Keratin hair straightening and the consequences of the procedure

Every woman dreams of healthy and shiny hair. Spends a lot of time on care and styling. But even with the most careful care, there are negative factors that destroy the structure: dust, sun, cold, etc. Keratin hair straightening is an absolutely safe procedure. After it, the hair becomes smooth and well-groomed, as well as more healthy. The recovery effect is achieved by using a natural substance - keratin, which is absolutely harmless. It is recommended to perform this procedure in the salon or at home with a specialist, then the effect will be impeccable. The procedure is used not only for hair straightening, but also for their treatment. Oddly enough, but the best effect is obtained on more damaged hair, as their structure is more porous and keratin fills it better.


Keratin hair straightening technique

How is this procedure performed. Means use absolutely safe and harmless. No oxidizing agents that can harm. A special solution is applied to the hair and stored on them for an hour and a half. Then, without rinsing, the master passes a ceramic ironing on each strand. This helps to seal the ends of each hair, which prevents their cross-section in the future, as well as fixing the substance in the follicle itself. For light hair, the heating temperature is 180 degrees, for dark hair 200-230 degrees, depending on the condition. The duration of the effect is 4-5 months, provided that you follow all the recommendations of a specialist, ensuring proper care.


Brazilian keratin hair straightening

The most popular Brazilian keratin straightening. It is absolutely harmless, contains natural ingredients and oils from Brazil, hence the name. The procedure contributes to the healing of hair, improving its structure, suitable for everyone, can be done for hair in any condition. Also the type is not important and how curly they are. The procedure can be carried out even at home - funds can be purchased at the store. You must clearly follow the instructions, otherwise the procedure will not work. It is better to ask someone to help, since it is inconvenient to straighten the hair on the back of the head. Practice first how you will disassemble the locks and handle. It is very important to know the heating temperature of the iron. Therefore, it is safer to register in a salon or to a specialist who will carry out the procedure.


Differences of keratin hair straightening from others

There are no analogues of keratin straightening. Remember that all straightening procedures are completely different. Different methods and composition of funds are used.

Do not confuse lamination and Brazilian keratin straightening. Lamination creates a coating on the surface of the hairs, from which they comb better and look more shiny. Keratin straightening restores the structure from the inside. Moreover, the effect of lamination lasts only 2-4 weeks.

Japanese, received a patent in 1995 and quickly spread throughout the world. The main difference from keratin is that it has a permanent effect. It is carried out by a special chemical composition that changes the structure of the hair. The procedure lasts from one to eight hours, depending on the length and density of the hair. Hair that has undergone treatment will never curl again, but those that grow back will retain their structure.

Chemical straightening can be very dangerous. In the hands of an inept master you can simply be left without hair. Used substance - thioglycolate. It dissolves keratin protein inside the hair, making it thin and very soft. This is the whole danger. It can not be used for bleached hair, while keratin straightening has a healing effect.


Hair Care after Keratin Straightening

Do not wash your hair during the day after the procedure.

Within 72 hours it is forbidden to do styling, use hairpins.

Within 2 weeks, you can not dye your hair.

Use only mild shampoos that do not contain sodium chloride, preferably those recommended by a specialist.

Try to reduce the use of ironing and hair dryers.

Repeat the procedure no earlier than a month later.


What you need to know before keratin hair straightening

The procedure is absolutely safe.

From the moment of the last coloring, lightening, and perm, no less than two weeks must pass.

The effect lasts up to 5 months.

You can do blondes.

Protects from the negative effects of the environment.

The procedure has a cumulative effect, which means that with each new keratin straightening, your hair will become healthier.

Full recovery after 4-5 procedures.

It removes 95% of fluffiness, so it is suitable not only for curly hair.

Drying time is reduced by 2 times.

No need to waste time laying.

Keratin straightening is prohibited for pregnant and lactating women.

A short video tutorial on Brazilian keratin straightening.

Keratin Keratin Hair Straightening

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