How to salt red fish at home

You think, what else to put on the holiday table? The red fish of the home ambassador will be an excellent complement. Learn all the subtleties of this process and salt the fish to everyone to eat.

Salted fish of the salmon family, or just salmon - this is perhaps the best treat for any table. How to salt red fish at home? Secrets, little tricks, the most delicious salting recipes - you can read about all this in this article .-

How to choose the right

A delicious dish can only be made with fresh filet. And how to determine the freshness of the product? First, you need to buy a whole carcass. The presence of the head allows you to see additional signs that determine the suitability of the product (more on this below). Whole entrails can guarantee caviar .-

Secondly, in order for the finished dish to be tasty, red fish must be live, chilled or primarily frozen. If you can buy live salmon, choose the most mobile. To determine the freshness of a chilled carcass, press on it with your finger. After pressing, the skin should recover quickly, then the product is fresh .-

The third indicator of the freshness of chilled salmon is the eyes and gills. If the eyes are hollow, cloudy, bloodshot or completely absent - this means that the product has already lain or was not stored properly. Gills should be red, resilient and even. But, if you don’t get red fish in your city, most likely, the purchased product will have similar defects. This is not scary, but it is advisable to choose salmon without them .-

With a frozen product, everything is a little more complicated. Pay attention to the carcass and scales. They must be intact, with a thin layer of ice not exceeding 5 mm. The form itself should be smooth, if the carcass has an angular shape - it means that the fish was frozen again. Eyes should be whole and transparent, gills - red, fin - pressed to the body. If the carcass has yellow spots or stains, this is the oxidation of fish oil, which means the product is stale.

"Fresh Food" - How to Choose Frozen Fish

How to prepare the product for salting

After you have acquired salmon, you need to prepare it. If you chose the frozen option, let the fish thaw on its own. Defrosting in the microwave or under water can ruin the taste, color and texture of the fillet.

Next, the carcass needs to be cut. We open the abdomen, carefully remove the intestines, trying not to crush the bile. If you accidentally crush it, immediately rinse all the insides thoroughly. Separate caviar or milk .-

For salting, we only need the loin, so we need to separate the backbone. To do this, take a very sharp knife, make an incision near the head. As you feel that you are resting against the ridge, turn the knife horizontally. Slowly and gently separate the meat from the bones, on both sides. The head, ridge, tail and fins will remain on the board - they are allowed to be used in the ear.

Prepare the loin, cutting the costal bones. Cut off the extreme fin and fat parts along the edges with a knife or scissors. If there is a desire, remove the skin. Blot the fish with a napkin - the filet is ready.

How to pickle red fish at home

First you need to prepare a container where our future salmon will be salted. It can be a plastic container, enameled glassware, glass containers or something like that. Discard the aluminum surfaces, otherwise the fillet will take on a taste of metal .-

Pour a little salt into the selected container, lay the fillet, skin down. Salt and pepper. To give the fish a more beautiful color and easy preservation properties, add a few drops of vodka. If you like some specific spices, such as dill or bay leaf, you can add them. But do not put them in large quantities, they can interrupt the taste of red fish.

Attention! Do not salt too much. Forget once and for all the expression that the fish will take as much salt as it needs. Red fish takes as much as you add! Better to salt. After 12-18 hours, try the fillet, if there is not enough salt, add more salt. This is especially true for coho salmon and sockeye salmon, they should turn out to be slightly salted. Otherwise, it will not be possible to soak such a fillet, it is too tender .-

We take the second part of salmon, lightly sprinkle it with salt and lay it on the first one, with the skin out. If you salt a big red fish, cut it into several parts so that it is better salted. We cover the container, but do not completely close it, and put it in the refrigerator .-

Salting recipe for sockeye salmon, trout and salmon

Prepare a mixture for salting, after weighing the finished fillet. Based on 1 kg of red fish, take 2 tbsp. salt, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tsp ground pepper and dry ground herbs. In a large bowl, fill the mixture, add bay leaf. We put the first layer of fillet. Add a few drops of lemon, green spices. Then we lay the second layer, skin up .-

These types of red fish are large in size, and you can get several layers, each of which do not forget to sprinkle with a salting mixture. Salmon to a kilogram in time salted day. The greater the weight of red fish, the longer the salting process. But, the first test should be removed after 15 hours in order to salt or soak the fillet. When ready, you need to remove the dish, shake off excess spices from it with a dry brush or sponge. Remove moisture with a napkin or waffle towel .-

Useful Tips

For a delicious salting you need coarse salt, rock or first grinding. Extra salt can give bitterness.

If you use enameled dishes for salting, make sure that there are no chips on it. Access to open iron can add an unpleasant taste.

When cooking chum or pink salmon, you can additionally grease the fillet with a small amount of olive oil. The proportions of sugar and salt should be taken equal. Sugar will give softness. It is better not to add vodka, this will make the fillet harder. Even more recipes on how to salt pink salmon at home.

When salting, you get a brine, do not drain it until the end of the whole process. Only after the fillet has acquired a pleasant salty taste, the brine must be removed. Such fish will be stored for a maximum of 1 week.

If the dish is over-salted, it is soaked in plain water for about 15-30 minutes. Periodically, the fillet should be tried so that all the salt does not come out .-

Use ready-made salted product for making sandwiches or as a cut. To do this, cut the fillet in portions. Sprinkle it with lemon juice, add herbs or onions. The appetizer is ready - Bon appetit!

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Recipe: How to SALT RED FISH at home

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