Do-it-yourself floor vase: a master class on how to make

Large vases always adorn the interior of the room, and if they are connected by magazine tubes - this gives them originality. It is not difficult to make such an element of decor, use this master class with a photo.

To make a large floor vase, you will need:

  • magazine tubes - 327 pieces
  • PVA glue
  • scissors

The creation of the bottom begins with a delicate connection of eight pairs of magazine tubes with each other in a square. This work resembles chintz weaving.

Next, a working tube is taken, bent in half, braided around a chintz base. The ends are constantly growing.

The bottom is made in 7 rows of simple weaving, the strips are gradually bred one at a time.

Turning to the creation of side walls, the stripes are bent and braided vertically.

Working on the walls, the racks each time tilt and expand the space of the future product.

As a result, during operation, they must be held at an angle to the level of 22 rows.

At the twenty-third level, the racks are straightened, kept strictly upright for seven rows.

Then they smoothly bend, and weaving is carried inward. After passing several rows, the work stops, the workpiece is varnished - impregnated with teak.

After complete drying, weaving continues, tilting inward.

When the diameter of the product reaches the size of the bottom, the racks straighten and weave vertically.

Here, production stops again, the product is again varnished, since at the end of work it will become impossible to paint the vase inside.

Weaving at this stage is carried out in pairs, the height of the narrow neck of the vase is 32 rows.

Turning to wide fields, the racks are bent, parted to the sides and weaved separately.

Field expansion continues over 12 rows.

Then the paper tubes are bent down, a side is made in 2-3 rows. It is more convenient to work on it when the workpiece is turned upside down.

The work is closed by weaving strips for each other, the free ends of which are exposed.

The whole structure is coated with PVA glue, and after drying, excess ends are cut off.

Ready-made floor decorative vase from newspaper tubes is covered with the same varnish several times.

The scheme for creating such a large vase can be used for other vessels of different sizes. If you liked this workshop, leave your review in the comments or share your own ideas for making things from magazine tubes.

Watch the video: Напольная большая ваза. Как сделать вазу своими руками. DIY floor vase (March 2020).