How to make a bouquet of sweets with your own hands

It is difficult to imagine a girl who is indifferent to flowers and sweets. For any occasion, in addition to the main gift, sweets and flower arrangements are certainly bought. Inventive needlewomen figured out how to combine these two components and create a unique, delightful DIY gift. How to make a bouquet of sweets is a question that excites many people who want to distinguish themselves with an original, memorable gift, combining tasty and beautiful in one. The workshops presented below will help you create a delightful masterpiece with your own hands.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a bouquet of sweets with photos

Before you start creating a bouquet, you must perform the following steps:

  • Decide on the type of flowers that will make up the composition - it can be roses, tulips, crocuses, snowdrops, it all depends on the skill level of the needlewoman and what the person loves for whom the bouquet is intended.
  • Choose a design option: a basket with flowers, a composition in a box, on a stand or other options, which is enough for the author’s imagination.
  • Choose, buy sweets (favorite sweets of the recipient). It is important to remember that for different types of flowers it is necessary to use different forms of sweets. For snowdrops, it is worth choosing small ones, for callas - thin and long, for gerberas - round.
  • Choose decorative elements of decoration: butterflies, ladybugs, satin ribbons, artificial leaves, flowers, organza and more.
  • Prepare the necessary tools, materials - different compositions can be used for each composition, but corrugated paper, sweets, scissors, adhesive products (stationery glue, silicone gun or scotch tape), a frame for a bouquet can be used.

How to make a bouquet of sweets yourself is a question that interests many, but few really dare to find an answer to it and try to make a unique masterpiece with their own hands. For those who decided on a flower arrangement with sweets, but don’t know where to start, the workshops presented in the article will come to the rescue. Detailed instructions, a step-by-step description, will help even beginners make their first bouquet.

An easy way to create a bouquet from Raffaello for beginners

For a simple bouquet with delicious candies on the frame you need:

  • Raffaello sweets;
  • skewers;
  • Styrofoam;
  • cardboard;
  • adhesive tape, silicone gun;
  • white corrugated paper;
  • decoration elements: beads, half beads, ribbons, mesh, organza.

Step-by-step execution and collection of a bouquet with Raffaello:

  • We make the frame of the bouquet: we cut out the necessary foam plastic, glue it with white corrugated paper, insert the skewers, after dropping glue on them. We glue the cardboard tube to it so that the skewer is inside it.
  • Cut a circle from cardboard with a hole in the middle, glue or wrap everything with decorative cloth, ribbon, which is at hand. We fasten it to the base from the bottom, decorate the handle with corrugated paper and decorative ribbon.

  • We wrap the sweets in plastic bags, stick them to toothpicks or skewers.
  • We place the finished sweets on the basis of the bouquet. Decorate with beads, artificial flowers.

  • A simple bouquet with amazingly delicious "Raffaello" is ready!

See another option on how to make an original bouquet with Raffaello:

Candy flowers in a basket

It is simple and quick to make a charming composition in a basket, which is suitable for a beautiful presentation for the holiday. To create it you will need:

  • small basket (depending on wishes);
  • candies;
  • corrugated paper, color and transparent wrapping paper;
  • Styrofoam;
  • glue, scissors, adhesive tape;
  • organza, floristic grid;
  • decoration elements: sisal, butterflies, ribbons, etc.

Instructions on how to make a sweet floral arrangement in a basket:

  • For the base, cut out the foam of the right size and glue it to the center of the basket. If desired, it is worth wrapping it with organza, garnish with sisal.
  • We fix the selected sweets with adhesive tape to skewers or toothpicks. To make the bouquet look beautiful, it is necessary to make "stems" of different lengths.
  • We cut green corrugated paper with not long strips of medium width and wrap the base where the candy is attached.

  • We cut the wrapping paper in even squares, about ten by ten centimeters, turn the squares into a cone, and put candy in the middle. Using colored paper, we make frills for such elements.

  • We decorate the remaining candies with corrugated paper, as shown in the photo below:

  • We connect all the details in the basket. To make it beautiful, plug in the fantasy, place the flowers on the toothpicks in front and the tall ones behind, or combine them.
  • Decorate the handle with a ribbon (if the basket has one), add decorative elements and artificial flowers or leaves for beauty.

