How to remove extension eyelashes at home without harm

If your own cilia are short, they can be increased. After some time, the built-up material must be removed so that your eyelashes can recover. Consider how to do this at home?

Eyelash extensions - a very popular service in our time, provided by almost all beauty salons. For a modest payment, any girl can get not only chic eyelashes, but also attach rhinestones or other accessories to them. The build-up must be done by the master, but you can shoot artificial material in different ways. How to remove extended eyelashes at home without harming the eyes?

3 weeks after building, a new-fashioned accessory must be removed and give your own cilia a breather. If this is not done, then the structure of your eyelashes will deteriorate. An ideal option would be to remove the expanded material from your master. But there are situations that on the day of removal there is no entry or the girl simply does not have time to visit the salon. In such cases, you have to remove the artificial material yourself.

If this is your first time doing this, do not try to tear off long cilia without any aids. When building, masters use high-quality materials that need to be prepared for removal. Do not use foreign objects: needles, scissors, razors and so on. This can cause damage to eyelashes or eyes. Using hot steam to remove build-up material is also ineffective. The question is brewing: "How to get rid of such beauty yourself?".

How to remove extension eyelashes at home

Use a fat cream. Any composition is suitable - for hands or for face. First, wash off makeup, in particular cosmetics for the eyes. Next, apply the cream on a cotton ball, apply it to the eye. To enhance the effect, add the cream directly to the cilia. Using a cotton swab, gently apply the cream, then attach a cotton swab. After a few minutes, try to remove the artificial material using tweezers.

Attention! If removing artificial eyelashes is painful or difficult, do not pull them with all their might. So you can damage the eyelid or the structure of native cilia. It is better to repeat the procedure again, increasing the time and amount of cream.

It removes well-grown material oil, especially castor or burdock. Close your eye, use a cotton swab to apply oil from the growth line to the tips. Repeat the procedure several times to distribute the oil liberally. After half an hour, massage with your fingers the growth line and the cilia themselves. If the process does not proceed, increase the number and duration of exposure.

In order not to experiment with the two previous methods, use a debonder. This special liquid is usually purchased in hairdressing salons, preferably before the extension procedure. A similar tool is used in the cabin, which means that you can quickly easily soften the glue and remove the artificial material yourself.

See the video for details on the procedure.

Removing Artificial Eyelashes

How to care for eyelashes after building

If you used eyelashes for a good master, removed them there, or used a home donor, you have nothing to fear. But if the glue turned out to be too resistant, or you wore eyelashes longer than the prescribed time, after removing them you need to heal.

Burdock is perfect. Even if you have no problems after building, use this method to increase the density and length of your cilia. Gently rub the oil into the root zone. Try not to pull the eyelid too much. You can use a brush from the old carcass for this purpose, after washing it well with water.

After building, do not use waterproof mascara. The structure of the eyelashes at this time is very weakened to cope with such a load. With severe damage, it is better not to use cosmetics at all.

If you really liked the image of the fatal woman with languid eyes - take a break for a few weeks and you can repeat the procedure.

Video will help you restore cilia after building.

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