How to quickly clean a wall in VK

Personal pages on social networks sometimes resemble a garbage dump (spam). How to quickly free them from this trash?

Almost every Internet user has his own page on the VKontakte social network site. Spam from games, reposts with quotes, notes from friends, videos and photo materials - all this lies on your wall in countless numbers. How to quickly remove all unnecessary?

The site itself does not imply the removal of such information with one click of the mouse. To clear the page from spam, you have to step by step delete each unnecessary message with your own hands.

  • Hover over the desired post.
  • In the upper right corner you see a cross and a pencil. To delete a message, use the cross.
  • Further, instead of a post on the VK wall, you will see a window where it will be written that the message has been deleted.
  • It will also offer to restore the message or send it to spam. You can use both functions until the first page refresh.

This method is very time-consuming and is suitable only for those users who have a lot of free time and patience. But he has his pluses - you delete only those posts that you really do not need. This is the main difference from scripting methods.

Scripts for official browsers

How to do it through the Google Chrome browser?

  • For this, you do not need any additional programs. Just open your wall, scroll through it completely. Press the right mouse button, select - view the code of the element. Then go to the tab - Concole.-
  • If you have more than 530 posts, you need to change the number and add +1 to it. That is, if you have 3000 messages, put 3001. If there are fewer posts, do not change anything.
  • Insert the message: -for (var i = 1; i
  • The wall is being cleaned.-The downside is that the VK wall is completely cleaned. True, after a complete deletion, you can recover some messages, but you still have to do this manually.

The second way is Greasemonkey.

This is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser, it must be downloaded from the official site. To use Greasemonkey to delete unnecessary VK messages, you need to write a suitable script. If you can not do this yourself, it is better not to use this program.

The video will help you master this extension.

How to clean Vkontakte wall

Vkbot program

  • Go to the official website of the script -
  • Download the program.
  • Enter it, enter your data.
  • Choose a profile and cleaning.
  • Delete messages.

Vkbot is simple and convenient to use, independent of browsers. If you wish, it is possible to restore messages again, even if you deleted them in other ways. -All works. If you are afraid that when using this program, your VK password may be stolen, after cleaning the wall, delete the program and change the password .-

WCPA Cleaning

  • Visit the site
  • Choose - download page. Your browser is already marked here, click install.
  • Go to the VK page. An additional vkopt tab and a wall appeared on the side.
  • To delete all posts, select: wall - action - clear the page. All is ready.

This extension involves not only cleaning the walls, but also downloading various files and greatly simplifies the work in VK. View the settings by clicking on vkopt on the side of the page. Choose the options you need and use this set of scripts for your pleasure.

Watch the video tutorial on using the vkopt plugin.

How to clean a wall in a group

Now you know how to quickly and easily clean the wall on your VK page. Use from time to time the most convenient instruction for you, so as not to turn the page into a dump.

Find out how to find out the password from VK if you forgot.

Watch the video: Как очистить стену в ВКОНТАКТЕ How to clean a wall in VKONTAKTE (April 2020).