What is a female clutch

Every girl wants to look attractive in any situation. This is especially true if some kind of holiday event is planned. In such a situation, a casual roomy bag is unlikely to work, and therefore the image will organically complement the graceful and elegant clutch. It not only looks very attractive, but also allows you to have everything you need with you. How to wear this accessory?


Fashionable looks

Roomy bags categorically do not fit into the evening looks, while this option can easily become part of everyday composition. Today, designers offer so many models that every girl can create many ensembles. The main requirement is a general harmony, which can be achieved with the right combination of all components:

  • Classic leather with simple decor. This accessory is amazingly versatile. It can be worn for work, on dates, for special occasions. If you are not used to taking a lot of things with you, this option is ideal. The undoubted advantage of this model is its ability to combine with any option of outerwear - you can afford an elegant trench coat, a chic fur coat or a stylish coat.

  • Shiny metallic colors. A luxurious handbag in silver or golden hue, made of textile or leather, is simply the perfect complement to an evening look. This component in itself is a bright accent, and therefore it can be worn with the most simple and restrained dresses. Such a clutch will be in perfect harmony with a black or beige sheath dress.

  • A clutch of a saturated shade. Such an accessory perfectly complements a variety of images - evening, youth, everyday. It can be safely worn with shorts, short dresses, tight-fitting jeans or sundresses. In this case, it is enough to consider only the harmony of the color palette.

  • Designer. Such accessories can have the most unusual decor and a very bizarre shape. Fashion designers use embroidery, rhinestones, beads, feathers, fur as jewelry. In addition, the variety of forms is literally striking - the bag can be made in the form of a heart, seashell, flower. Of course, this work of art is acquired under the appropriate dress. In this case, it is very important to maintain a balance of color and decorative elements - an excess of jewelry can make your look vulgar and tasteless.

General rules

There are several more rules that you must follow when choosing such a handbag:

  1. Although this accessory is quite widespread, you should not wear it in combination with sports-style clothing.
  2. Shoes and clutch should be in harmony with each other. This can be achieved in various ways, however, these components of the image must necessarily be combined.
  3. Complex dresses should be combined with the simplest clutches, while laconic outfits can be safely worn with bright and interesting accessories.
  4. Many people think that a clutch bag should be worn in the hand. However, such handbags are usually supplemented with straps that allow them to be worn on the shoulder or elbow. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to be guided solely by practical considerations.


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