Health benefits of dates. Useful properties of dried fruits for the human body, reviews

Dates are a healthy and tasty product. These fruits are eaten and used to treat various diseases. Studies have shown that eating only the fruits of a date palm called phoenix and water for several years, a person will not suffer from a deficiency of vital elements, vitamins. What diseases can cure these exotic fruits? Who are contraindicated in dates?

The composition and useful properties of dates

Dates are sometimes called “desert bread,” “berries of life,” because they have high nutritional value and can satisfy a person’s need for energy. These fruits contain many vitamins, minerals and other substances useful to humans. A feature of this fruit is that it does not contain water. Caloric content of 100 g of date palm fruit is 277 kcal. The dates contain:

  • 80% of carbohydrates, most of which are sucrose, glucose, fructose;
  • a mineral complex of 15 elements, including sulfur, copper, phosphorus, zinc, boron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron;
  • more than 20 amino acids;
  • vitamins C, A, B6, B2, B, PP, E;
  • 0.5% fat;
  • 6% protein.

Learn more about the calorie content of fruits from the tables.

Dates are able to exert anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antibacterial effects on the body. Dried date palm fruits contain all the vitamins and nutrients that are found in fresh ones. They are used in food in the same way as raisins or prunes. From fresh fruits make salad, juice, sugar, flour, fried, boiled, baked cakes, rolls. The regular use of dates has the following positive effect on the body:

  • cleanses of toxins, toxins;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • increases stamina;
  • improves mood;
  • normalizes the nervous system, relieving stress after stress;
  • improves the condition of hair, skin, nails;
  • normalizes the intestines, relieving constipation;
  • gives vitality, acting as an energy stimulant;
  • reduces the risk of heart disease;
  • improves appetite;
  • rejuvenates.

Rules for the use of dates for medicinal purposes

Regular inclusion of dates in the diet will help cure or prevent the development of various diseases. The unique, rich in nutrients composition of these fruits has a healing effect on many body systems. Their use will enhance health and benefit:

  • during pregnancy;
  • with weakened immunity (normalize the acid balance of the body);
  • with anemia;
  • with depression (due to the high content of carbohydrates they will help to cheer up);
  • with impotence;
  • with poor eyesight;
  • with high blood pressure.

There are many recipes for the preparation of medicinal mixtures with dates. For medicinal purposes and food, choose only a high-quality exotic product. Dried fruits are often treated with harmful sulfur dioxide to give them a shiny and mouth-watering appearance. Dates sprayed with this substance will not benefit. Buy fruits at proven points and choose those that have a natural look without a beautiful sheen. Dates are used as follows:

  • From constipation, a decoction of these fruits will help. For its preparation, take 5 fruits and fill in l of water. Boil a little, like compote. Drink the resulting broth on an empty stomach.
  • With anemia or constant fatigue, such a remedy will help. A jar (1 l) is filled with 10 fresh fruits, they are filled with 1 pinch of saffron, 1/8 tsp. cardamom, 1 tsp fresh ginger. The container with fruits and spices is kept in a warm, dark place for 2 weeks. Then daily it is necessary to eat 1 fruit from a jar.
  • For the treatment of diseases of the nervous system (stroke, facial nerve), fruits are ground in a meat grinder and combined with milk / ghee.
  • To normalize blood pressure with hypertension, 50-100 g of fruit are used on an empty stomach for 3 weeks. Then take a break of 10 days, and then repeat the course.
  • Strengthen immunity by the following means: combine an equal number of crushed pressed fruits of a date palm, ginger, cinnamon, camel hay, black caraway seeds, honey and heat, not bringing to a boil. Then pour coconut milk so that the density of the mixture was, like a jam. Use as a jam.
  • For weight loss, the fruits of the date palm are used instead of sweets, but in minimal quantities. There are diets based on these fruits. For example, there is a 10-day system for losing weight, its essence is that for 4 days you can eat only dates, drink water, green tea without adding sugar. On the 5th day, the diet is replenished with apples, oranges. In the following days of the diet, other fruits are gradually added to the menu.

What are the benefits of pregnancy

During the period of carrying a child, a woman needs that the necessary amount of useful substances enter her body. The use of dates (daily rate of not more than 5 pcs.) During pregnancy will have a beneficial effect on the health of the mother and the developing baby. These exotic fruits are useful for women during the period of expectation of a child for the following reasons:

  • They prevent the development of anemia because they contain a lot of iron.
  • Prevent constipation.
  • The use of dates is the prevention of miscarriages, premature births.
  • Improve labor activity.
  • Promote a quick recovery after childbirth.
  • Improve the quality of mother's milk, positively affect its production.

Daily intake of dates for adults and children

Although these fruits are useful in many ways, they are not worth eating too much. For an ordinary person, the dose of these fruits is no more than 10 pcs. per day, and for an athlete, the daily norm will be more than 2 times. Children of dates are allowed to eat from 2 years. At the same time, dried fruits are thoroughly washed. The daily dose of these exotic fruits for children depends on their age and the recommendations of the pediatrician.

Harm of dates and contraindications

Before including exotic fruits of the palm tree, the phoenix needs to know the benefits and harms of dates. Who is not so useful to eat these fruits? They will be harmful in diabetes because they can increase blood glucose. More dates are contraindicated in gallstone disease, stomach ulcers, liver problems, pancreas, because they contain large amounts of coarse fiber in fiber.

These fruits are not suitable for nutrition to people who suffer from fructose intolerance. If you are allergic to dates, it is not recommended to eat them. After eating the fruit, rinse your mouth, brush your teeth to prevent tooth decay. It is not advisable to combine the use of dates and oranges or other citrus fruits. Phoenix palm fruits should not be eaten later than 2 hours before bedtime. The use of these exotic fruits in large quantities leads to headaches.

Where to buy and how much are the fruits

Dates are sold by weight or in packaging. You can buy them in a store, on the market or online. The price of fruit depends on the country of manufacture, the quality of the goods. Tunisian, Iranian dates are often found on sale. Dried fruits can be sold with or without seeds. This fact also affects the cost. The average price of date palm fruits varies from 80 to 350 rubles per kilogram.


Elena, 25 years old, Barnaul I have a strong craving for sweets, so there are extra pounds. A friend of mine advised me to eat different dried fruits instead of sweets. I bought myself dates, began to eat them instead of sweets. Thanks to this, I gradually lost the habit of sweets, lost weight and feel more healthy, joyful.
Tatyana, 30 years old, Saratov In the last weeks of pregnancy, I ate dates (2 pcs.) Daily with milk (1 glass). I did this because I knew that this fruit contains oxytocin. This hormone affects the successful course of childbirth, the process of lactation. I gave birth to a baby quickly, without complications, I had a lot of milk. I believe that eating sweet exotic fruits helped me in childbirth.
Anastasia, 35 years old, Kazan In the first months after birth, my baby suffered from colic. I was worried and tried not to eat anything that could provoke gas in the baby after breastfeeding. Instead of my favorite buns, I ate dates with tea. These fruits are good for both the baby and mom. Only they must be selected carefully so that there are no worms or moths inside.

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