How to take a picture of a monitor screen - take a screenshot

Some questions are easier to explain with images. For example, using a screenshot of a computer. How to do this, owning a computer at the level of the required minimum skills? -

How to take a picture of the monitor screen? This question, sooner or later, most PC users ask themselves. Let's see how to do this in the easiest way.

Such a need may arise if you definitely cannot formulate any problem for the technical support service or a programmer who is far from you. Agree, in the form of a picture the problem will become much clearer than in the format of your confusing descriptions .-
A screenshot would be useful if you need to prove something. For example, during correspondence or when solving any important issues.

How to take a monitor screen

It’s better to learn how to take photos of the monitor screen before they are needed in an emergency. Moreover, it will not be very difficult to perform such manipulations with a computer. In another way, images from the monitor screen are called “screenshots”.

The PrtScr key, which is necessary for creating screenshots, is located in the upper right part of the keyboard. To save a picture of your screen in the clipboard, you just need to press PrtScr. Use the Alt + PrtScr keys if you have multiple windows open and you want to take a snapshot of only the active window.

Methods for extracting a picture from the clipboard

Paint Editor

After pressing the print screen key, open the Paint program. This simplest graphical editor makes it easy to edit the resulting image. Another indisputable advantage of the Paint utility is that it is absolutely free and is included in the list of standard programs of the Windows operating system.

  • To take full advantage of the program, open Paint. It is very simple to do this: go to Start, select the path Programs-Accessories-Paint.
  • After the program window is open, in the upper left click on the “Insert” button or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V. As a result of such simple manipulations, a screenshot should appear in the main Paint window .-
  • To save the achieved result, select the “File” button in the upper left corner of the graphic editor and click “Save” or “Save As”. In the first case, you will need to search for the screenshot in the “Images” folder, and in the second you can choose for yourself where it is more convenient to save the image. It remains only to give the file a name and assign the JPEG format.
  • If you need to edit an image, do it in Paint immediately before saving .-

Photoshop and Word

These programs also help to extract a screenshot from the clipboard in the second stage of the answer to the question “how to take a picture of the monitor screen”.
If you decide to use Photoshop, open the program and create a new document. To do this, you need a command that is implemented using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + N. Paste the image (by pressing Ctrl + V) and save it in JPEG. If you need to edit an image, use the advanced features of Photoshop.

When saving a screenshot in Word, the procedure is identical: create a new document, paste the image into it (Ctrl + V), save. The difference compared to the previous program is that here your image will be saved in the document format (.doc or .docs). Also, Word will not allow you to edit the screenshot.

Editing a snapshot in Microsoft Office Picture Manager

If the screenshot you saved in JPEG format requires editing, use the simple and intuitive Picture Manager. This is a standard image manipulation program for the Windows operating system.

  • Open the screenshot file in MO Picture Manager. To do this, hover over the screenshot, right-click, select “Open with” - Microsoft Office Picture Manager.-
  • To edit an open photo, use the impressive set of program functions, such as cropping, changing brightness, color, image size, etc.
  • After receiving an acceptable result, save the file using the actions “Save” or “Save As” already familiar to us. If you select “Save”, the edited version of the picture will take the place of your source .-

Working with Picture Manager is easier than editing images in Photoshop. When comparing photo editing capabilities in Picture Manager and Paint, the last one clearly loses the first.

You can see more details about creating screenshots in the video .-

How to take a screenshot

Watch the video: How to take a screenshot on a PC (March 2020).