Haircuts for long hair, fashionable in 2019

If you want to change your image, mood or life position - get a haircut and everything will change! A variety of haircuts for long hair, medium length with a photo will help you decide how to cut the locks so that they look beautiful and stylish? But if you don’t want to cut a lot, then check out the options for “easy” haircuts that will help refresh the look.

Many people are familiar with the situation when you come to the hairdresser or beauty salon, and the master asks his basic question: "how to cut?" To which you reply: "Trim the ends, remove a little from above, make it shorter." In the best case, you have time to choose something suitable in the magazine while you are waiting for your turn. The result of such trips to the hairdresser is predictable. As a rule, after such a haircut, only one phrase spins in my head: "Fine, we look like this."

To prevent this from happening, let's try to figure it out, or at least a little touch the most complicated hairdressing art .-

Ladder or graduated haircut

Graduated haircut - this is the most natural haircut "steps", the rows of hair ends are located one above the other. The hairstyle lengthens as the stairs descend. Such forms give dynamism and add visually more volume. The main feature of the ladder haircut scheme is that it conceals flaws. A round face acquires more elongated features, and too oval - visually looks more proportional, gaining lengthening .-
Stack graduation is a pleasure. Dry your hair with a hairdryer, slightly lifting it at the roots with a round brush - and your hairstyle is ready. To give the image a little more playfulness, twist the ends outward or inward. If you want to make an evening hairstyle yourself, you can collect the hair in the tail and let out a few curly locks around the edges. The styling combining straight and wavy hair looks original and stylish.

Long ragged and oblique haircuts

Creative women's hairstyles are the most popular in our time. Everyone strives for self-expression, and ragged haircuts emphasize the individuality of their owner. The downside is that only girls with thick and lush hair can allow such luxury .-
To make the hair "torn", the master uses not ordinary scissors, but a razor. Enhancing the effect with contrasting staining, you will look more extravagant. If you have dark hair color, then the ends of thin strands are painted in red, ashy or red tones. On light curls, make the ends 1-2 tones darker than your native color .-

Oblique haircut implies the obligatory presence of a long oblique bangs. This stylish element gives hairstyles originality and mystery. A long slanting fringe thrown to the side makes the face flirty.

A long square with and without bangs

Every girl in her life dreamed of a haircut under the caret or or at least once wore it. This female haircut suits everyone, but she looks especially advantageous on dark straight hair and a thin face. It is very simple to make styling on such haircuts, it is enough to straighten hair with an iron, and an elegant feminine look is ready.

Bangs are a very important element in many hairstyles. To visually stretch your face, try haircuts for a round face with a slanting bang, which will give the image more sensual features. To round the oval of the face, use a thick long or even and straight bang. If your forehead looks flawless, discard your fringe at all. With the help of a bang, you can simply change the image if you place it to the side or stab it, lifting it up.

Cascading Layers

Cascade (waterfall) - such a haircut is very popular among the fair sex. She is always spectacular, dynamic and beautiful, regardless of volume and symmetry. The strands can be made in a "torn" technique or with standard smooth transitions. Bangs are determined by your facial features and momentary desire .-

For thin hair, this haircut will help to achieve the desired volume due to the multi-stage effect. Thick hair can gain harmony by increasing the number of levels and graduation. If you have curly or curly hair, carefully select a hairdresser. It is desirable that he has a permanent experience with such a hair texture. To make an elegant waterfall of curls out of a mock of naughty curls is not an easy task. Owners of thin hair should make a cap on the top that will raise hair at the roots.
To make the cascade look great, you need to take care of split ends. On long hair, this problem occurs constantly. It is better to cut them with “hot scissors” at least once every 2-3 months. Healthy ends are a luxurious light silhouette of your “waterfall”. Any styling on a well-groomed hairstyle will look great .-

Long haircuts for round face

If your face is too round, try lengthening it by combing your hair up or back. Styling should be done so that the back of the hairstyle is increased. On the sides, leave two small strands decorated in curls .-
Perfectly straight hair visually stretches the face. Such a face perfectly frames the cascade. The bangs have a great influence on the shape of the face. Chubby girls are contraindicated to wear straight bangs, made at one level, they are able to round the face even more. Consider asymmetry options or discard this element altogether .-

Long Haircuts

For girls with a wide forehead or a long chin, the face looks too elongated. With this problem, wavy hair does an excellent job. Short bangs, open ears visually stretch the face - they can change the appearance is not in favor, so try to avoid this in every way. Volumetric strands on the sides, on the contrary, will conceal excessive verticality. It is contraindicated to raise the hair with the help of hair, to do straight parting.

Step, multi-level and asymmetric haircuts

Multi-tiered graduated haircuts - a hit of the season. A short top square in combination with long hair on the lower tier looks unusual, stylish and fresh. Multilevel geometric haircuts are perfect for owners of smooth straight hair. Asymmetry is not only glossy grooming, remember this. The two-step effect on the hair looks stylish, suitable for owners of straight and curly hair.

Now relevant are haircuts for long hair, visually showing slight negligence. Torn edges, fuzzy parting, individual long strands - a creative mess on your head becomes the main trend of 2016.
To ensure that the creative mess does not look like an absurd mess, experienced stylists use special techniques and rules. Only a highly skilled craftsman specializing in creative haircuts will help you to get right with the fashion trend.

Hairstyles and hairstyles for long hair

Luxurious long hair will never go out of fashion ever, and curls even more so. There are many ways to make curls. For example, hot styling involves the use of a hairdryer, special brushes and tongs. But do not get too carried away with such things - they are harmful to the health of your hair. Use curlers rather, this method will allow you to look irresistibly without thermal harm.
To create structured curls (divided curls), use special mousses, foams or gels. Apply them to wet hair, and then expose to any styling method. Next, without combing, separate the curls. Make the desired shape and fix it with varnish. If you want to emphasize only individual strands, apply a modeling tool on certain areas of the hair at the end of styling .-

Naturally curly hair or perm is best dried with a hairdryer with a diffuser. To make the curls clearer, apply a special tool to form curls.

Stylings that combine straight roots and curly ends look great. The stronger the contrast between them, the more extravagant your image looks .-
Grunge styling combines naturalness and light mess. To get a grunge on your head, and not a feeling of a forgotten comb, consult a professional stylist. He will tell you exactly how your personal styling should look, and how to create it yourself. Do not forget that such a hairstyle requires similar clothes .-

Grotesque styling is an option for very brave girls. Ultra volume, crazy shapes, unusual textures. All that is enough for your avant-garde imagination, you can do on your head with styling corrugation, fleece, fine curling and so on.

Bunches, braids, tails, fleeces, weaving

All these hairstyles are now winning the hearts of fashionistas all over the world with renewed vigor. At the top of fashion trends, free bundles with breakable strands.

The hair gathered in the tail and complemented with fleece is perfect for those who want to leave a vivid impression of themselves.

Naturalness and grace are always in fashion. Keep this in mind by tying the hair into a knot or picking it in a ponytail. Freely braided braids will give thin and sparse hair a visual volume.

Tight braids are suitable for owners of thick hair. Light hair will help to complement everyday hairstyles with charm and mystery. Leave more pathetic options for evening events.

Watch the video below and enjoy this year’s modern, fashionable trends. Do not be afraid to experiment, daring to cut your hair like you would not be able to, and be always beautiful!

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