How to draw arrows on eyes with eyeliner and pencil

Beautiful makeup always attracts the attention of others. The images of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn will always be in our memory. How to use the arrows to create such an expressive image? Their shape and length should depend on the shape of the eyes, otherwise, they will look funny. Do not expect that you get perfect straight arrows right away, you need to practice a lot. The arrows on your eyes will make your look more graceful, feminine and elegant. To do this, you need to choose the right form and decorative cosmetics.

How to choose a form?

  • For the eyes are almond-shaped, you can draw any arrows that you like. Thin lines can emphasize the contour, and thicker and brighter - make a very bright and expressive makeup.
  • If you have round eyes, you can adjust their shape. To do this, draw an arrow from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Raise the up arrow from the middle of the century - this will visually lengthen the shape. Be sure, the thickness should increase, otherwise the effect of a "heavy" look is possible.
  • For narrow eyes, it is recommended to draw a thin line on the upper eyelid and gently lift it toward the end, trying not to go beyond the outer corner of the eyes.
  • To adjust the widely spaced eyes, you need to make a wide arrow from the inner corner, gradually reducing its thickness.

Do not forget that the result largely depends on the materials that we use. You can draw arrows with a pencil, liquid eyeliner (liner), solid eyeliner (felt-tip pen). If the quality of these products is poor, makeup will look sloppy and will quickly go bad.

Drawing tools

  • Liner or liquid eyeliner. If you have chosen the perfect brush, then everything should be fine. Try to choose such eyeliners with natural brushes. Firms often use a rubber pointed tip instead of a natural brush. They are not always performed efficiently and there may be manufacturing defects. Also, with a brush with such a tip, you cannot create a very thin line. A natural brush will allow you to create beautiful lines, and the eyeliner will lie very exactly on the eyelid.
  • The eyeliner-felt-tip pen is very convenient, but you cannot make very thin lines. Must have a tight applicator. This eyeliner is convenient to take with you on a trip or carry in your purse for quick makeup correction.
  • Pencils are good for beginners. The lines are very fixable. But there are also a few points here. Choose a hard pencil, with it, the arrows will turn out thinner and will not be smeared. But do not expect that the makeup with a pencil will last all day, prints will appear. To keep it longer, fix it with black shadows, but then bright arrows will not work.
  • The last tool is shadows. They are very susceptible to adjustment, if the shadows are of good quality, then they can last long enough and not be smeared. Plus, you can always shade them. The only negative is that you will not get a bright make-up.


  • Remember, makeup will not look neat and elegant if your face and eyebrows are not well-groomed.
  • Before you color your eyes, you need to make up eyebrows.
  • Before applying makeup, you need to do a tinted eyelid.
  • It is better to use light shadows in the inner corners of the eyes and darker ones of the same shade in the outer ones.
  • You need to choose high-quality decorative cosmetics.
  • To create a straight line, it is better that the hand has an emphasis.
  • First you need to draw a thin arrow, and then gradually thicken it.
  • Colored shadows can be replaced with colored arrows to match your look.

Learn more about how to draw arrows on your eyes correctly.

Step by step makeup example

  • On the face we apply foundation and powder.
  • Then we start drawing eyebrows. We use a dark pencil, the shade should depend on your hair and skin color. Most commonly used is dark brown.
  • Carefully draw a contour in the shape of an eyebrow, inside we paint over with shadows in tone, and then blend it.
  • Getting to the makeup of the eyelids. First apply the shadow.
  • We take a light pearlescent color, apply to the inner corner of the eye. Then shade lightly.
  • A darker shade should be shaded from the middle of the century to the outer corner. Only then can you start drawing.
  • It is better to use a regular liquid eyeliner, it will make the lines neat and elegant.
  • After the arrows are drawn, wait for them to dry.
  • Only then apply mascara to the eyelashes.

And for a good example, watch a video on creating makeup with arrows.

Watch the video: Classic Arrow winged Eyeliner Tutorial. Black mak (April 2020).