How to cook buckwheat in water

To make buckwheat cooked on water well, it would be nice to arm yourself with a couple of three ways. Examine them and choose the best option for yourself.

How to cook buckwheat in the water so that it turns out to be tasty - many housewives are interested in this question. For some, buckwheat is beautiful, crumbly and smells delicious. Others do not even want to look at her. What is the secret? Let's try to figure it out.

How to cook buckwheat in water

First you need to sort out the croup, especially if it was bought by weight. The second step is thoroughly washed buckwheat. If vegetable debris remains in it, it will float to the surface of the water. Light buckwheat needs to be warmed a little in a pan, so it will be more delicious.

For cooking, it is better to use a cauldron or a pan with thick walls. Pour 2.5 cups of water into 1 cup of cereal, add salt. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and cook for about 20 minutes. All liquid should evaporate. Then buckwheat porridge needs to be infused. To do this, wrap our pan with something warm or put in the oven for several minutes, on a slow fire.

In the process of cooking, buckwheat swells, therefore, to prepare 300 g of porridge 100 g of product will be needed. To make buckwheat look beautiful, it does not need to be mixed during cooking.

Now cereals in bags are very popular, and buckwheat is no exception. The cooking method is very simple: put the bag in boiling water, cook for 15 minutes. Take out a swollen bag, carefully cut it, spread the contents on a saucer - breakfast is ready.

In addition to conventional cooking, which destroys most nutrients, there is another way to make buckwheat. To do this, soak the cereal overnight. 1 cup buckwheat pour 1.5 cups of cold boiled water. During the night, the cereal will swell and by morning you will only have to warm up the ready-made porridge to serve it hot to the table.

How to cook buckwheat porridge in a double boiler, slow cooker or pressure cooker

We prepare buckwheat for cooking in the usual way described above. Then pour the contents into a double boiler. One cup of cereal needs 2 cups of water. Do not forget to salt. Set the timer to buckwheat mode or for 35 minutes if there is no such mode.

This method is suitable not only for double boiler, so you can cook buckwheat in a slow cooker. To cook the same dish in a pressure cooker, you need to change the cooking time. Usually it is 15 minutes under pressure, or a special regime for cooking porridges.

To visually see the cooking of buckwheat porridge in a pressure cooker, watch the video below.

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms in a pressure cooker BRAND 6050

Microwave Buckwheat Recipe

To cook buckwheat porridge on the water in the microwave, you need to take special dishes. Glass containers for microwave or clay pots are perfect.

We sort and wash 1 cup of cereal. We send it into a pot, fill the contents with 2 glasses of water. Salt a little, because when cooking in the microwave, it is recommended to add the dish after. It is very likely that the dish will be salted, because cooking in a microwave oven requires less salt. -

Be sure to close the pot with a lid. Set the power to 1000 watts, time - 3 minutes. To speed up the process, buckwheat can be poured with boiling water. After the future porridge boils, the power must be reduced to 600 watts and the cover removed. During the whole cooking process, only twice mixing the porridge is allowed: immediately after boiling and 4 minutes after it.

After 8 minutes of cooking at 600 watts, all the water should disappear, then the porridge will be considered ready. If you still have water or harsh cereals, cook it for another 1-2 minutes at the same temperature. To make the porridge tastier, cover the pot with a lid and let the buckwheat "reach" at a power of 450 watts.

Useful properties of buckwheat

The usefulness of buckwheat is undeniable, for example, the protein content in it is close to meat products. In addition, buckwheat is very easily digested, which makes it an excellent product for inclusion in the diet of dietary nutrition. This is a great option for losing weight girls, because a hundred grams of the finished product contains only 98 calories.

The content of various trace elements in buckwheat is 3-5 times higher than in other cereals. Buckwheat reduces the likelihood of tumors, reduces sugar and cholesterol in the blood. It can be a self-sufficient dish or a side dish for meat, fish.

Properly cooked buckwheat porridge with the addition of oil is a very tasty and healthy product that does not require special efforts in the cooking process. Use all the methods and choose the most delicious of them.

Enjoy your meal!

Watch the video: HOW TO COOK BUCKWHEAT (April 2020).