How to wind hair with an iron for straightening, video

Each girl creates a hairstyle from curls in her own way. Someone uses curlers for this, someone uses a curler. But truly chic curls are obtained by using an iron (straightener). Our step-by-step instructions will help you with this .-

To create small curls or smooth waves in our time is not difficult. Numerous fixation aids, curlers, electric devices for hot curling - all this comes to the aid of modern fashionistas in the process of creating beautiful curls. Every girl knows how to make curls with the help of a curling iron, but here's how to wind hair with an iron - for many, a secret covered in darkness. Let's see why .-

Firstly, it is connected with the tool itself. An iron, sometimes called a straightener, is designed to straighten hair. To give a naughty head of hair an even and smooth structure or to straighten the most capricious curls - these are the main functions of this device. Many representatives of the fair sex do not come up with the idea that the iron is a multifunctional tool that sometimes performs the functions of a curling iron in capable hands .-

Secondly, for such a curl special means of thermal protection are required. Without them, the probability of damage to the hair is high. Thirdly, to make a full hairstyle with the help of ironing, you need special skills and abilities, which we will talk about in our material. If you are interested in the question of how to make a curling iron on your own at home, read on.

Recommendations for choosing an iron

If you still do not have a rectifier and you have never encountered this device before, pay attention to such details as:

1. Purpose of the tool

There are two types of irons: some are for professional use, while others are for domestic use. Professional rectifiers are more powerful and faster heated. As a rule, they are of higher quality, due to the fact that they are designed to work for a long time.

Household rectifiers are safer in their use, have a relatively low power, a lot of modes and additional functions that almost always remain unclaimed. Such irons are performed in a wide variety of designs, which is very much to the liking of many girls.

If you want to make a perm, it is preferable to choose a professional iron or a household rectifier of the middle class, with a high incandescent temperature .-

2. Plate shape

It is different, especially for household models. In order to make a quality curl of any complexity, the iron should be with rounded plates. Otherwise, you risk getting curls with kinks .-

3. Coating nozzles

The very first rectifiers were made with a metal coating. The main advantage of this material is its low price. The main minus is a lot of damage to the hair.

The most popular models have ceramic spraying. The damage caused by such irons is minimal. Their price is higher than that of previous models, but such an increase in value is fully justified.

Ion-ceramic or tourmaline-coated rectifiers are considered the best. On the one hand, this is ceramics, which is already good in its own way. On the other hand, it is an advanced ceramic, which makes the iron more durable. Most professional models are made of such materials .-

How to wind your hair with an iron

After you have chosen a suitable iron, you need to choose the appropriate means for fixing and protection, focusing on your type and quality of hair. And only at the next stage can we start the curl itself.

In order not to harm the hair, first wash your hair with shampoo and apply a balm or rinse on wet hair. If the last tool needs to be washed off, do it .-

Next, dry your hair with a towel or hairdryer. Apply thermal protection and wait until it dries completely. Then apply a small amount of foam, mousse or gel to your hair for future fixation of the hairstyle. If you have obedient hair that keeps hair styling well, styling products are not necessary.

How to create curls with an iron

The first most common and easiest way is classic curls .-

Take a small strand, squeeze it between the plates approximately in the middle. Wrap the free edge around the rectifier 1 time and slowly lead the device parallel to the floor down. Tighten the ends at the very edge. The thinner the strand, the more interesting the final effect will be.

The second option is chic curls. It is perfect for owners of rare and thin hair, since it will add to them the missing volume. For such a curl you need to use wider irons.

Divide hair into thin strands. Take the first strand and wind it on your finger, stab it with invisibility or pack the strand in cling film. Hold the resulting curl between the tongs and hold for 15 seconds. Curl is ready .-

The third option - curls in the shape of the letter S

Take a lock of hair, place the iron vertically and hold the hair as close to the roots as possible. Slowly lower the iron down, rotating it around its axis. Choose a direction according to your personal desire. You should start from the strands in the back and gradually move to the strands in front.

Professional Tips

  1. In order for you to succeed, the heating temperature of the instrument should be higher than when straightening hair, and be 180-200 degrees.
  2. Before styling, it is recommended to apply thermal protection to the hair. If you don’t have one, use a nourishing cream or oil. Use a small amount of oil (cream), otherwise you will weight the hair, as a result of which it will look greasy. Take special care of the ends of the hair; they are exposed to the strongest temperature effects.
  3. If you have thick hair, divide your hair into several levels. First, wind the lower level, then gradually rise to the top of the head .-
  4. Styling is allowed only on dry hair. When applying thermal protection and fixing agents, be sure to wait until your hair is completely dry. Otherwise, you risk damaging your hair or at least remain without curls 10 minutes after curling .-
  5. The average width of a strand for one curl varies from 1 to 5 cm. The thinner the strand, the more interesting the effect.
  6. In order for the curl to have an even rounded shape without transverse lines, the motion of the iron must be continuous.
  7. If you did not succeed in some curl, do not be discouraged. After the strand has completely cooled, twist it again .-
  8. To wind the back of the hair, use 2 mirrors. So you can watch your hair at the back, which allows you to make curls without distortions .-
  9. If your hair does not lend itself well to styling, immediately spray the finished wound curl with varnish to fix it.
  10. It is not recommended to comb the curls with an ordinary comb, you risk spoiling the styling. To separate the curls, use your own hands or a comb-fork .-

If you want your hairstyle to look more impressive, make a light pile from the roots. This will give your hairstyle extra volume and make the overall look complete. With a lack of your own volume, simply sprinkle your hair with varnish and go to conquer the world with your beauty, as it is .-

The video will help you learn how to curl your hair with an iron.

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