DIY newspaper basket

Sometimes different types of needlework are combined in one product. A white basket of newspaper tubes decorated with decoupage technique is a great example of this combination. Here is a step-by-step instruction for its manufacture.

To weave a basket you will need:

  • newspaper tubes - workpieces - 39 pieces
  • plastic strip for a pen 0.5 meters
  • PVA glue
  • clothespins
  • piece of soft wire
  • scissors
  • soft brush number 5
  • patterned paper napkins

8 blanks are laid out in pairs and intertwined in the form of a square among themselves. Next, an additional working tube, folded in half, intertwines a square - bottom.

The working ends are extended, and the weaving continues in the second round.

On the third row, the bottom ducts are bent, parted from the beams and braided individually in a vertical position. So they turn into basket racks.

The walls are braided with simple binding in 4 rows, then the racks are tilted and weaving creates an expansion of the internal volume of the product.

The tilt is performed in 5 rows, then the racks are again placed in a strictly vertical position and pass three more rows. The ends of the workpieces break off and stick, fastening them with a clothespin.

Finish the execution of stenochki by folding the racks for each other, leaving two untouched - to perform the handle. The top is coated with a thick layer of glue and after drying, all excess tips are removed.

The racks left for the handle are connected to each other with an additional blank. For greater strength, a plastic strip is added to them, in this case it is made of two clamps, at the connection point the structure is fastened with a soft wire. The pen is smeared with glue and rewound tightly with the remaining newspaper blanks.

At the base of the handle fastening is done with a beautiful binding in three tubes. The entire handle is covered with a layer of glue and left to dry completely.

The basket is painted with white acrylic paint in several layers.

Patterns and flowers are cut from paper napkins and applied to the internal and external walls of the product with glue. Above the patterns are covered with a thin layer of glue, this procedure is performed with a soft brush.

The final stage is the coating with a colorless varnish - impregnation on an acrylic basis.

This is a great decoration for your home. You may have already made such baskets with your own hands before. If not, then see a step-by-step master class on how to weave newspaper tubes for beginners. Write about it in the comments.

Watch the video: How To Construct a Lovely Newspaper Basket - DIY Home Tutorial - Guidecentral (March 2020).