How to make video greetings

Create an original video greeting for a loved one, colleague or boss using our guide!

The video clip or slide show will become truly original presentations, in which the brightest thoughts, warm feelings and a huge amount of creativity were invested. To do this, you need at least a little understanding of the operation of the camera, computer, and also have an idea or script.

Ideas for Video Greetings

A great gift will be a video with signs or a collage. To implement this idea, you need the participation of several people:

  1. Come up with a fun greeting and write it on the tablets.
  2. Distribute these cards to each participant.
  3. After editing, you will get the effect of dividing the screen into a maximum of 4 clips .-
How to make a happy birthday video

Why don't you try yourself in the profession of a journalist and make a video congratulation in the form of an interview? For example, invite relatives and friends of the birthday boy to answer the following questions: “How would they describe the hero of the occasion?”, “Why do they love him?” The more original and fun the answers are, the better.

If you are preparing a video gift for a birthday or any other holiday, arrange it in the form of a biography, i.e. show the gradual maturation of the birthday:

  1. Take advantage of children's photos of a person, starting from infancy and ending today. The more photos there are in the slide show, the better.
  2. Music reflecting every period of the birthday is diluting the photographs.
  3. Contact classmates, teachers, and college mates .-

Make your congratulation video a news release. Tell us about an event such as a wedding, birthday or a declaration of love, as about an event of a planetary scale!

Congratulating a child or a person who has an idol, be smart. You will need to cut some point from his favorite cartoon or music video, and then re-play this fragment. In such an elementary way, it is easy to achieve an effect when your dear person is congratulated by a pop star or cartoon character.

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If you can get into the notes at least a little and do not hesitate to speak in front of the camera, it will be funny to sing some song known to the whole world in a completely new way .-

Movie or slide show?

For a slide show you will need:

  • processed photos;
  • several files (pictures or postcards);
  • the ability to work with special effects;
  • having at least minimal linker talent.


As for the creation of the film, in this case you should at least be able to use the camera, choose the necessary angles and master the work of special programs so that the video creation runs smoothly.

What programs will help create an original gift?

If you decide to try yourself as a clip maker, the following utilities for creating video clips will come in handy:

  • Sony Vegas Pro. This program pleases users with the presence of a Russian-language interface, a simple and understandable set of functions, despite the fact that it belongs to the professional category. Sony Vegas Pro allows you to edit and edit video and audio files.
  • Movie Maker The program is free of charge available for download and installation on your PC (test mode - 30 days). There is also a Russian-language interface.

For video editing, such free programs will come to your aid:

  • VirtualDubMod - It’s very easy to cut a video into pieces of the right size.
  • Blender3D - allows you to turn a video into 3D format.
  • SUPER © - is the most versatile and convenient media converter, easy to use.

When creating a slide show, the following programs will help you:

  • PhotoSHOW is a great free program in Russian. She will turn the process of creating a creative gift into a fun activity. A simple and understandable site where you can download the program contains a huge number of instructions for working with it .-
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular standard PC program for creating great slide shows.
Top 5 programs for video photos (creating a clip, trailer, video)

Create a video card in Movie Maker

Before you learn how to make films, it is advisable to practice something simpler. For example, create a video card using Movie Maker:

  1. Choose the music that suits your holiday. To do this, just download the song you like.
  2. Choose photos or pictures suitable for a celebration.
  3. Open Windows Movie Maker. In some operating systems, it is included in the set of standard programs, but it is easy to download and install.
  4. In Movie Maker, click “Import Media” (the button in the upper left corner of the program window) and upload files. Pay attention to the operating mode of Windows Movie Maker (in the bottom left corner should be the inscription “Timeline”).
  5. Click on the audio file and drag it to the “Sound and Music” section at the bottom of the program. In the “Video” section, drag and drop your photos or pictures in the order that you intended.
  6. You will need to set the optimal duration for each masterpiece for each frame. Select a frame (picture or photo), wait for the red arrow to appear and move its borders to the left or right. With these actions, you can either reduce the standard frame duration (5 seconds) or increase it.
  7. Refer to the special effects (Menu-Service-Effects). Drag the desired effect to the desired frame.
  8. Do not forget about the “Storyboard” mode (category in the Transitions menu). You need to drag the transition icon and place it between frames so that the video card looks seamless and the photos switch smoothly.
  9. If desired, add captions at the end or a title at the beginning of the clip (category in the "Titles and Titles" menu).
  10. If everything suits you, save the result. To do this, record the video in WMV format (at the top of the window, select the "File" section and click "Publish Movie").

Step-by-step master class on creating a video of congratulations in 1 minute.

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