DIY paper boomerang. How to make a boomerang from paper that returns, schemes and videos

"He flies away, but always comes back ... Eh, if I had such a boomerang!" Do you also think so? Stop dreaming, repeat all the steps in this manual and hit your peers with a new toy!

In childhood, we were attracted by many amazing things. One of them is a boomerang. This flying little thing, similar to the letter "G", which after starting makes a circle and returns to its owner. Such products are made from different materials. Consider 2 options: paper and cardboard. How to make a boomerang out of paper so that it flies and returns? The task is serious, but still real.

Let's start with the paper version made using the origami technique. Many sites related to the technique of paper folding, offer users to perform certain crafts using schemes. But to understand such drawings is sometimes not possible even for an experienced origami master. Boomerang scheme is no exception. Look here.

Up to 11 points, everything is clear. But starting from number 12, it's impossible to figure it out on your own, so let's take a step-by-step look at all the nuances of this instruction.

Master class: how to make a boomerang out of paper

Stage 1 - Procurement

To make origami, take a sheet of paper in A4 size and cut it in half. We will use only one half .-
We define the middle of our future detail by bending the sheet in half. Then we will return the workpiece to its original state and bend each side to the middle line.

Stage 2 - rhombus in the middle

We bend the product in half. From the folded side, we bend the corners into a triangle. Expand the entire sheet, leave only one side curved. See the photo below. We see that a rhombus appears on the expanded part. We need to make it clearer so that all of its sides look outward. To do this, we turn our workpiece backside, make each face of the rhombus convex with the fingers.

Stage 3 - Boomerang Formation

We need to turn the direct harvest into a boomerang. Just this stage is incomprehensible in the diagram above .-
We unfold the product vertically, a rhombus on the left side. We press the lower part of the rhombus to the bottom, our part begins to bend to the left. Let's finish this process. On the right side, the first bend is the edge of the part. Press the resulting design with the hand down. If you did everything correctly, your product looks as shown in the photo below .-

Stage 4 - the building.

We need to make the boomerang body strong, for this the edges need to be folded to the central axis. We bend the extreme half of the right blade, which creates a right angle at the part. Further, we bend the inside of the left blade into the resulting pocket. The housing is ready.

Stage 5 - the blades.

For the boomerang to return, we need to make not just a part in the form of the letter "G", but a product with blades. To do this, bend the corners of each wing.

Attention! To prevent the part from falling apart, secure it with a paper clip in the middle.

We open the edge of the first blade, bend the corners to the inner axis. We unfold the right corner and bend the cavity inward. We extend the left corner, and insert the edge into the resulting hole. The blade is ready. We do the same with the other wing .-

Our aircraft is ready.

If for some reason you still could not figure out how to make this model out of paper - do not be sad. Watch the video lesson and you will succeed!

How to make an origami boomerang !!!

Paper or paperboard boomerang

If making a boomerang in origami technique is not possible for you, use another option. To do this, use paper, printer, scissors and glue .-

Print the right number of blades (3 or more), cut them and glue them. If you want to strengthen the boomerang, stick the printed diagram on cardboard. Glue the elements with an overlap, as shown in the figure .-

Tip: Before gluing parts, calculate the angle between them. Only with a four-blade product will the gluing angle be straight.

From now on, you can make any of these flying mechanisms with your own hands, it remains to try them. Learning to drop this thing is not so easy. Create your own version of throwing or arrange a contest for the best boomerang flight .-

Watch the video: BOOMERANG PAPER PLANE TUTORIAL - How to make a Paper Airplane that COMES BACK. ReverseR (April 2020).