Bamboo: how to care for a houseplant

Knowing how to care for a bamboo plant, you can permanently maintain the green color of the stems and visual appeal. Dracaena Sander can symbolize well-being and success. The signs of feng shui say that it attracts favorable qi energy, charging a person’s house with positive energy.

How to grow bamboo at home

The plant is often called happy, so many people try to plant it at home, creating an oriental style of the interior of the apartment. Dracaena stems are able to survive in a pot with clean water or soil under a wide variety of conditions. They can easily be twisted into a spiral, bent, made up of decorative compositions. Bamboo varnishes are unpretentious, but care for it should be competent so that the leaves do not turn yellow. To grow a healthy plant will help:

  1. competent watering;
  2. top dressing;
  3. desired air temperature;
  4. the correct shape of the container.

Bamboo in a pot

Knowing how to care for bamboo in a container, you can grow a beautiful plant. Size and height are directly dependent on the root system. Since the area of ​​the pots is limited, the length of the stems will also be limited. In this case, they will be thinner and shorter. To completely limit the growth of dracaena, it should be transplanted every three years, changing the soil. You also need to remember that bamboo leaves are toxic, so they should not be stored in a place accessible to animals or small children.

The conditions and proper care for bamboo in a pot are as follows:

  1. The soil should always be moderately moist: dracaena does not like too wet or dry environments.
  2. The temperature is about 18-28 degrees.
  3. Good drainage.
  4. Soft light, lack of bright sunshine.
  5. Every month it is necessary to feed an indoor plant.

Bamboo in the water

Dracaena Sander grows slowly. Its main feature is that it cannot bloom. However, with due care, the plant will give a large number of leaves of a bright green hue. First, place the segment in a test tube with water, wait for the roots to appear, then transplant into the ground. To begin with, it is worth learning how to keep bamboo at home in the water:

  1. A long and thin container should be chosen so that the bamboo stalks are held vertically.
  2. Fill the container with water about three quarters.
  3. Change water weekly.
  4. Fertilize the plant every 2 months.
  5. Put the planted cutlery on the windowsill, but protect it from too bright light.

Home bamboo care

To attract good luck to the house by growing a solid plant, the following rules should be considered:

  • You can plant a houseplant in water or soil.
  • It is better to use the pot 5 cm wider than the stems.
  • Fertilize room bamboo periodically.
  • Do not forget to water, otherwise the stems may dry out.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Remove dead or yellow leaves regularly.


How to care for bamboos in an apartment? No matter where the cultivation takes place (in water or soil), the light requirements will be the same. The effect of illumination on plants is enormous: the color of the leaves, the height of the stems and their viability depend on this. Dracaena loves a lot of light, but suffers from the influence of bright sunlight that causes leaf burns. If the lighting is dim, it contributes to slower growth. Deprived of sunlight, the plant reaches for it, the stems are deformed, become crooked and ugly. Leaves lose their saturated color and quickly turn yellow.

Temperature mode

Dracaena requires moderate air temperature. The plant is afraid of drafts, so you should not put the pot next to doors or windows that often open. At what temperature does bamboo grow? It ranges between 18-30 degrees. However, it is not recommended to place the container under a heater or air conditioner so that the leaves do not turn yellow.

Air humidity

Bamboo home loves moderate humidity (approximately 35-50%), especially in hot weather. To provide him with a comfortable environment, you should use a humidifier, and also - spray the leaves every couple of days with a spray can. By creating familiar indoor conditions for dracaena, you can avoid the appearance of cracks on the stems and extend the life of a houseplant.

How to water a bamboo

Dracaena is very fond of regular watering, but the process must be correct. It all depends on where it grows - in soil or water. If the plant is in a container, then the roots should be covered with water. This level must be constantly maintained by adding fluid to the vase. Every couple of weeks, the water needs to be changed to fresh and clean. Only distilled or melt water should be used, because dracaena is very sensitive to salts and chemicals, especially in moderately moist soil.

