How to remove the second chin quickly and at home, video

The second chin is a very unpleasant thing. And it may well appear even in slender girls. Is it possible to get rid of this terrible crease? Yes, that’s real. Take our leadership into service and right away go do your work! - -

How to remove the second chin at home? How to prevent its occurrence and is it realistic to get rid of it quickly? All these issues sooner or later begin to bother women. It's time to put an end to obscure points. Let's solve the problem of having a second chin together. First, understand the main thing: the problem is solved, you just need to think through a system of actions and systematically carry them out .-

Causes of occurrence

The very first reason is a genetic predisposition. Remember the faces of your relatives, carefully review the old photos. And if any of your loved ones have a second chin, then most likely this problem has passed to you by inheritance .-

Age-related changes also contribute to the appearance of a fat fold. With age, the neck muscles weaken, and the skin loses its elasticity.
Overweight plays an important role, especially if you have gained it sharply. Remember that dangerous is not only a strong and sharp weight gain, but also its extremely rapid loss.

If you are sure that none of the above reasons affected your current appearance, it makes sense to think about violations in the thyroid gland. To eliminate problems with the hormonal background, consult an endocrinologist for advice.

We must not forget that the owners of the second chin often slouch and walk with their heads bowed, sleep on a pillow too high and do not monitor their diet.

Delete using operation

It is indisputable that the fastest procedure to get rid of an unpleasant fat fold is surgery. But before making such a decision, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons of surgical intervention.

First, make sure the competency of the surgeon to whom you entrust the correction of your appearance. Remember, the face area is the location of a huge number of nerves and blood vessels, which are very easy to hurt.

Such an operation also has contraindications: diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart, any infections. The recovery period of the face after plastic surgery to remove the second chin is more than three weeks.

Is it possible to remove the second chin in a week?

If you need to get rid of the second chin as soon as possible, stick a special anti-cellulite patch under the jaw. But keep in mind that such healing will be short-lived, and soon the extra chin will return. In order for a beautiful face shape and toned neck muscles to please you for a long time, you need to use a whole range of procedures.

Facial gymnastics

Exercising the facial and cervical muscles is an effective way to help you get rid of the fat folds. There are a number of special gymnastic exercises, the action of which is aimed at improving blood circulation and strengthening the muscles of the neck and face.

If you perform facial exercises in good faith and regularly, the second chin will decrease significantly after two to three weeks.

Use the following exercises:

  1. Choose the most impressive book in size and weight from your personal library, put it on your head and go with this load for at least 10 minutes every day. Such a simple exercise will not only save you from fat folds on the face, but also help to improve posture.
  2. Your tongue will be a great assistant in the training of facial muscles. Stick out your tongue and try to touch it to your nose, and then to the lowest point of the chin. It would also be nice to “spell out” the G-8 in the air. It is logical to assume that this should be done only at home to avoid embarrassing situations.
  3. The tilts and turns of the head in different directions will be useful.
  4. Lie on the floor, place your hands behind your head. With effort, tear your head off the floor and try to look at your toes. Hold the body in this position for literally a minute. After feeling tired, lie down and rest. Perform exercise 10 to 15 times.
  5. The facial muscles work great when pronouncing certain sounds. Tighten your face strongly and speak loudly, distinctly and with effort the vowels "y" and "and" alternately. During the pronunciation, each lip should participate, stretching into a tube or blurring in a smile.

How to use herbal medicine

After facial gymnastics, it is recommended to fix the result with the help of herbal medicine.

A warm decoction of oak bark and St. John's wort will perfectly cope with the breakdown of body fat (add 1 tablespoon of herbs with boiling water and insist a little). After gymnastics, wipe the skin of the face and neck with swabs dipped in this healing broth.

To tone the skin and give it elasticity, prepare an infusion of hypericum and chamomile. To do this, pour a glass of boiling water on one spoon of each herb and let the aromatic mixture infuse. Use it also as a lotion.

Nettle tincture is another great cosmetic cocktail that can help you remove your second chin. Just chop the nettle leaves and fill them with a glass of vodka. Put the resulting mixture in a cool dark place for ten days, then strain. Wipe your chin and neck with this tincture.

The bandages with lemon are very effective in the fight for the beautiful contour of the face. Dampen gauze in lemon juice and tie her chin. Leave the cheesecloth for half an hour, and then briefly (for 2-3 minutes) apply a compress of cold water to the chin.

You will also love the potato mask. Make a thick puree on the water: mix a couple of tablespoons of the puree and one teaspoon of salt, apply the finished mask to the chin. In order not to stain the mashed potatoes all around, wrap the jaw with cling film. Wash off the mask with cool water after half an hour and lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream.

How massage helps

A great addition to facial gymnastics and herbal medicine will be a massage that will accelerate the achievement of the much-desired and magnificent effect of toned skin.

Start your self-massage with a massage cream that suits your skin type. Gently stroke the chin with your fingers in the direction from the center to the ears. After the skin warms up, increase the pace and power of exposure. Massage your chin for about 5 minutes, then go to lightly tapping with your fingertips in the same direction. - Change tapping to tingling. Finish the massage with strokes already familiar to us, gradually reducing their strength and pace.

Useful advice: during self-massage you should not have any discomfort, and therefore watch out for the force of impact on the skin.

If the second chin appears amid weight gain

It is known that with a lot of weight, it is hardly possible to get rid of excess fat on only one part of the body. Be sure to take advantage of additional tips:

  • live an active life;
  • stick to a healthy diet;
  • when eating, chew food slowly and carefully to give strain to the muscles of the neck and face, as well as to quickly get enough food;
  • control your posture all day.

If you responsibly perform all the techniques and methods proposed in the article, as well as lead a healthy lifestyle, the oval of your face will become much more attractive, and your skin will be elastic and toned.

You can watch more details about how to clean the second chin at home, in the video.

How to remove the second chin in 10 minutes a day

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