Aquashine for biorevitalization

Women are increasingly demanding of their appearance. It is necessary to solve the problems of age-related changes quickly, with a minimum period of rehabilitation. One of the effective ways to get rid of age-related wilting of the skin is Aquashine injections containing an innovative composition of hyaluronic acid, peptides, amino acids, and vitamins. This method solves the problem radically, comprehensively, helping to quickly remove wrinkles, increase skin tone, tighten the oval of the face and remove age-related pigmentation.

Aquashine biorevitalization

One of the modern methods for rejuvenation is mesotherapy. This technique is a series of injections with a special composition that delivers the necessary substances to the deeper layers of the skin, thereby providing a sustainable long-term effect of lifting and moisturizing. Aquashine is another drug from a series of beauty injections. The drug is active, showing excellent results. The composition is based on hyaluronic acid, vitamins and the most beneficial substances for the skin.

Composition and form of release

Unlike other rejuvenation methods used to conduct a course of biorevitalization by injection mesotherapy, this one contains not only hyaluronic acid. Korean products by Caregen Co.LTD are in the form of syringes with a disposable needle of 2 ml each. Designed packaging for 1 procedure. The magic cocktail is supplemented with vitamins, contains peptides, coenzymes, amino acids. The basic structure includes:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamins A, C, E, K, I and vitamins of group B;
  • amino acids;
  • peptides (Oligopeptide-34, Oligopeptide-72);
  • mineral elements (magnesium sulfate, sodium phosphate, calcium chloride, sodium chloride).

The main elements are 80% of the drug, the remaining ingredients are added in accordance with the type, which is used depending on the needs of the patient and is shown in the table below:


Volume ml

Additionally included

Aquashine soft


Acetyl decapeptide-3 (Rejuline)

Oligopeptide-24 (EDP-3)

Aquashine BR


Oligopeptide-51 (Purilux)

Oligopeptide-23, or Flatin

Aquashine BTX




The principle of action of drugs

It is based on the introduction of a miraculous drug with a very thin needle under the skin. Injections are distributed over the entire surface at a distance of 1 cm. Serum, getting into the layers of the skin, due to its unique nutritional composition acts comprehensively, reducing all types of age-related changes. The combination of hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients, complementing and enhancing the effect of each other's actions, allows you to achieve the maximum cosmetological effect of skin rejuvenation.

Indications for use

Beauty injections should be used from the age of 40-45, when there is still no strong aging of the skin. It is possible to start the procedure at an earlier age - with increased dry skin, fatigue, dullness. If signs of aging begin to appear, then use is recommended. Indications:

  • the appearance of small wrinkles;
  • dehydration, peeling;
  • skin fading;
  • the appearance of skin pigmentation;
  • dropping of facial contours.

Instructions for the use of Aquashine preparations

Biorevitalization is a complex process, and should be carried out by a qualified doctor in a specialized cosmetology clinic. What awaits patients who decide on this effective procedure:

  • The day before injecting Aquashine, you can not take alcohol.
  • The revitalization is carried out in the supine position.
  • First, the doctor thoroughly cleanses the patient's skin with an antiseptic.
  • Anesthetic is applied.
  • The planned processing area with the definition of biologically active points is marked.
  • The Aquashine Revofil cocktail is packed in 2 ml syringes, a thin 30-32G needle is used.
  • The drug is introduced, starting from the cheekbones throughout the face - at a distance of about 1 cm for uniform distribution of the gel.
  • For the quickest recovery, a special soothing mask is made on the face, after - a sunscreen.
  • If other zones are involved, they are treated with special means to reduce irritation and inflammation.
  • The doctor gives instructions for home skin care during the rehabilitation period.

Revofil Aquashine Soft

This drug is considered basic, it is used at the first signs of aging in 35-40 years, to suspend and prevent further aging of the skin. Aquashine soft filler prevents the destruction of collagen and elastin, restores the ability of the skin to produce them independently with the correct structure. In addition to the main components, the product contains 2 components - peptide compounds, due to which rejuvenation occurs and the effect of "radiance" is achieved: Acetyl decapeptide-3 (Rejuline) and Oligopeptide-24 (EDP-3).

