How to wear a scarf or snood - a fashion accessory

Today snud, or, as it is also called, a scarf-clamp, or a scarf-pipe - a fashionable and practical accessory that can transform any outfit. If you know how to wear a scarf collar, you can look stylish and modern in it even in winter, when most of us are only concerned with issues of warmth and non-blowing.

There are many options for snoods: woven, crocheted and knitted, long, wide, short, openwork and embossed, woolen, cotton and silk - here every woman will find exactly the model that suits her. Even the same snood can be worn in different ways, which further increases the popularity of this interesting wardrobe detail.

How to wear snood with outerwear

For most women, a scarf collar still refers more to accessories that can be combined with outerwear than to be used as a purely decorative piece worn over the dress.

There are several options for how to wear snood with a down jacket or coat. The main thing that the choice depends on is what type this model belongs to.

If the pipe is designed to be worn in one revolution, then most often it is worn over the collar, lowered over the shoulders, if the width allows. Some ladies and men wear tight snoods, which look like a sweater collar, right on the neck, tucking it under the clothes.

Wide voluminous snoods are worn by pulling the upper part over the head like a hood and spreading the lower one like a drape. Such snoods are especially effective if they are knitted from thick yarn using embossed patterns. As a rule, you can connect it yourself, using the numerous master classes and video lessons gleaned on the Web. The scheme of the snud is simple, if not primitive: it is a scarf closed in a ring, and knitting it is not easy, but very simple.

With the help of such a scarf-collar, you can create a stylish romantic image, as if descended from the cover of a magazine. Of course, you need to carefully consider the combination with outer clothing: it is difficult to imagine wearing it over a sports jacket or down jacket, a coat or a fur coat is more appropriate here.

A scarf-collar, knitted in a sports or neutral style, can be worn both over the jacket and over the down jacket, you can choose the right combination with a classic coat or even a fur coat, it all depends on the specific models.

Even more variations can be allowed if the snud is long enough to carry it in two turns. From one turn you can create a beautiful hood that you can put on your head when leaving the transport and remove it by going into the room, while the second turn will serve as a scarf. This method of wearing a scarf pipe is quite practical and allows you to be beautiful and at the same time not to neglect your health.

Lovers of walking bare-chested appreciate snood for its excellent ability to be beautifully draped. It can be worn with a loop, leaving the lower part free, or you can wrap it around your neck twice, in the manner of a scarf, with the difference that it will not untie at the most inopportune moment, and you can bring it into proper shape much faster.

An interesting option is to wear a snood as a headgear. To do this, it is twisted with a figure of eight, in this form, it performs the function of a kind of hair bandage, simultaneously protecting the head from hypothermia. A wide clamp, wrapped around the head twice, looks quite exotic and resembles a turban, this version can be found on girls, both in the winter season, and in autumn or spring.

Do not forget about fashionable "pipes" in the summer: knitted from silk or cotton or sewn from easy material, they will become a successful addition to a summer wardrobe.

In order to learn new ways of wearing a snooze, you can delve into the Internet, where many tips and recommendations are laid out, which, with a skillful application of fantasy, can give amazing results. An example of one of these videos can be this video: -

How to wear a scarf pipe.

It can be found in outfits in the ethno-style, stylized as a cowboy costume, and even summer openwork snud will certainly bring a touch of freshness and originality to simple everyday outfits. An unexpected and extravagant detail can be a collar twisted into a ring and worn with a classic blouse.

Learn many ways to tie a scarf on your coat.

Recommendations for the selection of snud

When choosing the right model, you need to pay attention to both its decorativeness and functionality. There is no universal instruction in this matter, you can only be guided by suitable examples and photos.

Naturally, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the color scheme. Snood is worn close enough to the face, and its shade should be chosen so that it harmonizes with the eyes and hair, and in addition, does not contradict the colors of the clothes. When selecting, you can apply snood to the face, making sure that it does not make the skin tone unattractive or too pale.

Decide how and with what you will wear it: it’s stupid to buy an accessory that does not harmonize with any wardrobe item, but if the choice is successful, you get not just a scarf, but an interesting part that can simply transform any outfit!

The selection of textures can also be an exciting adventure: the existing variety in this area can lead to the fact that you will not leave the store with one scarf, but with two or three, unable to dwell on one option. Heavy and embossed, light and delicate, strict and dynamic, they make you try on the next model, and one more, until the result you are waiting for is achieved.

If you decide to make the accessory yourself, we recommend that you pay attention to knitting a scarf-snood-yoke knitting needles - knitting scheme, with a detailed description with photos and videos.

Choosing a snud is not an easy task, and the guide to action here can only be following your own taste in combination with imagination and with the addition of a bit of sober calculation.

Watch the video: How to turn a Scarf into a Snood! Request : (April 2020).