How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine

When thinking about washing a down jacket at home, many questions arise. Learn how to wash such things in a washing machine without negative consequences with the help of our tips.

Manufacturers of jackets with down insulation and feathers recommend washing their products in dry cleaners. But if you can’t use the services of professional cleaning, how to wash the down jacket in the washing machine so that the valuable thing does not deteriorate? Using our advice, you can wash a down jacket and coat so that it does not lose its attractive appearance.

How to wash clothes with down filling

Wash down jackets only need to be gentle. Manufacturers of washing machines designate them as "Manual", "Delicate", "Careful", "gentle", etc. We also advise you to carry out the process of washing things in the "Wool" and "Silk" modes .-
Water temperature is 30 degrees. The spin speed is no more than 400. Some housewives advise loading several tennis balls in the drum of the machine along with the thing, which prevent the lint from being dumped while in the drum.

What tool to choose for washing a down jacket-

For washing down jackets, experts recommend choosing liquid products designed specifically for things from the down. The use of such funds allows you to get excellent washing quality and at the same time avoid stains. It is also important to pay attention to the composition. The product should not contain phosphates, bleaches and chlorine. -One of the best tools in this category is UniPuh, which is produced by a domestic manufacturer. Along with the affordable price, UniPuh has excellent properties and, in addition, eliminates the use of balls for fluffing. Fluff does not roll down, because the special composition of the product allows you to preserve its natural fat coating and breathability. After washing and drying, the down jacket maintains its attractive appearance.

How to dry a down jacket

Before starting to dry the down jacket, rinse and wring the item several times with the balls, specifying the "Rinse and Spin" mode. The minimum speed is set at 400 rpm. After spinning, the item is removed and turned inside out .-
Hang on a coat hanger better away from radiators. As the coat dries, it is necessary to squeeze the down jacket several times in the washing machine with balls - in this case, the down will not be lost, and the thing will retain its attractive appearance .-

How many times can you wash a down jacket

In many cases, the fabric of the jacket is impregnated with a water-repellent, which is damaged during washing. In addition to water-repellent coating, damage to the insulation - down and feathers - is not excluded. The less often such a thing will be washed, the better.
You will need-

  • Liquid detergent for woolen fabrics or a product specifically designed for washing items with down insulation. -
  • A few balls for tennis.
  • Old toothbrush for wiping off especially dirty places.

How to wash down jackets in a washing machine - what to look for

Before loading a down jacket, pay attention to its weight. The standard washing machine is designed to load up to 5 kg of cotton, up to 2 kg of synthetic, and up to 1 kg of wool. A down jacket is equivalent to things made of wool. If the weight of the down jacket is more than 1 kg, it is better to wash it manually, otherwise your household appliances will fail.

The washing quality will be much higher if the cuffs, the edges of the pockets and other particularly dirty places on the jacket are washed with detergent or laundry soap before loading into the drum of the washing machine. The hood is better to unfasten. All pockets, zippers, zippers must be fastened.

In order not to leave streaks and smudges after washing, it is better to rinse the item several times. The resulting smudges can be easily removed by rinsing the jacket several times. -If the quality of the down jacket is low, and you doubt whether to wash it yourself, it is better to abandon this venture - and suddenly the thing goes bad.


  1. We carefully study the product label, which indicates important parameters for washing the product. We recommend that you comply with all conditions written on the label.
  2. From the pockets of the jacket you need to remove all foreign objects, close all pockets, zippers, turn the jacket inside out .-
  3. Load the jacket and gentle detergent into the washing machine. To preserve the appearance of the product, it is recommended to load several tennis balls for tennis into the tank.
  4. Choose the “Delicate” washing mode or another similar mode with a temperature of 30 degrees and a spin speed of 400 rpm. Turn on the washing machine.
  5. At the end of the wash cycle, to prevent the formation of stains, it is recommended to turn on the Rinse mode several times.
  6. After washing, the thing must be hung on the shoulders away from the radiators and other heat sources. From time to time, a down jacket needs shaking.

The down jacket washed in the washing machine is slightly warm and has a plain appearance. It is not necessary to be frightened and worried; after drying, the thing will acquire its original appearance. To give things volume, it is recommended to load a down jacket in the washing machine along with several tennis balls, and turn on the "Spin" mode.

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