Do-it-yourself Shambhala bracelet: how to make a master class

All those who like to stand out from the crowd will certainly be interested to know how to weave Shambhala bracelets. Indeed, recently these stylish and at the same time intriguing jewelry amulets have become very popular, and you can often find absolutely identical nodular bracelets.

But in order for the Shamballa bracelet to be not just an ornament, but also to be a talisman for its owner, the best option is to make it yourself, using materials that are suitable for a particular person, or simply evoke positive emotions from him.

What you need to create a bracelet

The nodal bracelet of Shambhala is a combination of macrame and decorative beads, so you can not do without a cord for weaving. When choosing a cord, you need to pay attention to its strength so as not to be afraid of losing the product. The cord should be woven, and preferably waxed. Materials such as nylon, nylon, cotton or any other artificial material, for example, imitating the skin, are suitable.

The diameter of the cord should be from one and a half to two millimeters - this will allow you to easily string beads on it. The color of the cord, as a rule, is selected based on the color of the beads, so that harmony is present, or, conversely, contrast. You can also choose the color of the base material, depending on your horoscope: people of the fire element will use red, orange colors, those of the water element will have bluish tones, etc.


The second required element of the bracelet is beads. They can be very different: - wooden, glass, plastic and so on, but the most priority material is stone. It is chosen if you want the bracelet to serve not only as a decoration, but also as a talisman. The stone can be selected depending on the zodiac sign (information about which stone is suitable for each of the signs can be easily found on the Internet), then the bracelet will have a beneficial effect on health and serve its owner a talisman.

The shape of the beads can also be absolutely any, bracelets with square or round polished beads that reflect the rays of light look very impressive. - How to weave baubles from threads or cord and beads?

To weave a bracelet necessary tools:

  • weaving board (it is easy to make it from a wooden cutting board by driving two nails into it at a distance of 25 cm from each other, the ends of the cord will be fixed on them);
  • glue or colorless nail polish for fixing nodules;
  • lighter for cauterizing the ends of the cord;
  • scissors.

A Guide to Weaving a Classic Shambhala Bracelet

To create a classic version of the Shamballa bracelet, you need to take one cord 40 cm long, and the second at least 120 cm (you can do more, too much is always easy to cut). An odd amount of beads is desirable, additional details can also be used (inserts, chains, etc.). Let's get started.

  1. We put all the beads in a predetermined sequence on the thread (40 cm) and fix it, tying the ends to the pegs on the weaving board. The ends of the thread can be melted a little so that it does not bloom and easily passes into the beads.
  2. We take a long cord for weaving (120 cm) and tie it to a string with beads at the very base with a simple knot. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that both parts of the cord have the same length.
  3. We start the weaving process. It will take only one simple macrame node - flat. It is performed as follows: first, that end of the tied cord that is on the left should be drawn under the main thread and put on top of the right cord, but not tightened. Then insert the right end into the loop formed by the left cord, this time passing it over the thread. The result was a kind of pretzel. It must be carefully tightened. The next knot is made according to the same principle, only from right to left, and so on (the technique of weaving a macrame knot is shown in the diagram). Nodules can be made from 6 to 20 - it depends on the idea and on the size of the wrist .-
  4. We move the bead, weave it with threads on both sides, and again we make 3-6 knots. The next bead, then again a few knots and so on to the end. After the last bead, we make the same number of nodes as at the beginning, we fix it with a double knot.
  5. We remove the thread from the pegs of the weaving board, align the bracelet, ensuring that the base is in the center. From the ends of the macrame we measure 4 cm on the main thread and tie knots (you can add a small bead if desired), we fix them with glue. The bracelet is almost finished.
  6. It remains to make a fastener that will allow you to adjust the size of the bracelet so that it is convenient to remove. To do this, take the ends of the thread on which it was necessary to tie the knots, lay them on top of each other, giving the product the shape of a bracelet, and in the area formed between the two knots, using the cords weaved with macramé, we again create 5-6 flat knots. We tie the cords with the usual double knot on the inside, grease with glue, cut off the ends. The clasp is ready! Now, stretching the bracelet in different directions, we adjust its size, and to make it sit denser, you need to pull the ends with knots.

All the steps in this manual can be seen in this video tutorial. In addition, this video has an example of how additional jewelry is used to create a bracelet.

weaving shambhala. How to make a bracelet of shambhala.

Double and triple bracelets Shambhala

Shambhala double bracelet looks very impressive on the hand. The principle of creating the product is the same: first, several macrame knots are made around two threads with decorative elements strung on them, then the cords pass in a spiral between the beads, thus wrapping each of them. The weaving technique is very simple and does not take much time.


A three-row Shambhala bracelet will look just gorgeous. The advantages of such a complex weaving is that you can show even more imagination in creating patterns. For example, lay out an original flower or a mysterious ornament from beads. Such a decoration will certainly attract attention and arouse genuine interest, because an exceptional thing can be seen from afar.

There are many workshops with detailed instructions on how to step by step make unusual options for double and triple Shambhala. But the most interesting is, of course, the process of creativity and the manifestation of one’s imagination when creating amazing and unique jewelry and amulets.

Watch the video: Video Tutorial: Shamballa Bracelet (March 2020).