Curls on long hair

To make a hairstyle from curls, it is not necessary to go to a beauty salon. Beautiful curls and curls are easy to create independently and at home. Now you will learn how to make curls on long hair with the help of various devices, which cosmetics are used for this and which curls are now in trend.

How and how to wind hair

Hair dryer with nozzle diffuser

There are special “fingers” in the nozzle for the hair dryer diffuser, with the help of which it is easy to make an excellent curly styling with a wet effect, if the hair itself curls a little.

  • Wash your hair, dry it a little with warm air.
  • Apply some styling mousse.
  • Shake your head so that the hairs are separated as much as possible from each other .-
  • Dry your hair a little with a hairdryer.
  • Next, proceed to curling your hair. Dry the strands with a diffuser, as if pressing them from the tips to the roots.
  • The hairstyle will get enough volume if you create curls upside down, as in the video.

Hair curler (electric tongs)

Curling irons come in different diameters to create large or small curls.

  • Before you wind the strands onto the curling iron, apply foam and heat-setting gel on them. Curls are done in two ways.
  • To obtain the effect of curly hair, the strands are wound on a curling iron in a horizontal manner. Each subsequent turn is wound on the previous one.
  • To obtain separate spiral curls, hold the curling iron vertically, and twist the strand so that the turns do not lie on each other, but in a spiral.
  • Separate curls with fingers greased with styling wax.
  • Fix the hairstyle with varnish.

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Hair straightener (straightener)

With an iron for smoothing hair, not only straighten hair, but also curl it in curls.

  • Apply mousse and hot styling to freshly washed strands.
  • Separate a small strand, comb it and pinch it with an iron.
  • Holding the iron horizontally, rotate it one turn. That is, one turn of the strand should be wound on the iron. Pull the iron down over the entire strand.
  • So do with all the hair. You will get styling with a large soft wave.

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How to Wind Beautiful Curls with Iron / Twist Hollywood Curls

Curlers on long hair

To wind long hair on curlers, it is better to use papillots.

  • Wash your hair, apply mousse and comb your hair.
  • Twist hair with thin strands on papillots.
  • After the hair is dry, and you remove the curlers, spray on the locks of indelible balm, apply your fingers with hair wax and separate the curls with them.
  • So you get a magnificent mop with small charming little curlers.

Curls with bobbins

It is inconvenient to completely wind very long strands onto bobbins, therefore they are used mainly for creating curls at the ends of strands.

  • Divide clean hair with mousse evenly distributed over them into small locks.
  • Twist about 2/3 of each strand onto the bobbins.
  • When you remove the bobbins, the ends of the strands will be twisted into large curls, and at the roots the hair will remain even.
  • Style them nicely and fix the hairdo with varnish.

Tip: If you wound the bobbins overnight, for convenience, carefully tie them in the tail. So they will not bother you and will not untwist until the morning.

Curls on spiral curlers

Spiral curlers will help create a playful fluffy hairstyle, and the effect will be as if you were braiding pigtails.

  • Separate clean wet hair into thin strands and wind them on spiral curlers.
  • Try to bring the curlers to the roots themselves.
  • When the hair has dried well, remove the curlers and comb the curls with your fingers, smeared with wax.


What tools are used to create curls-

To make each curl look chic, the locks should be shiny and “alive”. To do this, apply permanent wash balms before curling, which give shine to curls, and after that use wax, which needs to be slightly greased on the palms and walk along the hair. Wax gives hair shine and makes it more vibrant. But be careful with the use of this tool, excess wax can make hair oily .-

To create a lush hairstyle and elastic curls, foams and mousses are used. They also give the hairstyle a wet effect.

If it is necessary that the hairstyle maintains its shape for a long time, use varnish. Apply it from a distance of about 20 cm from the head so that the locks do not stick together.

What are the curls-

Hollywood smooth curls

This is a feminine and romantic hairstyle. Large vertical curls, curled in the outer side or in the direction "from the face" are considered Hollywood. They should have a natural look, which is achieved using plates of different diameters. The main curls curl with a large curling iron, and only a few strands make small ones. Just like Salma Hayek did it.

Do not forget to raise the roots before curling - the top must necessarily look voluminous.

Tip: if you do such a hairstyle, then twist the strand onto the curling iron, do not press it with a clip so that then there are no creases on the curl.

Curls at the ends of the hair

Very fashionable hairstyle recently. Her hair seems heavy and "rich." When making curls at the tips, do not forget to first add volume to the hair at the roots with a hairdryer. A fan of this hairstyle is Kate Middleton.

Wavy curls

A simple option to achieve the effect of wavy curls is to use a "corrugation" curling iron. If there is none, the usual one will do.

  • Separate a thin strand of hair and insert it into the curling iron so that the fixing part of the curling iron is at the bottom of the strand and the round is at the top.
  • Clamp the tongs and wait 10-15 seconds. It turned out one wave.
  • Make such waves all over the strand from top to bottom and repeat the same with other strands. Get a hairstyle, like Madonna.

Small curls

Small mischievous curls will make the image easier and more relaxed. They are obtained using spiral curlers or thin curling irons. Wound strands should also be thin. After the curls are ready, sprinkle them with varnish and comb through your fingers, a comb is not needed here. Spread the wax on the palm of your hand and apply it on the strands with compressive movements from the ends to the roots. This is how such a hairstyle adorns Sarah Jessica Parker.

Big curls

Large curls on long hair look best at the ends of strands or in hairstyles. This hairstyle is also beautiful for thick hair. Curls are made using a large curling iron or bobbins.

Natural curls

With such curls your style will be impeccable. To make the curls look more natural, do not twist the strands strongly, let them be slightly curled. The waving will have a more natural look if you use curling irons or curlers of different diameters. Separate strands, too, not the same, but slightly different in thickness. Of such curls is the hairstyle of Julia Roberts .-

Fashionable curls 2017

The fashion trend of 2019 is simple volumetric curls. In everyday life, they are simply curled in large waves, with the help of mousse or foam they add volume and comb through the fingers. Evening hairstyles for long hair should be more refined and unusual. For example, decorate wavy curls with a beautiful accessory or collect curls in a fashionable hairstyle.

Hairstyles from curls

  • A simple and elegant option - curls collected in a tail.
  • If you need a romantic look - curl small curls on thin strands, and with the help of hairpins, collect hair from the temples so that they lay down with a magnificent shock on the back of the head.
  • The hairstyle looks original if the ends of all the hair are curled with one curl on a large curling iron and put this only curl on the shoulder.
  • The pile of chic small curls will be bewitching if you put all of them on one side and fix the hairdo with varnish.

What curls to choose

What could be more chic than a thick pile of long curled strands? For each specific case, their own curls are selected. The main thing to consider while doing this is:

  • Do not get carried away with thick small curls on a short and medium length “haircut” haircut - you risk getting the shape of a ball.
  • If the hair is long, but sparse or thin - take care first to give it maximum volume at the roots, otherwise the "chic" curls will look unnatural.
  • A lush pile of curls will adorn tall girls, while more miniature women should be more accurate using a large number of curls.
  • Remember - after curling hair becomes much shorter, consider this when planning a hairstyle .-

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How to care for long hair

To make long hair look beautiful, first of all it must be well-groomed. To do this, twice a week, make nutritious masks from olive oil, avocado oil and egg yolk. Do not abuse the means for volume and fixation and do not forget about the protective gels during thermal styling. The result of your hair care will be noticed not only by you, but also by those around you.

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Hairstyle from voluminous curls. Cute & easy updo parikmaxer tv hairdresser tv

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