Aquashine BR

Aquashine BR - the name of another drug responsible for lightening the skin and getting rid of age spots, preventing their appearance. It came from the word, which means "radiance." The effect is achieved using 2 peptides in addition to the main composition: Oligopeptide-51 (Purilux), Oligopeptide-23. It is recommended for use at the age of 45-50 years, when the risk of age-related pigmentation is maximum.

Aquashine BTX

This species is distinguished by the inclusion of peptides: Oligopeptide-29 and Oligopeptide-62. Designed for biorevitalization and tissue regeneration. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in anti-aging cosmetology, because it not only saturates the skin with moisture and peptides, but also reduces the activity of facial muscles. This gives a relaxing effect, comparable to the use of the well-known Botox (neurotoxin).

What can not be done after biorevitalization

The nature of the procedure is gentle, the rehabilitation period is short, but there are restrictions on the postoperative period. After the biorevitalization procedure, you can not:

  • go to the pool or swim;
  • take a bath, go to the bath or sauna;
  • sunbathing, including in the solarium;
  • apply cosmetics on treated areas;
  • give yourself excessive physical exertion;
  • do depilation in the injection area.

How often do you need to carry out the procedure

After the first session, a month should pass. The standard course consists of three exposure procedures with one type of drug once a month. For a sustainable effect, supportive therapy should be carried out twice a year. With overly pronounced signs of aging - deep wrinkles and drooping contour - an intensive course is carried out. It consists of five sessions every two weeks. Five to six sessions are done to maintain.

Procedure Efficiency

According to cosmetologists, the result will appear approximately two weeks after the first session. The effects are as follows:

  1. the skin is saturated with moisture;
  2. small wrinkles are smoothed out;
  3. deep folds are reduced;
  4. skin elasticity increases;
  5. decreases the "second chin";
  6. age spots are clarified until complete disappearance;
  7. the vascular network and "stars" can disappear;
  8. neutralization of free radicals occurs;
  9. the skin becomes smooth, supple and radiant.

Side effects

The drug aquashine for biorevitalization is well tolerated, but you need to know about possible side effects after the procedure:

  • the appearance of papules - seals with redness at the injection site, which in the normal course of the process takes 2 days;
  • the formation of a small edema of the lower eyelid is possible;
  • allergic reactions to components.


As with any third-party intervention in the body, the biorevitalization procedure has contraindications:

  • infectious diseases;
  • oncology;
  • diabetes;
  • any damage and injury to the skin;
  • skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema;
  • taking blood thinners;
  • blood diseases, poor coagulability;
  • allergy to filler ingredients;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age up to 16 years;

Price for Aquashine in salons

To avoid disappointment and get the desired result from the injection, you should contact a trusted specialist in a clinic or salon. The approximate prices of biorevitalization in Moscow are shown in the table below:

The name of the drugCost, p.
Aquashine soft12000
Aquashine BR12000
Aquashine BTX14000

Photos before and after Aquashine


Maria, 37 years old I was looking for additional modern methods of getting rid of dryness and peeling, ordinary creams stopped helping. Beautician recommended mesotherapy. I'm afraid of injections, so I doubted it. I'm glad I chose Aquashine. The result was noticeable, the effect of rejuvenation is obvious: the skin really shone, tightness went away and wrinkles were smoothed out.
Inna, 45 years old I never thought that I would encounter age spots on my face and hands so early. It was urgent to take action. The doctor recommended a new development of skin rejuvenation and lightening agents - Aquashine BR. I recommend to everyone. The spots are gone, the skin has become toned. While pigmentation does not return. I will do a supporting course.
Kristina, 42 years old. On the whole, the result is good, my face tightened, dryness is gone. The procedure is painful, especially for the first time. Red tubercles on the face are an unpleasant sight. There was no allergy, everything went without complications, the redness left completely in 5 days. The drug is expensive, although to preserve youth, women just won’t do anything, and yet this is not an operation.
Olga, 52 years old Recently I heard reviews about the magic drug Aquashine. Something had to be done with the sagging oval of the face, creases on the forehead and in the nasolabial fold. The appearance of the skin became fresher, the skin became softer, wrinkles did not go away, but became less. The oval of the face was pulled. If you do not take into account the high cost of the course - for 1 session 13500 rubles - then we can say that the drug is worthwhile.

Watch the video: Aquashine BTX (February 2020).