Baubles from ribbons: schemes how to weave

It is believed that woven jewelry was first used by American Indians - Indians. With the help of threads and ribbons of various colors, the Indians created writing, a pile that cannot be fully deciphered until now. Modern followers of the Hippie Indians put a special meaning into the baubles. It is known that using ribbons of various colors, hippies indicated belonging to a certain group, as well as the age and sexual orientation of the owner of the mascot. Hippies often used baubles instead of wedding rings.

Of course, not all carriers of baubles are hippies, now in most cases it’s just a fashionable jewelry that is quite simple to make with your own hands and presented to your loved one, friend or just a good acquaintance. In order to start weaving baubles, you do not need to be a special needlewoman. It is only necessary to prepare materials - satin ribbons and fasteners. The only thing left is to put a little work and perseverance. Look at the photo schemes and repeat. So, let's begin!

How to weave the simplest bauble for beginners

  1. It is necessary to prepare two satin ribbons with a width of 3-5 mm and a length of 50 cm to 1 meter. Ribbons can be either the same color or multi-colored. Beginners are better off using segments of different colors. Take, for example, green and yellow .-

  2. We start with the green line, put its tip in a loop.

  3. Holding the green ribbon with one hand, take the yellow with the other hand, and fold it into the same loop.

  4. The yellow loop must be threaded into the green.

  5. The green loop needs to be tightened.

  6. Next, collect a new green loop, and thread the green loop into yellow.

  7. The yellow loop must be tightened.

  8. Then again you need to fold the yellow loop, thread it into the green, and pull it up.

  9. All further operations are repeated until the satin segments are finished or the bauble is not woven.

Bauble Weaving Tips

  1. According to the ideas of hippies and some other subcultures, a certain combination of colors of baubles carries a certain meaning. Therefore, the choice of color must be treated responsibly. Otherwise, it may happen that a woven bracelet given by a girl to her beloved guy will "testify" that the young man is a member of an unconventional sexual orientation.
  2. During weaving, when tightening the knots, do not use excessive force. Nodules should be a little loose - so they will have a neat and uniform appearance, and be located strictly symmetrical. Only in this case will the woven bracelet look beautiful and attractive.
  3. If the first time the bracelet turns out to be unpresentable and unsuccessful - it's okay, you just need to weave it and weave again.
  4. During work, you need to be careful - then the work will argue, and everything will turn out the first time.
  5. If the ribbons slip out during operation and the loops fall apart, they can be fastened with a pin. Subsequently, with experience, everything will turn out on weight, but at first, in order to save nerves, you will have to fix the ends of the loop with a pin.
  6. At the end of the manufacture of the bracelet, the tips can be tied in a knot, or you can leave it hanging down.

You may also be interested in such a kind of creativity as weaving macramé. Having familiarized yourself with step-by-step video tutorials and diagrams with photos, you will quickly master this technique.

How to weave a round bauble

A round bauble is usually woven with the help of lotus knots ("Chinese knots"). It will take at least an hour to weave a bracelet. In order for the bauble not to lose its original shape, it will have to be tied tighter.

  1. For weaving, you need to stock up a pair of ribbons 2.5 meters long or four - 1.2 meters long. If two segments are used, then they are arranged crosswise and fastened with a pin. If you took four, they must be put together, backing off about 10 centimeters for ties, and tied into a knot, which is fixed with a pin.

  2. Consider the example of weaving black and silver ribbons arranged crosswise. To begin with, the upper end of the vertically located black line must be placed on the horizontal left side of the silver.

  3. Then, the left end of the silver piece must be placed behind both halves of the black pointing down.

  4. Next, the right half of the black ribbon goes up.

  5. At the end of the knot formation, the upper part of the silver piece remains under the upper half of the black.

  6. All that remains is to tighten the knot.

  7. In case it is not easy to tighten, you need to straighten the tape and tighten it harder.

  8. Further, all steps are repeated, and the result is a cord.

  9. It remains to stretch half the ties under the ribbon from the back of the cord. If this condition is met, wearing a bracelet will be much more convenient.

How to weave a spiral bauble

For this method of weaving, two satin ribbons about a meter long will be needed. Consider, for example, weaving in this way using black and silver ribbons.

  1. First you need to bend 10-15 cm from the end of each tape, and fold the ends to the rest of the tape.

  2. Both tapes are placed at an angle of slightly less than 90 degrees to each other.

  3. We bend the black ribbon under the silver like a nodule.

  4. We turn the tape to a full circle so that the tip of the black tape sticks out.

  5. Through a small black loop you need to skip a large silver loop.

  6. Now you need to pull the short tip of the black loop until a loose knot appears.

  7. Next, make a new loop, and pass its remainder through the remainder of the loop

  8. That's all, now you need to tighten the end of one loop, and at the same time fix the other loop. You do not need to put excessive effort, otherwise the bracelet will not be very beautiful.

  9. Now you can see the resulting square. We must try to keep the edges even. Along the way, you can adjust the edges by pulling the loops.

  10. Then it remains to repeat all the steps until a bauble of the desired length is obtained.

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