Braid for medium hair

Braiding braids on medium hair is a step-by-step master class. A braid is a girlish beauty, but sometimes many of us can only dream of tight long braids, because not always the length of our hair allows us to braid a florid “spikelet” or “Boho braid”. You should not be sad about this, because even with medium-length hair you can create a miracle, braid them in such a popular braid this season. Naturally, the average hair length does not allow you to experiment with various styles of weaving, but you can still create some original, refined and simple hairstyles.

Before starting to braid hair, you should wash your hair. Many stylists pay attention to the fact that the pigtail on medium and short hair will hold on tightly if you use different styling products when creating a hairstyle: gel, mousse, styling wax and fixing varnish. Let's dwell on some types of weaving. I would also like to separately note that you can easily make all of the following obliques by yourself, thanks to the detailed instructions and the execution scheme. -


Such a hairstyle is very convenient in that the hair collected in a spikelet does not fall apart, the bangs do not fit into the eyes - ideal for a trip to nature or for going to college.


  1. Divide the hair, as for a normal braid, into three strands.
  2. Separate the strand that is located at the base of the frontal part, then take the small strands on the right and left along the hairline and weave them into the main braid.
  3. Cross the strands, as in normal weaving, gradually weaving the side hairs.
  4. We extend the spikelet until all the side locks are woven into the pigtail.

To give the hairstyle originality and originality, braid the spikelet from the bottom up. Tilt your head forward, carefully comb your mane and apply styling gel. At the base of hair growth on the back of the head, form three strands of the same thickness and start weaving a spikelet according to the above instructions, only try to weave wide side strands with each pass. As soon as you reach the top of the head, fasten the spikelet with a clip or an elastic band, lay the tips of the spikelet as you wish. This picture shows the spikelet weaving scheme:

Half stripe

Such a hairstyle differs from the usual spikelet in that only locks are woven into the braid in the direction of hair growth, and the hair on the opposite side of the hairstyle remains untouched. Half-stripe - excellent - the option of easy daily styling, easy to perform at home.


  1. Divide the hair into three equal strands.
  2. Start weaving them in a braid from the line of the forehead towards the back of the head. Try to braid the strands as close as possible to the base of hair growth, so the hairstyle will be stronger and more beautiful.
  3. The ends of the hair need to be bent inward and secured with invisibility.

Scythe boho

Going on a romantic date or just want to give your image chic and careless elegance, then it is the bohemian pigtail that will help you achieve the desired effect. As a rule, such a hairstyle is done on the side of the head, and in the process of creating Boho locks are woven not only from the bangs, but also the hairs from the main part. The principle of creating a bohemian braid is the same as the French one, that is, you need to put hair on the main middle part, both on the right and on the left until the bangs end. Of course, you can extend the braid to ear level or even lower. And if you want your styling to be unique and original, put a silk ribbon on one of the strands, and secure its ends with a hairpin with a pebble, bead or flower. This braiding is quick to perform, suitable for both thick and liquid hair.

Greek braid

There are several varieties of this pigtail, but only one fact remains unchanged - it weaves only along the edge of the hair. It is not difficult to create the appearance of the Greek goddess, it is possible to plunge herself, without the help of outsiders. Such a hairstyle is suitable for every day - to school, institute, work, also acts as a holiday, for a wedding. Follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. We comb and select an even parting along the line from the frontal to the occipital. Part of the hair on the right side of the parting is temporarily fixed with some kind of clamp so that it does not interfere during operation.
  2. On the left side of the parting, we separate a small bundle near the temporal zone and divide it into three equal parts.
  3. We twist pigtails counterclockwise, in each cross movement weave small curls from below. Continue weaving until we reach the middle of the occipital part. Try to weave the braid as tight as possible so that individual curls do not fly out of it. The ends of the hair are temporarily fixed with an elastic band.
  4. Next we weave the same braid on the right side, after which the right and left braids can be woven into one or their ends can be fixed and hidden with the help of invisibles.

French braid

This is another elegant styling option. Based on this weaving technique, you can create many different hairstyles. In principle, all simple French braids differ from others in that in the process of weaving, not all hair is used at first, but only some bundles of small size, and others are gradually woven into them. The French braid has many options for weaving, which makes it possible to make from it as a normal everyday hairstyle, as well as evening or even wedding styling. The advantages of this type of styling include the fact that everyone can cope with French weaving, so you will not need the services of an experienced hairdresser in this case.


