Wine cabinet - functions and types of designs, an overview of the best models with a description, photos and prices

Passion for culinary delights often implies a passion for good wines. But it’s not enough to buy several bottles of white or red wine at the store — you need to be able to store it. Properly selected storage conditions (lack of light, suitable temperature, horizontal position) contribute to the proper ripening of the wine and a more complete opening of the bouquet - all that is appreciated by connoisseurs. Previously, wine was stored in the cellar, but today these functions are successfully performed by a special cabinet.

What is a wine rack?

By a wine cabinet they mean a device that looks like a refrigerator and works on a similar principle. But, unlike the refrigerator, the "terms of reference" of such a cabinet is much wider. It should not just cool the contents, but with high accuracy to maintain the specified temperature and humidity. If the design provides for touch control and electronic indication of parameters on the front panel, it is much easier to control the parameters.


Like other refrigeration equipment, wine cabinets are divided into climatic classes, covering the temperature ranges that they are able to maintain. The following classes exist:

  • N - normal, 16-32 degrees;
  • SN - subnormal, 10-32 degrees;
  • ST - subtropical, 18-38 degrees;
  • T - tropical, 18-43 degrees.

Types of structures

Although wine cabinets are divided into different types and types, it will not be difficult to choose the option that suits you. Key selection options:

  • Autonomous or built-in designs. In the second case, such a wine unit is mounted as part of other furniture (a bar, a kitchen set, etc.), which is convenient and saves space.
  • Compact for 6-8 bottles for home use (including corner ones) and tall, the size of a person, for bars and restaurants.
  • With a partially vertical arrangement of bottles or completely horizontal. The second option is the “default standard” that reduces the oxidation of contents; the first is only suitable for cooling bottles before serving.
  • With one, two, three or more temperature zones. Different types of wine are stored and mature at different temperatures, but this is a nuance for sophisticated connoisseurs.
  • Having thermoelectric, absorption or compression cooling. In the first two cases, the cabinets lack vibration, and this is very convenient.

Wine cabinet

When choosing a wine cabinet, several parameters must be taken into account at once, but if some of them can vary (size, number of temperature zones, etc.), then there are general requirements for all models. For example, such a wine unit should have good ventilation, to protect the air from foreign odors - the cork material of the bottle is not tight and lets air through when the wine is ripening. Also, a prerequisite is the exact adherence to the temperature regime.


A large-sized wine storage cabinet is often chosen for bars and restaurants where you need to have a large amount of alcoholic beverages. Any bartender or sommelier should be well versed in the varieties of wines and the features of their storage:

  • Model Name: Liebherr WKb 3212-20;
  • Price: 67 989 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black color, height - 134 cm, volume - 314 liters, capacity - 164 bottles;
  • Pros: a large temperature range in the chamber - 5-22 degrees;
  • Cons: energy consumption - over 161 kilowatt hours / year.

A wine cooler for the home often implies small sizes with a capacity of up to 16-18 bottles. If a person is not a collector of alcohol, more in the house and is not required:

  • Name: Liebherr WKes 653;
  • Price: 111 579 rubles;
  • Characteristics: silver, height - 61 cm, volume - 56 l, capacity - 12 bottles;
  • Pros: low power consumption (about 100 kWh / year), child protection, internal display;
  • Cons: very high price / capacity ratio.


The advantage of compact wine units is not only in small sizes, but also in low energy consumption. A small cabinet of modern design, installed in the kitchen, will become a stylish accessory for the home interior:

  • Model Name: Dunavox DX-6.16SC;
  • Price: 14 900 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black color, height - 40 cm, volume - 16 l, capacity - 12 bottles;
  • Pros: very compact size, low electricity consumption (less than 100 kilowatt hours / year);
  • Cons: the temperature regime is not cold enough to store some brands of wine.

When planning to purchase a wine cabinet, spend half an hour or an hour studying the product range and the benefits of models. For example, if the wine cabinet is in front of you, it’s good if there is a vertical section in it:

  • Name: Dunavox DX-16.46K;
  • Price: 27 900 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black color, height - 51 cm, volume - 46 l, capacity - 16 bottles;
  • Pros: section for vertical storage, which in addition to ease of use, will give style to the interior;
  • Cons: not found.


