Massager for abdomen for weight loss at home

Thanks to technological progress, the number of devices that help form a beautiful figure and maintain it is growing. One of the popular options is a massager for the waist and abdomen, which effectively reduces the manifestations of excess weight. This type of device can be manual and automatic. The latter option is due to vibration, microcurrents or vacuum. You can order a suitable model today in a specialized online store with mail delivery.

What is a slimming tummy massager

A popular way to lose weight is to massage the abdomen with a massager, which is a compact device with different intensity of exposure. When performing the massage, the skin itself and the fiber located under them are worked out. Thanks to this, the result is already visible soon. To maintain a slender silhouette, massage must be done in courses - it is expensive for professionals to do this, therefore, special devices have become widespread.

The simplest option is a manual model that needs to be driven around problem areas with relatively little effort. Other devices have a more complex device - they differ in design and method of exposure. For example, there is an option that absorbs the skin through a vacuum. Using these models, you can achieve greater performance, but they are expensive.


To use the massager to lose weight, you do not need to have special skills, which distinguishes this device from other devices for weight loss. In this case, some models can be used not only for silhouette correction, but also for medical purposes, for example, for pain in the lumbar region. The benefits of using a massager are:

  • improving blood circulation;
  • lymphatic drainage effect;
  • activation of metabolism;
  • bringing muscles to tone;
  • the withdrawal of excess intercellular fluid;
  • improving skin elasticity;
  • cellulite reduction;
  • relieving muscle pain;
  • the effect of rejuvenating the body as a whole.

In addition, this device will help break down adipose tissue in the treated area, rid the body of decay products and remove swelling due to a decrease in intercellular fluid. Remember that to lose weight, using only a massager for the press, you will not succeed. In parallel with this, you need to draw up a proper diet and join in an active pastime. Benefits for selected areas:

  • For the whole body. The use of massagers has a certain effect on the body as a whole. They not only correct the contours, but also partially affect the internal organs and systems of the body.
  • Against cellulite. A manual or automatic device for performing massage also affects cellulite by improving the circulation of lymph and blood in problem areas, accelerating metabolism. Due to this, cells that have strayed into nodes are separated, and some of them are absorbed.
  • For the stomach. The stored fat is often concentrated in the abdomen. If you just swing the press, then the stomach can become even more voluminous. A special massager for abdomen for weight loss enhances blood circulation and metabolism. The effect of training the press and burning calories will be more from the vibration model, microcirculation enhancement - from the vacuum, and fluid withdrawal - from the sauna massager.


Not everyone can use massagers for the abdomen and sides. There is a certain list of conditions and diseases that make its use extremely undesirable, and in some cases even harmful. For example, a massage course will have to be interrupted for a period of inflammatory and infectious diseases. Using the device is not recommended for the following categories of people:

  • Pregnant women. Vacuum models and thermal devices have a particularly adverse effect.
  • Hypertensive patients. They are extremely undesirable to use models that heat the body.
  • People with diseases of the vascular system and heart.
  • Patients who suffer from ailments of the kidneys and other abdominal organs, cancer, metabolic failures, pathologies of connective tissues - they should definitely consult with a knowledgeable specialist.


Manufacturers offer a choice of a wide range of massage devices, so dozens of different models can be found on sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country. The range extends from simple mechanical devices to electrical models with great functionality. Some devices are optimal for home use, others are suitable for use in specialized salons. All models can be divided into manual and electric. According to the principle of action, there are:

  • simple massagers in the form of mittens or brushes;
  • needle and finger;
  • roller (manual, magnetic);
  • vacuum;
  • thermal;
  • vibrating.

Abdominal vibro massager

To reduce the fat in the abdomen, take a closer look at the vibrating device. This device sends impulses to the muscles, which provoke them to contract. As a result, fat is burned, not all over the body, but on the problem area where the massager was used. Often vibration devices are produced in the form of belts, which makes their operation more convenient, because hands remain free during the massage procedure.

Another well-known option for vibrating devices is a butterfly model. In most cases, it is used to lose belly. The effectiveness of such a muscle stimulator is ambiguous, because with a large amount of fat, it will be ineffective. The model of the type "butterfly" is optimal for those who just want to tighten a sagging stomach and for those who combine the use of a device with physical activity and proper nutrition.


In the form of tapes (as well as brushes on a long handle), needle and finger devices are often produced to massage the abdomen and other parts of the body. Their surface has a pimpled or needle structure. With their help, you can correct the figure in the presence of small deposits of fat. In addition, they are great for updating the skin, because their surface is able to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. The tape massager helps to activate the blood supply to the treated area. In tandem with a device of this type, peels and scrubs work perfectly.

The needle tape massager functions according to the principle of reflex action. During the session, it can cause discomfort. Tape vibratory massager has gained great popularity, which helps to increase the speed of metabolic processes, remove excess water, improve the condition and appearance of the skin. This tape massager will help restore elasticity to the skin of the abdomen if it begins to sag during weight loss.