Watering the bamboo should be carried out once every few days, along with spraying foliage from a special spray can. Sometimes the soil in the container is dry to the touch, but this does not mean that it is worth increasing the amount of liquid. It should be remembered that excessive watering can harm the plant: the tips of the leaves will turn brown and it will dry out.

Bamboo dressing

Dracaena does not require a large amount of fertilizer and can be in clear water for a long time. The first 2 weeks it is better not to feed the plant at all, because an excess of nutrients will harm the plant. How to fertilize bamboo at home? To feed dracaena sander, you can use ordinary water from the aquarium (if the plant is in a vase) or a water-soluble fertilizer for indoor plants with a high content of nitrogen (N). It should be fed every month, starting with the arrival of spring.

How to transplant bamboo from water to earth

Dracaena can grow in water or hydrogel vases, but it behaves best in the ground. Planting lucky bamboo in a suitable container and new soil will improve health and extend the life of the plant. How to plant bamboo in a pot:

  1. You need to choose a container whose diameter is several cm larger than the base of bamboo stems. Transplanting into a deep, wide pot will work best. The container must have at least one drainage hole.
  2. Fill the container with moistened soil 1-2 cm. There should be no fertilizer in the soil.
  3. How to transplant bamboo from water to earth? It follows:
    • Grasp the stems at the base, pull them out. Gently shake the roots if necessary.
    • Place the dracaena in the cooked pot.
    • Add more soil by filling most of the container.
  4. You can water the plant until moisture begins to flow from the bottom of the pot. As soon as this happens, the drain pan should be emptied.

Pruning Dracaena Sander

The plant can reach huge sizes. If the lucky bamboo is too high for the room, it is worth trimming the stems by removing 1/4 of the length. Cuttings are best planted in a pot to grow a young dracaena. The plant is very tolerant to pruning, so its height can be easily adjusted. How to cut bamboo:

  1. It is necessary to remove dried or small processes at the soil level.
  2. To prevent the growth of the stem, you should trim it above the branch point.
  3. Regular removal of thin branches promotes vertical growth.
  4. You can trim the lower branches for aesthetics.

Why bamboo turns yellow

Dracaena is an evergreen plant that periodically drops leaves. At first they turn yellow, then fall off, and this is an absolutely normal process. The largest loss of foliage is observed in the spring. However, there are other reasons why bamboo leaves turn yellow:

  • low nutrient content in the soil;
  • excessive feeding;
  • lack of water, light;
  • poor drainage;
  • low air temperature;
  • low humidity;
  • drafts;
  • the presence of harmful chemicals in the water.

Propagation of bamboo at home

Dracaena is one of the fastest growing plants. It can reproduce using seeds, rhizomes or trimmed parts. How to grow bamboo from a shoot? Necessary:

  1. Water the plant the day before pruning.
  2. Choose the appropriate escape. It should be long and green.
  3. Remove foliage from the process, leaving a few ripe leaves at the top. This promotes the formation of new roots.
  4. Remove Escape. A very sharp knife or scissors should be used to make a cut 1 cm long from the place where the process meets the stem. The smoother the cut, the less likely the occurrence of a bacterial infection.
  5. To save the stem, it will also have to be cut 1 cm below the area where it connected to the shoot.
  6. Treat the cropped area with candle wax to avoid the growth of bacteria.
  7. Put the handle in water (it stimulates root growth better than soil).
  8. Keep the vase away from light, as direct sunlight can damage the plant. After 1-2 months, dracaena should give several roots. After that, it can be planted in a pot with soil.

Diseases and Pests

A healthy stalk of dracaena is surprisingly resistant to pests and diseases. If spots appear on it, this can indicate a variety of problems. Some bamboo diseases and pests are spread in stores that sell infected plants. For this reason, you should not buy it over the Internet, focusing only on the photo. It is better to ask the seller whether a special treatment was carried out, and also to inspect the dracaena on its own. It should not have spots and yellow leaves.

Not knowing how to care for bamboo, various diseases can be tolerated. What problems may arise:

  • the appearance of spots;
  • fungus;
  • tobacco mosaic virus;
  • mold on the stem;
  • rotting of the roots.

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