A wine cabinet is a good present for an anniversary or other special occasion. At the same time, it is not necessary for the person to whom the gift is selected to be a fine connoisseur - such a wine cooler will itself promote interest in the exquisite varieties of "Riesling" and "Beaujolais Nouveau":

  • Model Name: Caso WineCase 8;
  • Price: 11 780 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black color, height - 27.5 cm, volume - 29 liters, capacity - 16 bottles;
  • Pros: compact inexpensive model;
  • Cons: there may be difficulties with cooling to low temperatures.

Often, acquiring a compact cabinet model, an amateur or a wine collector in a few years acquires a more spacious wine unit. In this case, he needs to pay attention to, in addition to increased capacity, his locker also has a large number of functions:

  • Name: Caso WineMaster 24;
  • Price: 51,170 rubles;
  • Characteristics: silver, height - 87.5 cm, volume - 147 liters, capacity - 24 bottles;
  • Pros: two-temperature single-chamber refrigerator;
  • Cons: high power consumption.

Cold vine

When purchasing a wine cabinet, it makes sense to pay attention to the number of temperature zones. If there are two or more of them, then you can store your winery more professionally, choosing the temperature suitable for different types of wine:

  • Model Name: Cold Vine C12-TSF2
  • Price: 19 500 rubles;
  • Characteristics: combination of black and metallic color, height - 53 cm, volume - 33 liters, capacity - 12 bottles;
  • Pros: wooden shelves, dual-zone model, advanced cooling mode - 7-18 degrees;
  • Cons: Chinese manufacturer.

In addition to different temperature zones, in many cases, an attractive feature of a wine cabinet is the ability to embed. This model can be harmoniously combined with other furniture in the kitchen or restaurant bar:

  • Name: Cold Vine C110-KBT2;
  • Price: 85 500 rubles;
  • Characteristics: a combination of black and steel colors, height - 140 cm, volume - 313 liters, capacity - 110 bottles;
  • Pros: the ability to embed, the creation of two temperature zones: 5-10 and 10-18 degrees;
  • Cons: due to the large size, the model does not always fit into the interior.


An ideally designed wine cabinet should not only allow the possibility of embedding, but also be a functional model in an autonomous form. It is convenient for both bar and domestic use:

  • Model Name: Vestfrost W 45;
  • Price: 60 000 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black with silver accents, height - 85 cm, volume - 167 liters, capacity - 45 bottles;
  • Pros: two temperature zones, shelves with wooden facades, tinted glass to protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  • Cons: for high-quality thermoregulation, a full load is required.

Although models with several temperature zones are very convenient, a roomy mono-temperature option will be a good purchase for a mid-range restaurant. Thanks to a good-capacity wine cabinet, you can offer customers a decent selection of drinks from around the world:

  • Name: Vestfrost VKG 571;
  • Price: 63 000 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black, brown and silver colors, height - 185 cm, volume - 187 liters, capacity - 106 bottles;
  • Pros: wooden shelves, the ability to place a large amount of wine;
  • Cons: not found.


A backlit device will be more convenient if a low-light sector is selected for the location of the wine cabinet. With this model, you can take out the right bottle even in the dark:

  • Model Name: Tesler WCH-080;
  • Price: 6 810 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black / silver color, height - 29 cm, volume - 24 liters, capacity - 8 bottles;
  • Pros: compact model for home use with protection against accidental keystrokes;
  • Cons: temperature range - 11-18 degrees, high noise level.

It would be a mistake to consider that budget options are not able to provide the necessary microclimate for storing expensive varieties of wine. For some models, the temperature range is 7-18 degrees, and they can provide suitable humidity:

  • Title: Tesler WCV-120
  • Price: 8 240 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black / silver color, height - 62 cm, volume - 32 l, capacity - 12 bottles;
  • Pros: the small width allows you to compactly place the cabinet in narrow openings in the kitchen;
  • Cons: not found.


