DIY flower pot: weaving with photos

If you decide to update the flowerpots and free up some space in the room, make a flower pot from journal and newspaper tubes. A detailed workshop with a photo will help you realize the idea.

To weave a hanging planter under the flowers you will need:

  • magazine tubes - 55 pieces
  • newspaper tubes - 18 pieces
  • PVA glue
  • scissors
  • clothes pegs
  • plastic bottle cap
  • two wooden beads
  • rawhide rope - 3 meters
  • dark plastic bottle

To create the bottom, 12 magazine sticks are taken, laid out in bundles of three pieces and intertwined in the form of a square among themselves.

Next, a working magazine stick, bent in half, enters the process. It is braided by an eight on bundles of racks and continues weaving in a circle.

The working ends of the tubes are constantly growing. The bottom is made in 4 rows, each stand in this row is braided separately.

To go to weaving the walls of the pots, racks are bent, and work is carried out in an upright position.

Dense rows are woven in 14 rows, the ends are broken off and glued with PVA glue .-

Six racks are left intact, the rest are trimmed and glued into the product, securing with clothespins.

From soft newspaper sticks, rings are twisted with a plastic cover and well lubricated with glue. A total of 9 rings will be required.

Rings are again twisted from these tubes, but without the participation of a plastic cap, then the curl is slightly released and the winding is weakened.

The blank is given the desired shape in the form of a triangle and glued together. There are 4 triangles for this model.

According to the same principle, curls are made in the form of leaves, they also need 4 pieces.

The rings are attached to the upper part of the walls of the product using the left racks. Triangles and leaflets are glued between the rings.

The whole structure is treated with PVA glue and left to dry.

Rawhide is cut into three identical parts, each of which is threaded through the walls of the cache-pot and under the bottom of the product is connected by a strong knot.

The ends that come out at the top of the pots are also tied in a knot, a ring twisted from paper is tied to the end of each rope. The lower ends of the rope are decorated with wooden beads.

The finished product is covered with aqua varnish in the color of oak. This treatment protects the pot from moisture and gives it extra strength.

In addition to this model, there are other planters of paper tubes. Video tutorials and master classes on how to weave newspaper tubes for beginners will help you learn. Do you have ideas for creating other “flower houses” with your own hands? Share them in the comments.

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