Short hair styling: how to make at home

Shortened hairstyles are very convenient, because they do not need such constant and diligent care as long hair. But many women, having done a short haircut, begin to regret it, thinking that they were in a hurry with their choice and would be forced to constantly go with a monotonous haircut. In fact, styling for short hair gives a huge scope for imagination. And the length of the strands does not reduce the choice at all, but helps to show their originality.

Stylish short hair styling ideas for women

Having made a short haircut, many girls choose one hairstyle for her and do not change her for many years. Monotony is boring. But, if you do not plan to change the haircut, try changing your image using different styling. Thanks to modern means for fixing, hairstyles with short strands can change many times. Waxes, varnishes, gels, foams, mousses have a lot of properties to fix the hair, give it shine, volume, straighten or curl locks in curls. Let's look at the popular options for stylish styling for short-cropped girls.

Easy everyday options

Here are simple ways to quickly style your short hair at home:

  • Plain. For haircuts cascade or in the style of a bob, with a hairdryer, a round comb, slightly dry the hair and with wax, we select individual strands and bangs. We twist them with brashing or pull them in the right direction.
  • Volumetric styling for short hair. Performed with foam for styling hairstyles. First you need to blow dry a hairdryer, twist the curls from the roots to the ends with a circular comb. Fix each strand with varnish.
  • Curls. We wind small strands with a curling iron (working width up to 1 cm). In the end, you can stab them with hair clips.
  • "Fashion mess." If you have a very short haircut, then grease the strands with gel or wax and ruffle them in a chaotic manner.

Original styling curly hair

With short curls, you can come up with many styling options:

  • In retro style. Suitable for girls with short wavy curls. Hairstyles that use vintage jewelry of the 20s and 60s, for example, styling with a rim from fabric or an openwork ribbon, will look creative and original. To get a retro wave in your hairstyle, use a nail polish for easy fixation, a comb with teeth, metal clips. Using a comb, create waves, fix them with clamps, apply varnish. When the curls are dry, remove the clips.
  • Playful curls. To get beautiful curls at home, apply a little mousse to wet curls and gently ruffle the hairdryer nozzle (diffuser).
  • Curly mohawk. For courageous girls who want to express themselves and wear a bob or bob haircut, a mohawk styling is suitable. To do this, you need a strong fixation gel, varnish, comb, hair dryer. Dress the strands with gel and, tilting your head down, do a comb in the direction from the top of the head. Dry your almost finished hairstyle with a hairdryer and fix with varnish.

Styling short hair with bangs on the side

A fringe combed obliquely fits all the girls, regardless of the shape of the face. It not only helps to create a unique spectacular image, but also removes or smooths out imperfections. Modern styling with bangs on the side can make the face too round oval, square - round, narrow - slightly expand. There are many options for bangs, they vary depending on the shape of the face and type of hair. The main types of bangs on the side are as follows:

  • long, the line of its cut can reach the level of the cheekbones or chin;
  • oblique, formed at an angle;
  • short, cut at an angle length to the level of the eyebrows;
  • torn when the edges of the cut are processed with special scissors for thinning.

Festive bulk styling

To create a festive styling, a pile is used. It fits any type of hair, lifts even very soft and thin strands. If you have a short haircut, then combing the hair on the back of your head, you will get a fashionable, voluminous and modern hairstyle. It is important when creating this styling to adhere to measures, to perform all actions correctly so as not to harm the hair.

There are two types of fleece:

  • Usual. Each lock is whipped along its entire length.
  • Easy (dull). A strand is combed from the inside.

When creating a fluffy styling, follow these recommendations:

  • Hairstyle is done on clean, slightly moistened hair.
  • For stability hairstyles, use styling products.
  • Dry your hair with a round brush of medium diameter, moving from the roots of the strands to the ends.
  • To create slight negligence, when drying your hair, slightly tilt your head, do combing in different directions.
  • The hairstyle will be voluminous on the second day, if you spray dry shampoo on the roots of the hair to remove their greasy.
  • To create a natural effect, use a root pile.

Execution Technology:

  1. Apply foam to wet hair.
  2. Comb the strand, pulling as far as possible, slightly blow dry with a hairdryer.
  3. Do combing in a circle with a comb.
  4. Spray each individual strand with a strong hold varnish.

Wet night party

Short hair styling with a wet effect is popular for evening walks. But to make such a hairstyle is not easy, the main thing is not to overdo it and not turn the locks into greasy unwashed hair. You need to start creating a wet effect for a short haircut immediately after washing your hair while the strands are still wet. Sequencing:

  • Head with wet not combed hair, tilt to the bottom.
  • Squeeze out a little gel on the palm of your hand, rub it with your hands and apply in massaging movements on the strands.
  • Raise your head, parting.
  • Take a small comb, lay the strands on opposite sides of it.

Long hair styling

Carving for short hair helps create a stylish hairstyle that does not need to be styled daily. Long-term styling for short hair is a light perm, which, in contrast to the usual wave, does less harm to the strands. Despite this, some women are not recommended to do carving. Let's see who stylists do not risk doing such a curl:

  • Owners of weak, brittle, damaged strands, prone to loss.
  • Long-term styling on very short hair (less than 10 cm) is not suitable.
  • Pregnant girls, breastfeeding mothers.

The carving procedure is like a perm:

  • First, a liquid substance is applied to clean locks, which acts on disulfide bonds (responsible for the shape of the hair), making them weak.
  • Then make styling, the features of which are pre-negotiated with the client.
  • After the procedure, the master processes the curls with a neutralizer, which fixes their new shape.

Not all women have the opportunity to visit a hairdresser daily and pay a lot of money for a hairstyle. But after all, it is not difficult to make a hairstyle itself, and hairdressing education is not necessary here. It is only necessary to have a desire, to love yourself, your hair, to present the image that you would like. And most importantly, there should be inspiration. Having it, you will not need a hairdresser, becoming a master for yourself. To determine the style of hairstyle, check out a couple of step-by-step videos of styling master classes that are easy to do at home.

How to make a haircut styling at home

It is widely believed that there are very few interesting hairstyles with short hair, so girls are envious of the owners of long strands. They say that the shorter the hair, the more difficult it is to style it, and there is neither desire nor imagination to invent and improvise. But, even with a short square, you can change your image daily. Watch a short video review on creating at home a few simple styling applicable to such a haircut.

How to style an asymmetric haircut with a hairdryer and an iron

An essential role in the design of an asymmetric hairstyle is played by everyday styling. It is not complicated at all, it does not require much time, but without it, any haircut will look ordinary, not attractive. How to style your hair in the style of "pixie", see the video clip below. Your attention will be presented with a "tousled" version of styling with a hairdryer and wax, and an everyday smooth way of hairstyle with the help of ironing.

Photo of beautiful short hair styling

A short female haircut is relevant at any time, and this season is at the top of popularity. With her help, the girl’s face becomes more open, interesting. And the variety of options for such hairstyles allows you to choose your own individual, unique image, emphasizing the beauty of facial features. Styling for hairstyles for short hair can be very different: simple, voluminous, strict, using bangs, combed, smooth. See photos of the brightest ideas of 2019.