A single-temperature cabinet providing a wide range of temperatures will be an option to save upon purchase. If the presence of different temperature zones is not a prerequisite, then this will be a good purchase:

  • Model Name: Gastrorag JC-48;
  • Price: 11 359 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black color, height - 64 cm, volume - 48 liters, capacity - 18 bottles;
  • Pros: temperature mode - 5-18 degrees;
  • Cons: Chinese manufacturer.

A two-zone wine cabinet of the same capacity will be more expensive. For this reason, it is recommended to more sophisticated users:

  • Name: Gastrorag JC-48DFW;
  • Price: 15 470 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black / steel color, height - 64 cm, volume - 48 l, capacity - 18 bottles;
  • Pros: touch control, tinted glass doors,
  • Cons: the same as the previous model.


A budget wine cabinet of small size is a good choice for culinary gourmets. Although its price is low, it will maintain the necessary humidity and degree of cooling, and vibration is practically absent:

  • Model Name: Shivaki SHW-08V1;
  • Price: 7 169 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black / metallic color, height - 52.5 cm, volume - 23 liters, capacity - 8 bottles;
  • Pros: the ability to cheaply buy a stylish accessory;
  • Cons: Due to the small volume, an open door immediately raises the internal temperature by several degrees.

Shelves in the manner of a wire bracket, which are often equipped with budget models, will not be a full-fledged analogue of wooden, but they will also cope with their task. In addition, when purchasing such a single-chamber refrigerator, pay attention to the possibility of hanging doors - this will help to position the bottle cabinet with great convenience:

  • Name: Shivaki SHW-08V1;
  • Price: 13 860 rubles;
  • Characteristics: black color, height - 74 cm, volume - 65 l, capacity - 28 bottles;
  • Pros: an inexpensive option that is suitable for installation in a bar;
  • Cons: no cooling below 12 degrees.

How to choose a wine rack

The correct choice of cabinet model depends on the features and place of use. As a rule, for home use, a wine cooler cabinet will be smaller than for a bar or restaurant, but this does not mean that it will be less quality. For those who are going to buy such a cabinet, a few tips will come in handy:

  • Decide on the location of the model and the number of bottles stored - this will give an accurate idea of ​​the size. In some cases, to save space, it makes sense to purchase an integrated option.
  • For beginner wine collectors, it does not make sense to buy a multi-zone model with a very large capacity. It is better to purchase a small cabinet for 8-12-16 bottles, using which it will become clear whether you need a more capacious model.
  • As a rule, multi-temperature models are taken if wine is often planned to be served (for example, in restaurants), and mono-temperature options are used for long-term storage in collections.


Aristarchov Denis, 37 years old: After studying the offers in the online store, I decided to order the Vestfrost WFG 45 - these are 45 bottles and two temperature zones. The cabinet has electronic control and a drip defrosting system. Delivery from Moscow to St. Petersburg took three days, and overall I am very pleased with the purchase (especially since I bought it at a sale with a good discount).
Ibragimova Snezhana, 41 years: Together with her husband, they selected a suitable model for several months (he is a passionate collector), but in the end they turned to a company that makes custom-made wine racks. In fact, it turns out more expensive than the factory model (according to my estimates - by 40-50%), but in the end there will be an exclusive option that takes into account your wishes for the temperature regime and decoration materials.
Valiullin Marcel, 34 years: I chose on the Internet, therefore I was guided by the specified characteristics, photo of the model and additional questions by mail. Sellers responded quickly to the "electronic", so the selection process did not drag out. I had Caso WineSafe 75 - at first I was worried that the compressor would make a lot of noise, but quickly became convinced that this was not so.
Belyaev Ivan, 44 years: Having selected for myself 2-3 suitable options, I went to a company selling refrigeration equipment, and already together with the sellers I looked at the place. When it is possible to twist and touch, imagining how to use all this, the choice will be more conscious. As a result, I have a built-in Liebherr WKEgb 582 for 18 bottles, and I am very pleased with it.

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