  1. Before styling, wash your hair with shampoo according to your hair type. Carefully comb your hair with a comb with rare teeth, then use mousse to add volume and splendor.
  2. Using a thin scallop, separate the strand in the form of a triangle, starting from the frontal part, moving towards the crown. Fix this bundle with an elastic band.
  3. Next, start braiding the pigtail according to the classical principle, only now gradually weave the hair from the right and left sides into the main strand, while making sure that the side curls are the same in thickness. Remember also that the side locks on the right side should always go over the central one, and not vice versa.
  4. Continue to perform these actions until the side hair ends, the braid must be braided with an elastic band. With the help of such a hair binder, an effect of a thick and magnificent braid is created.

If many types of braids require tight weaving, then for the French variety they will additionally have to give the effect of negligence. This is done quite simply: do not braid the strands too tight, and every 2-3 passes, specially stretch them to the side. You can stretch the entire strand evenly, or you can stop only on some of its parts, then the effect will be different, which will give the image an unusual appearance, and the hairstyle will look like lace lace. This photo shows the steps of how to braid a braid.

French dragon

This kind of braid is braided according to the French principle - it is often braided by girls in school years, since all hairs are tightly woven into this hairstyle so that the hairs do not stick out and do not interfere with the schoolgirls during school. But this styling option is not at all childish, it is performed by adults. This is a hairstyle for medium and long hair.

  1. Weave the “dragon” according to the principle of French weaving, the only difference here is that when crossing the strands, turn them under the central strand, and not on top of it.
  2. At each crossing into the curl, we select a few hairs, thereby expanding the pigtail and increasing the volume. - This technique allows you to make the braid voluminous and original.

Braid harness

Harnesses are an excellent alternative to conventional braids. The undeniable advantage of the harnesses is that they are very easy to braid for themselves, even beginners will be able to cope with it without any problems. Harnesses add boldness and originality to the hairstyle.


  1. Gather the hair high on the crown into a ponytail, which is fastened with a strong elastic band.
  2. Form two strands of equal thickness.
  3. Twist the right one of them to the right side so many times so that a flagellum of such a thickness is obtained that will suit you. Hold the ends of the tail with your fingers so that they do not unwind.
  4. With the left strand, repeat the same movements, but twist it in the same direction as the right, and not vice versa. Fasten the ends.
  5. Then, in the opposite direction, twist the harnesses together, securing the bottom with an elastic band.

Scythe Waterfall

The options for hairstyle waterfall are elegant, unusual and funny, they are just perfect for an evening out. The secret to creating the effect of flowing hair is that the lower locks are constantly released, and not fixed in a braid.

  1. We begin to braid the “waterfall” from the front of the head, where the beam is divided into three identical strands.
  2. Next, perform the same actions as you do when weaving a regular classic braid, only release the lower strand, and replace it with a new one taken from the top of the hair.
  3. Create a “waterfall” moving to the opposite ear, fix the ends of the hair with a clip or tape.

Hairstyle waterfall can, like encircling the head like a wreath, and go down the cascade of braids. Special craftsmen manage to perform double weaving, due to which the waterfall looks even more extravagant and interesting. Such a braid looks most beautiful in combination with wavy hair. If you can’t boast of curls from nature, then you can twist the ends of the waterfall into beautiful curls with the help of a curling iron.

Fish tail

Another variety of braids that are easy to use is the fishtail hairstyle. Weaving a pike tail, as this hairstyle is also called, can be done using a smooth or careless twist, depending on what result you want to get in the end. A few workouts at the mirror - and you will be able to do the fishtail to the side or in the middle.

  1. Like any hairstyle, this one begins with thorough combing. To avoid excessive fluffiness and electrification of the hair, sprinkle them with a special spray.
  2. If you want to give the hair volume, and styling originality, on the back of the head you can make a small pile.
  3. At the temporal part, on both sides, we separate by a bundle of hair. We cross the right strand on top of the left.
  4. On the left side of the strand we separate the new one and cross it with the right one, then on the right side we take the new one and cross it over the left one, etc. We continue to braid the fishtail to the ends of the hair, fixing it with an elastic band at the end of work.

Four strand braid

You won’t surprise anyone today with a three-strand braid, because even a child can cope with such a technique, but a braid of four strands is considered more complicated in terms of execution, as well as more effective. Such an idea of ​​weaving looks beautiful on a thick mop of hair. Step-by-step master class on a simple way of weaving:

  1. Carefully combed hair, comb back and divide into four even strands. We will carry out a conditional count on the right side, therefore the rightmost strand will be considered the first, the strand to the left of it will be the second, the next will be the third, and the leftmost will be the fourth.
  2. With your right hand we start the first strand under the second. With the left hand, we put the third strand on top of the first, which is currently located on the right.
  3. We direct the fourth strand under the first, which is currently located in the center of Vitia. We put the second strand on top of the third, and the fourth on top of the second.
  4. Then, according to the same principle, we put the first strand on the second, the third - on top of the fourth, after that we start the first over the third, and the third in turn over the second. We continue to perform a four-strand braid of the desired length.

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