How to become a notary public - education and requirements, video. What you need to get this specialty

There are many areas of jurisprudence. One of them is notarial deed. If you want to become a notary, use this guide .-

There is such a person, whose name is a notary public, whose signature can make an ordinary piece of paper a serious document. People of this profession have a certain weight in society, work for the benefit of every citizen, and know all the legal subtleties that help them conduct complex business.

How to get an education

To become a big person in the world of notarial issues, you need to get the appropriate education. But in fact, such a specialty as a notary public is not present in the universities of our country. Let's see why.

The fact is that the notary profession is based on general legal knowledge. The specialty as such can be obtained starting from the third year of study at a standard law faculty. In addition, this is not all; future notaries need to decide on the specialization of their future activities. It can be administrative, criminal or civil law. Some universities have an additional specialization - international law.

But the above does not mean that you will work in these areas. The choice of specialization is the choice of additional special courses. The direction of your profession will be determined when choosing a place for the internship. Therefore, carefully consider this issue in the future.

Internship - can take place both in private and in public notary offices. There is no particular difference between them, except that in the process of private practice you will learn additional entrepreneurial subtleties (payment of rent, state fees, and more).

What knowledge and skills are needed

To become a sought-after specialist in the notarial field, you need to be well versed in all areas of jurisprudence, the more knowledge in your luggage about the intricacies and nuances of the system, the more qualified your candidacy. Some notaries work only in certain areas, for example, questions of inheritance or registration of powers of attorney. But in most cases, such a profession involves competence in many areas.

The main task of a notary public employee is to prevent civil disputes. If the latter are nevertheless available, the notary should help to resolve them, without bringing the situation to court proceedings. By virtue of this, any notary worker must be responsible, honest, executive, stress-resistant and able to keep a large amount of information in his memory. Psychological knowledge is welcome.

The work of a notary public is constantly combined with the professional skills and knowledge of investigators, lawyers, judges, and so on. The availability of knowledge in all these areas is valued at a high level.

How to become notaries

The first requirement, the observance of which is strictly, is the citizenship of the Russian Federation. The second is the corresponding skills. There can be no notarial activity in the absence of a diploma of higher legal education and internship with a practicing notary. The minimum period of internship is set by the notary chamber and the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, usually it is 1 year.

Each notary is required to pass a qualification exam. Any person with a legal education is allowed to attend. If the test fails, the next exam can only be scheduled after one year. A special commission attached to a university accepts such an offset. The competition for one place is very large, which is why many future notaries pass the exam in a few years.

Next, you need to take the oath and get a license, which is issued within one month from the date of the exam. If after 3 years the notary does not engage in practice, by law, the license will be considered invalid. Qualification will need to be re-confirmed.

But even after all these manipulations, becoming a notary is not easy. The number of notaries is strictly limited, you need to go through a competition that will allow you to take a vacant place in this area. And since notarization is a prestigious and highly paid job, all positions are usually occupied.

But do not worry, the main thing is the right motivation and perseverance. If you constantly improve your skills and expand your knowledge base, then you will achieve your goal. Competent specialists are always in price.

This video will help you understand the notary profession.

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