How to become a vampire without a bite, in real life. Turning into a Vampire at Home

How to become a vampire at home is of interest to many young people. Vampires have always beckoned people with their mystery, unidentifiedness and their capabilities. Due to the abundance of film releases about werewolves, ghouls, zombies, etc., in particular the Twilight Saga, many teenagers, inspired by the heroes of the film, also wanted to live a night life, be immortal nosferatu and drink the blood of people.

Vampire life

Before becoming a modern Dracula, one should take into account the peculiarity of the life of these individuals, and understand whether you are ready to make such sacrifices only in order to become a vampire. Each person, before turning into this creature, was waiting for death, that is, it was necessary to die, and only then the corpse turns into a bloodsucker. Consider that they do not need human food, all they eat is blood. Since this is an immortal creature, they do not experience emotions, they cannot love, they cannot become attached to another person, therefore vampires do not have any kindred relations or interconnections. Many young people dream about it to radically change their lives. Of course, Hollywood films dedicated to the life of vampires predict a boring life full of adventure and new acquaintances. In addition, in each such picture, the main vampire hero always has a wonderful companion, with whom he develops passion and love. Accordingly, insecure teenagers, having seen enough of the films, believe that the only way out of their dull life can only be turning into a vampire.


Conventionally, all vampires can be divided into two groups: those who feed on blood, and the so-called energy vampires. There are also those who are extremely bloodthirsty and cannot be near people, but there are persons who are able to restrain their impulses, they are more calm. Energy bloodsuckers are more careful in choosing their victim, choosing a talented, intelligent person as their “nourishment”.

Another way: using a bite

The most faithful and effective way that circulation in a bloodsucker is to be bitten by a real vampire. To do this, you should calculate the habitats of these creatures (for example, a cemetery, look for a fresh grave), and try to get closer to them. If you can convince one of these creatures that you really want to become one of them, then perhaps they will agree to accept another vampire in their group. But anyone who knows at least a little about the life of the bloodsuckers will understand that this is not so simple. The fact is that by their nature they are rather fastidious and they choose their victims very carefully. Therefore, weak-willed and weak-character individuals are not at all interested in vampires as an object of food, not to mention the fact that in the future they can turn such a victim into a member of their community. In this regard, the vampire is more likely to bite a healthy strong man in the prime of life, watching over his body and health, than a self-confident whiner, begging to turn himself into one of them. Before you go in search of places of accumulation of vampires, try to change yourself on your own, so that in the future you have something to interest a potential vampire in, and there is something to offer him.

How to become a ghoul right now by curses

This method is considered not so effective, but also effective. If you have ever been very angry and offended by someone you love, then this person with hearts can curse you. A damned person doesn’t get his life done in the future, he doesn’t succeed, and then, perhaps, such a person gradually begins to switch to the side of vampires.

Some scholars of Slavic mythology claim that there is a certain group of people who are destined to become a ghoul by nature.

  • the fifth boy in a row in a family in which only sons are born.
  • Also in this category are children who did not burst the fetal bladder at birth, and they were born in a shirt, as the common people say.
  • children born with teeth are also more likely to become a vampire than anyone else.


Remember also that all thoughts are material. Therefore, if you really want something, then it is sure to happen. The only question is whether you will need it then. In the meantime, you only dream about that, you can try to reincarnate in real life and live a vampire life. Here are some tips for this:

  • You need to rebuild your daily routine, because vampires are awake at night, and during the day they sleep and take refuge from sunlight.
  • When going outside in sunny weather, use sunscreen, the vampire should not be tanned. On the contrary, vampires are characterized by painful pallor, so a face powdered with white powder should become the basis of your daily makeup.
  • Remember that real bloodsuckers cannot be overweight. All immortals look excessively thin and haggard, and there is nothing surprising in this, because recovering on one blood will not work. Therefore, if you have problems with being overweight, they should be eliminated immediately.
  • They never smile or have fun. Their eternal companions are sadness, longing and thoughtfulness.
  • Change your wardrobe, now it should consist exclusively of black gloomy things.
  • Vampires do not have beds, they sleep and rest in coffins, so if possible throw away the bed from your house and replace it with a coffin.
  • Watch films about Dracula, read various literature (Levkievskaya E. E. The Vampire, Barber, Paul: Vampires, Burial and Death: Folklore and Reality) to gain more knowledge about the life of those who you want to become.
  • And finally, contact your dentist with a request to build you real vampire fangs, with the help of which in the future it will be easier and more convenient for you to bite your victims.

In folklore it is said that vampires evolved from bats, this is how the first human infection occurred. Vampires have pale skin, are not susceptible to disease, and they have no family. To kill a vampire, you need to drive an aspen stake into his chest, chop off his head or use a cross from the church, sacred water.

Someone once said: "Fear your desires, they tend to come true." Therefore, think more than once about whether you need this vampire life and this familiarization with otherworldly forces. Perhaps it is much easier to realize yourself and your potential in real life, and learn to enjoy the ordinary things that surround you, and love the lively cheerful people who are near you, than to dream of something unreal?

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