when the consistency is liquid, during stirring, add the selected dye, for example, gouache;
  • in order for the lizun to turn out to be close to a cartoon ghost, a part of the added water should be larger in comparison with a part of starch or soda.

From shampoo and gouache

Another way to cook a sticky hero: with shampoo, super-glue of a certain brand and gouache. Why glue needs to be used of a certain brand, because only this type has the necessary properties that give the toy softness, the effect of adhesion and spreading. So, the main components:

  • 90 g of Titan super-glue;
  • 30 g of shampoo of the desired color, which is only available (take inexpensive);
  • Gouache, any dye to give a multi-colored effect;
  • Gloves for work accuracy;
  • A small package in which our components will be mixed.

How to do:

  • mix glue and shampoo together in a bag;
  • proceed from the proportions of 3: 2 glue and shampoo, vary the amount of added ingredients as desired;
  • adhering to proportions is not necessary at all if you want to experiment and get the desired properties: add more shampoo - the toy will be more elastic, more glue - it will be denser;
  • in the course of mixing, add gouache to give the lick a shade, or to make the color more saturated;
  • if you used a transparent shampoo, then the finished lizun will be visible, and if the shampoo was white, then gouache will come in handy.

How to make liquid lizun without sodium tetraborate

If there is a desire to tinker a bit and additional money, allowing you to stock up on necessary materials, then make a slime without sodium tetraborate, and it will turn out to be very high quality, will be vague, as close as possible to that produced in the factory. To achieve this result, stock up on the following items:

  1. One fourth of the unexpired PVA glue;
  2. One third of liquid starch. Please note that this tool is one of household and household chemicals and is used during washing;
  3. Preferred coloring agent: gouache, acrylic paints, green paint, food coloring;
  4. A small plastic bag as a mixing tank.

Step-by-step instructions for manufacturing:

  • pour the indicated amount of starch into the bag;
  • drip a couple of drops of your chosen coloring agent, for example, gouache;
  • pour in the specified amount of glue;
  • thoroughly with the help of hands mix the resulting consistency until a uniformity is obtained and the desired color is obtained;
  • leave the finished lizun in the cold for 3-4 hours to lie down, for example, in the refrigerator;
  • after the specified time, remove the substance;
  • the perfect slime version is ready!

Video tutorials on the phased creation of a slime

For comprehensive information on creating a do-it-yourself slime, see the video tutorials below. They will help you prepare for this interesting occupation, step by step demonstrate the stages of manufacture, tell you some tricks to create the perfect slime. You will be convinced that the creation process itself will not take much time, and the result will please not only your child, but also yourself.

Phased recipe for creating a slime:

We make a slime from flour and water:

Watch the video: DIY How To Make Basic Slime (March 2020).