How to make a paper rose: DIY flower

You can surprise a girl, friends or guests with the help of paper crafts. Paper flowers will decorate any gift or feast. Choose your option from the ones offered here .-

Paper crafts - affordable and fun. Paper imitation sometimes resembles natural things, just amazing. For example, some people know how to make a rose out of paper, but not everyone can create it as close as possible to a living rose.

Paper roses can be tinkered on their own, attracted to the helpers of children, or even do it with friends. Surrounding women will certainly appreciate such an original gift. The instructions below will help you realize your plan.

How to make a rose out of colored paper

This method is very simple. You only need paper of the right color, stationery scissors and glue. You can show imagination and paint the most ordinary white sheet with paints, felt-tip pens, and so on, so that in the end you get a truly unique decoration.

Draw a square with a side of 10 cm on a piece of paper. Draw a spiral inside the square by hand. Carefully cut the spiral with scissors to make a strip of uniform width. - Start folding the rosette starting from the outer end of the spiral. In the process of twisting, glue the coils to each other at the base of the rose, trying to twist the flower as tight as possible. The finished rose can be supplemented with leaves of a different color. As a stem for a rose, use any stick or twig.

Here is another option on how to make a paper rose.

How to make a rose from a napkin

You can decorate a holiday table or surprise friends at a cafe table if you turn a paper napkin into a beautiful rose. You only need a napkin and your own hands. Recommendation: the napkin should be single-layer and suitable color, pink is best.

Bend a strip of about 5 cm wide along one edge of the napkin and grab it with two fingers, holding the napkin between them. Carefully wrap the tissue around your fingers across the remaining width to make a tube. About a third of the height of the duct from the top, begin to twist it, forming a dense stem. Twisting the stalk about half its length, bend the bottom edge of the napkin up. It will be a leaflet. Continue twisting the stem to the very end.

Tip: so that the rose does not unwind, give it strength using ordinary hair spray.

Satin ribbon rose

There are different ways to make a satin rose. Let's consider the simplest one. You need a needle and thread to match the tape, scissors and the tape itself. A narrow ribbon for one flower will require no more than a meter, and a wide one (6 cm) - already more, about one and a half meters.

Start work from one edge of the tape. The end must be bent at an angle of 45 degrees, and secured with a thread. Along one side of the tape we carry out stitches along its entire length. Pulling the end of the thread, we slightly tack the tape. Wrap it around a bent tip, forming petals. To give the flower strength, we make through stitches through the entire flower. We hide the tip of the tape at the end of the work at the base of the flower.

Corrugated rose

Corrugated paper allows you to create roses that are very similar to real flowers. There are several popular techniques for making roses. When choosing a method, you should focus on the availability of free time and available materials.

Recommendation: to make a composition of several colors, use paper of several shades.

For one flower you will need:

  • Corrugated sheets in two colors - for petals and for leaves.
  • The base for the stalk is a stick, twig, wire.
  • Glue or tape.

Cut out the petals. Each corrugated petal can be cut individually, or you can use a simpler way: fold the paper in 4 or 8 layers and cut the petals along a pre-drawn outline. Twist the tip of each petal as tightly as possible, giving the petal volume. We wrap a green strip around the base of the stalk, after which we attach leaflets to it. We attach all the obtained petals to the upper end of the stalk. You can fix it with glue if the flower is small, or with an insulating tape of a suitable color if the rosette is large. A few sparkles or beads glued to the edge of the petals will give the flower a very elegant and festive look.

Having chosen a certain method, and having practiced a little, you can make wonderful jewelry with your own hands. Paper flower will decorate the holiday table, interior, dress, hat, handmade card and so on.

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