How to cook a rabbit tasty

How to cook a rabbit tasty? How to choose this great dietary meat? How to harmoniously season it with optimal spices that emphasize the delicate taste? You will find answers to all these questions in our article .-

First, let's talk about choosing meat. Be sure to consider the fact that the most useful and delicious will be light, pale pink, fresh meat of a young animal (3 - 5 months). Often the body weight of a young rabbit does not exceed 1.5 kg. Such a carcass will cost a little more than the meat of an old animal, but the benefits and amazing taste of meat are definitely worth these costs! -

If the carcass that you are offered weighs more than 2 kg, you can immediately draw a conclusion regarding the age of the animal .-

When buying meat “on hand” in the markets, remember that each private trader has the right to trade meat only if he has a certificate of quality for the product. Note that rabbit meat is usually safe, because this animal is not a carrier of dangerous diseases.

But still it is preferable to purchase a carcass in a store. It will be great if you choose meat in a special vacuum packaging containing the inscription "environmentally friendly product". Thanks to this package, you can check whether the meat was frozen. Fresh carcass has a delicate color, and in the vacuum there is no blood and liquid .-

What utensils are needed for cooking?

Once you have purchased good, fresh meat, check to see if you have everything you need to prepare your meal? We will deal with dishes that you may need. If you decide to bake meat, for baking there is nothing better than a chicken or the usual form for these purposes. If you want to fry or stew a rabbit, take a stewpan, a cauldron or a frying pan with thick walls. It is best to cook meat in an ordinary pan, enameled or steel.

Time for preparing

Before buying a carcass, you should definitely consider that cooking a rabbit is not a quick procedure. The final calculation of the time frame should be done only after you have decided on the method of preparation. So, fry until small crisp small pieces easily for half an hour. You can put out the rabbit in an hour. The same amount will be needed for baking meat .-

Most of the time spent by housewives on the process of preparing the main ingredient. The rabbit must be soaked after you wash it and cut it. Usually it takes at least 3 hours to soak. If the carcass weighs more than three kg, it should be soaked for at least 5 hours. Soaking allows you to achieve the softness of the meat and relieves it of the characteristic smell and taste of game.

Useful advice: the rabbit will be tastier if you pickle it after soaking it .-

A little about spices

The rabbit must be cooked with carefully selected spices that will help reveal the taste of meat. But in comparison with other types of meat, when cooking a rabbit, you need to know exactly which seasonings to use so as not to overshadow the basic notes of taste.

During cooking or at the pickling stage, the main ingredient should “make friends” with pepper, bay leaf, garlic and onions. If you like finer notes, add a pinch of oregano, basil, thyme or coriander to the marinade. Many gourmets value rabbit meat pickled in spicy cinnamon, cloves or lemon.

We cut the rabbit -

In most stores, there is already a gutted carcass, and therefore you can only defrost it (if necessary), rinse thoroughly and cut into pieces. Start cutting the carcass, separating the front, hind legs and shoulder blades. It is easy to separate the ribs with a sharp knife. The only part with which you will have to “torment” a little is the spine. Use for this a special kitchen hatchet .-

We pickle meat

After cutting the rabbit carcass into pieces, rinse them thoroughly and soak them in clean water, changing the liquid once an hour. Next, go to the pickling .-
Wine (white is best), wine vinegar, olive oil, cream, milk whey or sour cream with spices to taste are perfect for marinade. Chefs advise housewives to be careful with vinegar marinade. Using vinegar to marry a rabbit can make the meat of a young animal stiff.

So, choosing wine vinegar as a marinade, put the carcass or slices in a container of water and add two to three tablespoons of vinegar. If the carcass is marinated in its entirety, leave it in a container for three hours. If you pickle slices, pickle time should be reduced to 1.5 hours. After pickling, rinse the meat under running water and dry it with a kitchen towel. Note that it is not necessary to soak the rabbit before marinating in wine vinegar.

White wine is a wonderful marinade, which can simultaneously act as a spice. In order to marinate the carcass, fill the rabbit with wine so that it is completely covered with liquid. If desired, add cognac to the wine. Soaking meat in this case is also not required, as well as washing. It remains only to salt, pepper and cook.

The use of marinade made from sour cream, cream or olive oil necessarily requires pre-soaking the pickled product. Preparing the marinade is simple: take any of the above ingredients in a small amount, add spices and salt to taste, then rub the rabbit meat with the marinade .-

How to cook a rabbit tasty: the best recipes

  • A rabbit in sour cream is a recipe that has become a real classic. In this way, the dish is prepared in the best restaurants in the world and in ordinary kitchens, because there is nothing difficult in the recipe.

Chop the carcass into pieces and soak the rabbit in wine vinegar. Salt and pepper the meat, then fry it in a pan for about 10 - 15 minutes. While the main ingredient is fried, pass the carrots and onions. Take a deep pan, cauldron or ducklings, grease the bottom with olive oil and lay the products in layers: first a rabbit, then carrots with onions. The final layer is a large amount of sour cream. Stew the rabbit for about 40 minutes. Serve in portions, sprinkle the dish with fresh herbs before serving .-

  • If you want to cook a truly festive and royal gourmet dish, use one of the recipes for cooking a rabbit in the oven .-

Marinate the carcass in olive oil with garlic, spices and salt, then fry the rabbit slices in a pan. The next step is the stewing of the main ingredient. Pour wine into a deep saucepan, toss beans and carrots, onions, a little thyme, peeled and chopped potatoes, celery and pieces of rabbit. If you have chicken stock, it would be useful to add it to the pan.

Check if you have enough salt, then put the pan in the oven on a baking sheet and simmer for about an hour .-

  • Meat in a cauldron under cheese is another wonderful recipe that will not leave anyone indifferent. Butcher the carcass, soak it in wine vinegar. Then fry the meat in a pan, salting and seasoning it. Take a cauldron or a duckweed, and put the products there in the following order: a few drops of olive oil, chopped onion rings, meat, again a layer of onion, grated cheese, sour cream. Bake the dish in the oven for 40 minutes.
  • If you decide to fry the rabbit in a pan, then at the beginning of frying add half a glass of water to the pan in addition to oil. Close the frying pan with a lid and stew the meat for about 20 minutes, then fry the slices until a delicious golden crust and golden meat.

  • The rabbit can also be baked in a sleeve with potatoes. To do this, pre-marinate the meat in any way, then fry it a little. Peel the potatoes, chop coarsely, salt and pepper the tubers, chop the onion rings. Take the sleeve, carefully place the potatoes, onions and pieces of the rabbit in it. Try to distribute the filling evenly. The temperature should be medium. Bake on a baking sheet in the oven for about an hour, so that the potatoes have time to cook .-
  • The rabbit is easy to cook even in a slow cooker, in the "Stew" and "Baking" modes. This dish requires pieces of rabbit, onions, carrots and sour cream. Add olive oil to the multicooker bowl and fry the meat on it. Then add the grated carrots, finely chopped onions and sour cream there. Turn on the “Extinguishing” mode and cook the dish for 1.5 hours. After the specified time has passed, switch the technique to the “Baking” mode and cook the meat for another half hour. You will get a juicy dish with a delicate aroma.

You do not have to strictly follow the suggested recipes. Chefs of famous restaurants are advised to periodically experiment with marinades, sauces and other ingredients. The rabbit goes well with many products.

As a side dish, the main meat dish is perfectly cooked or baked potatoes, rice or vegetables. From drinks, preference should be given to good white wine .-

A video on how to cook a baked rabbit in the oven will help you master all the subtleties of cooking this dish.

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