Which electric shaver is better rotary or mesh.

What electric shaver is better tried to find out by many men around the world, in the hope of finding the very only one - a comfortable and high-quality electric shaver. Of course, there can be no single answer to this question. How many men - there are so many opinions on this matter, and someone prefers to use an ordinary machine tool in the old fashioned way. But why does it happen that with an abundance of goods on the market, some representatives of the strong half of humanity still prefer the good old machine tool.

Machine or electric shaver? - that's the question

Disadvantages of the razor:

  • Of course, now machines are safer to use than before. Nevertheless, the risk of injury and damage to your skin during shaving is quite high.
  • To achieve maximum smooth skin and effective shaving, you need to have some skill and agility in this matter.
  • And as luck would have it, shaving gels or foams, as well as new machines, end at the most inopportune moment.

Advantages of a razor:

  • Perhaps the main advantage of razors is their affordability. Probably every man can afford to buy a machine, which today is sold on almost every corner .-
  • In addition, many men claim that no electric razor will shave off all the stubble as thoroughly as an ordinary machine.

Disadvantages of electric shavers:

  • The presence of an electric razor implies constant care for it. Some men may be frightened by the tedious cleaning of nets and blades after shaving. In this case, you should choose the model that is equipped with a self-cleaning function, and can also be cleaned under running water.
  • Some men report irritation and itching after using it. It should be noted that with regular use, after a month the skin will get used to this type of shaving, and all irritations will pass.

The advantages of electric razors:

  • Use almost completely eliminates the possibility of getting cuts and abrasions during shaving.
  • If the electric shaver is equipped with batteries, this greatly simplifies its use and makes it possible to shave, for example, on the road.

Which razor is better: mesh or rotary

Many different types are sold in stores, but all of them are essentially either rotary or mesh. - Mesh works on a similar principle with the machine: it cuts the bristles using vibrating blades, and a thin mesh separates the blades from the skin layer. The rotary appearance of electric shavers shaves the bristles by rotating round knives, which are placed in the shaving heads. When choosing a rotary or mesh, it should be taken into account that mesh is more suitable for sensitive skin prone to irritation, but it is believed that a rotary razor shaves more efficiently and accurately. Therefore, give preference to one or another razor should be given the characteristics of their skin .-

Selection Tips and Tricks

The best electric shaver can only be one that fully meets your needs for the functionality of the device, its ergonomics, design, as well as efficiency. Therefore, going in search of the best razor, you need to make yourself a certain list of priorities, and also remember that the more equipped and functional the razor will be, the higher its cost will be, respectively.

It is a mistake to assume that all models are designed for dry shaving only. Many men prefer to shave off their bristles (especially those with thick and hard bristles), pre-softening it with warm water, as well as abundantly lubricating with special shaving products. Many modern electric shavers also have the function of wet shaving. And some manufacturers have taken care of your comfort, and have developed electric shavers with an already built-in compartment, designed for shaving, which gradually and evenly will be distributed over the skin during shaving. In addition, electric shavers designed for wet shaving are much easier to clean from shaved hairs. It is enough to place such a razor under running water and rinse.

If you are often on the road, then you should look at razors that have a built-in battery or have the ability to work on ordinary batteries. A battery-operated electric shaver is not intended for daily use, but for rare use on the road it would be just perfect.

Men who like to shave while taking a shower should pay attention to models with a waterproof case.

Convenience to use has a significant role in choosing the best electric shaver. - Having previously decided on the model, grab it in your hands, feel its weight and size, listen to your sensations: is it convenient for you to hold it, is your hand snug against the body of the device, comfortable whether you will continue to use it for its intended purpose.

-Braun or Philips

Today, leaders in the production of electric shavers are brands such as Braun, Philips and Panasonic. If you opted for grid varieties of electric shavers, then you should take a closer look at the Braun and Panasonic models, while Philips specializes in producing rotary models. Of course, to say for sure which electric shavers are better than impossible, because each of them has a wide range of models, among which each buyer can find a model that meets all his needs and requirements.

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