How to drink tequila and what to eat

Tequila is a popular drink in youth circles. Find out how to consume cactus vodka correctly so you don’t be in an uncomfortable position at the next party.

Some people like this drink because of its exoticism, others because it is absorbed better than regular vodka. However, both those and others can not always answer, what is the difference between different versions of cactus vodka, and how to drink tequila. Let's figure it out.

What is the difference between tequila types

First of all, each type of cactus vodka has a special aroma and taste inherent only to it. The quality of the agave from which this drink is made is not always the same. The leaves of this cactus can have different sugar content or different degrees of maturity. Also, the aroma of a Mexican drink depends on the capacity in which it is kept. So oak barrels perfectly convey notes of the smell of this tree to its contents.

Features of different types

Depending on the exposure, there are 4 types of drink:

  • Silver (aka Blanco) is distinguished by its crystal transparency. This species is not kept in barrels, and immediately after distillation it is bottled. True, sometimes such a drink is still kept in metal containers, but not more than 30 days. In Blanco, a pronounced taste of agave is felt.
  • Gold is the same Blanco, only the color of the drink here is changed with the help of caramel or oak essence to yellow or light brown.
  • Riposado is considered one of the highest quality types of tequila, as it is aged in oak barrels from two months to one year. Since tequila does not have time to stain well during this time, it is also slightly tinted with caramel.
  • And the record holder is Agniejo. This drink is aged in oak barrels, the capacity of which should be no more than 600 liters, from one to ten years. Although so far, Anejo has not survived for more than 5 years.

It is interesting! Tequila is made strictly according to the technology regulated by a law specially developed by Mexicans. This law not only determines the stages of production of the drink, but also provides for the content of the inscriptions on the bottles themselves.

Features of use

The use of cactus vodka resembles a ritual, and there are several varieties of it. Surprisingly, the observance of drinking traditions for Europeans is much more important than for the Mexicans themselves, they do not bother at all about this. Most likely, this situation was due to the marketing actions of manufacturing companies, the purpose of which was to stimulate interest in fashionable drink and its unusual use.

The basic rule is that you need to drink tequila in one gulp from certain glasses - “cabalitos”. In common people such a pile is called a "horse". The temperature of vodka should be approximately 20-22 degrees.
Tip: tequila is drunk very gently, so do not forget to monitor the amount of drink.


In the homeland around the use of the national drink "round dances" are not driven. It is drunk in small portions in one gulp, without drinking anything. Some Mexicans prefer after a tequila to take a sip of a soft drink from tomato juice and lime juice with hot peppers - sangrito. Mexicans also like to drink their vodka with lime juice and a drop of Tabasco hot sauce.

Classic European

In Europe, cactus vodka is mainly drunk as follows. First, smear with lime or lemon the back of the hand at the base of the thumb or in the triangle between the thumb and forefinger. Salt is poured onto the skin lubricated with juice. You can proceed. Lick salt and quickly drink about 50 grams of tequila. In some countries, this method of drinking is slightly modified - a couple of "salt-lime" is replaced with cinnamon and orange.

Tequila boom

This is more a youth way of consumption. The stack is put on the table, the tequila in it is diluted with tonic, it is sharply and strongly beaten on the table so that the tonic boils. After that, you need to quickly drink a drink, until it is all "escaped." A powerful tool that can knock down even the most persistent taster.

How to make this cocktail, see the video.

Recipe: Tequila Boom Cocktail


Creative lovers can suggest you try a drink from unusual "cups". From the halves of lime, most of the pulp is extracted, the edges are sprinkled with salt. Tequila is poured into improvised glasses. Further, according to an already familiar pattern: we lick the salt, drink it, have a snack with lime.

What are they mixed with?

The taste of agave vodka is perfectly revealed in many drinks, such as tea, coffee, cognac, and adhesive tape. It is used to make different cocktails - with lime juice, liquors and even beer. Among the "club" youth cocktails Paloma, Margarita, Chivava are popular. Here you need only the imagination of lovers of the Mexican drink and good health.

For more information on the national symbol of Mexico, see the video.

How to Drink Tequila?

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