Watch the video where another option is presented, how to make a charming bouquet with sweets:

How to make a rose from corrugated paper for a bouquet of sweets

Rose is a favorite flower of many girls, it attracts with grace and majestic beauty, so they are often used in unique floral arrangements, combining the charm of the plant and the pleasant taste of chocolate candy. From such a gift, the girl will be delighted to receive both aesthetic and taste pleasure. Roses look beautiful in sweet floral arrangements, which can be decorated on a frame, in a basket, often they are diluted with other colors.

Learning how to make roses from corrugated paper with candy in the middle, you can create a chic bouquet. For this you will need:

  • candies;
  • corrugated paper of the same color for bud petals and green for sepals;
  • artificial rose leaves;
  • wire;
  • tape tape;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun.

Consider how to make a rose with candy inside:

  • From a corrugated paper we cut out a rectangle, fold it in half and round off the edges on one side.
  • We wrap the candy selected for filling the bouquet with this element. To do this beautifully, it is necessary to stretch the paper slightly in the center, then it does not get puffed and evenly hugs the sweetness. We fix one edge with an elastic band, cut it so that it is as even as possible.

  • For the stem, you need to stick the wire to the base of the flower using a silicone gun. Do everything as carefully as possible.
  • We cut out the rose petals, the more there will be, the more magnificent the flower will come out. To make the elements as realistic and realistic as possible, we stretch the center of the petal and twist the edges with a toothpick on the other side. It should approximately turn out as in the photo below:

  • We attach all the petals to the bud with glue, thread or elastic bands.
  • From green paper we cut out small leaves that we glue at the base of the bud. To hide the wire and give the product a complete look, it is necessary to wrap the base and stem with a green teip tape, and in the absence of it, corrugation.

  • Beautiful rose is ready.

Other techniques may be used to create the rose. You can make a closed bud, high, with torn edges of the petals or other variations. The main thing here is to connect a little imagination and everything will work out, no need to be afraid to experiment. Watch a video with another example of a beautiful rose with a candy inside:

Check out the master classes on how to do DIY do-it-yourself ribbon crafts for beginners.

Bouquet of tulips from sweets

Spring tulips, beloved by many, are tulips, henceforth it is possible to give them at any time of the year, complementing the composition with delicious sweets. To create, you will need:

  • candies;
  • corrugated paper - green for petals and bright shades for a flower;
  • scissors - ordinary and curly, to decorate the edge;
  • foil;
  • skewers for stems;
  • Scotch;
  • organza, decorative mesh for decoration.

Instructions for creating a sweet bouquet with tulips:

  • We make flower blanks: we cut long strips of colored bright corrugated paper. Cut one edge with curly scissors - cut the other evenly. One flower will need 3 blanks of petals and 2 leaves.
  • We attach the candy to the skewer with tape or thread.
  • We wrap three elements of the workpiece around the candy, fasten with threads or glue.

  • Raise the lower edges of the petals, stretch the edges slightly and glue on the sides to the lower layer, so that everything is well kept.

  • We wrap the tape with tape, glue the leaves.

  • We collect flowers in a bouquet, wrap them with gift wrapping or a net, tie a bow using a ribbon.

There is another way to create tulips for a bouquet of sweets. The principle is this: we fold one long section of corrugated fabric in half and twist it. So one petal for a tulip comes out. We make 3 similar elements and fasten them to the skewer. Glue the leaves and wrap everything with tape. Perhaps someone will find this method easier. Watch a video with a detailed description of such an option for a sweet floral arrangement:

Video tutorials for beginners on creating candy bouquets

You can buy luxurious bouquets of sweets in specialized stores or directly from masters who are engaged in this kind of needlework. Their prices are overpriced, and the sweets inside are the cheapest and most tasteless. To make a perfect, beautiful bouquet with a delicious treat, you need to do the work yourself. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, but video tutorials with a detailed description of actions can help in this.

A lesson in making the basics for a bouquet of sweets

Master class on creating a bouquet in the form of a ship

We make a sweet bouquet of crocuses from sweets with our own hands

DIY handmade flower bouquets

Sweet floral arrangements with sweets became not just a hobby, a hobby, an opportunity to create original gifts with one's own hands, but also a way of earning money. They are sold in some stores, but it is not always possible to find a ready-made bouquet that would meet the requirements, wishes, and there is no time to do it on order. The best option is to do everything yourself, decorate as you wish and give a present with all your heart. For inspiration and search for a muse that will direct the activity in the right direction, see the photo of ready-made bouquets of flowers.

Watch the video: Simple DIY Chocolate Bouquet Tutorial (March 2020).