Electric massager

The difference between electric models and mechanical ones is that they work on their own. At the same time, some devices operate from built-in batteries, while others - from the mains. This category is represented by several different massagers. For example, the same vibrational option is electric. There is also a thermal device that can create a "sauna effect." Due to this, metabolic processes are activated, and the fat layer begins to gradually burn out under the influence of heat.

Among electrical models, vacuum devices are separately distinguished, aimed at improving blood circulation. The vacuum is formed due to the cone, which is located on the roller. After applying the massager to the problem area, the subcutaneous tissue begins to be drawn inward, which destroys the fat cells. The device is equipped with a “suction” power regulator. In this case, there is a possibility of proliferation of "spider veins" and the appearance of hematomas.


Such a device has the form of needle or ribbed rollers (rollers) with nozzles, spikes or pimples. The device is relatively inexpensive. If you constantly work with him, then the result can be seen after a short period of time. If you press lightly with such a device, the result will decrease significantly. The roller model cannot be used for varicose veins.


Needle structures have gained some distribution. Some models are highly effective for relieving pain in muscles, joints, normalizing the activity of the nervous system, increasing vitality, etc. The mechanism of the therapeutic effect of needle applicators consists in acting on active points. The therapeutic result is achieved by pressure on the points on the principle of acupressure and acupuncture. Some models are presented in the form of a needle magnetic roller.

Review of effective massagers

On sale today there are dozens of models of devices that help in the fight against excess fat in the abdomen, hips. If you choose a program of physical exercises, then make the figure slimmer will turn out faster. One of the most popular massager is Optifit Aldia MG-37. This innovative development allows you to remove extra centimeters from problem areas in the waist and hips areas without exhausting training. The stylish appearance of the device will fit into any interior. The glass base and the chrome stand are perfectly combined with each other:

  • Cost: 15700 r.
  • Product specifications: 8 massage belts (made of durable hypoallergenic fabric) - with handles, crosswise, relaxing ribbons, ball, turbo-roller, needle "1000 fingers", cone, reel, speeds - 6, programs - 5, platform made of hardened glass, can withstand weight up to 120 kg, motor power - 100 W, voltage - 220 V, dimensions - 710x425x1090 mm, weight - 20 kg.
  • Pros: there is a blue backlight, an LCD display with calories / time / speed, anti-slip coating, a 20-minute workout can replace 200 bounces / 50 squats / 100 thigh muscles, great for home use;
  • Cons: the stand is not adjustable in height, it is expensive.

Another great vibratory massager that improves lymph flow and blood circulation is Clear Fit Top Beauty CF 135 T. This modern model is suitable for strengthening not only the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, but also the arms, legs, back. It has a positive therapeutic effect in many areas, because massage resumes and stimulates all those processes in the body that are disturbed by the sedentary lifestyle. The model helps to warm up the body and improves well-being. It operates in 20 intensity modes:

  • Cost: 18990 r.;
  • Characteristics: power - 135 W, voltage - 220 V, load levels - 20, programs - 5, user weight - up to 120 kg, massage tapes (made of durable and anti-allergenic fabric) - 8 (turbo roller, bump, reel, ball, needle, crosswise, with handles, relaxing tapes), display type - LCD, backlight - blue, tempered glass stand, case made of shockproof ABS plastic, dimensions - 710x390x850 mm, rack adjustment range - 850-1000 mm, weight - 21 kg;
  • Pros: the stand is adjustable in height, the presence of anti-slip coating, the display alternately displays speed / time / calories, there is a set of keys for assembly, a vibration-resistant stand, an automatic timer informing about the end of the training;
  • Cons: high cost.

If you are looking for a cheap version of a massager for a stomach for weight loss, then for only 150 rubles you can buy a mechanical FitStudio roller device. The product is equipped with several curly massage elements on both sides and a convenient handle with finger protrusions. During the session, the device slightly captures the skin, carefully and very carefully pulling it away. This action enhances metabolic processes in hard-to-reach layers of the epidermis and ensures blood flow to problem areas. The user himself regulates both the massage time and the pressure:

  • Cost: 150 r.
  • Characteristics: colors - pink and white, material - plastic, weight - 110 g, dimensions - 13.5x10 cm, width of massage elements - 5 cm.
  • Pros: recesses for fingers, firmly held in the palm of your hand, non-slip, compact, lightweight, low cost.
  • Cons: affects only the upper layers of the epidermis, requires effort during massage.

If you are interested in buying a needle massager for weight loss, then pay attention to Tetrabol. This model was developed using theories of Chinese medicine. The device is made of medical plastic, which is an environmentally friendly material that does not cause hypoallergenic reactions. It consists of two pairs of bubble balls, each of which can be removed if necessary. With the help of "Tetrabol" it is possible to carry out both anti-cellulite and general massage:

  • Cost: 644 p.
  • Characteristics: dimensions - 19.5x13.5x9 cm, 4 needle balls, pen, material - plastic, color - blue / red / green.
  • Pros: convenient and easy to use, affordable cost.
  • Cons: if not enough pressure, then the efficiency will significantly decrease.

How to choose

The choice of massagers to reduce the layer of fat on the stomach is large, therefore, before you buy the device you are interested in, decide what effect you want to get. Each model helps in losing weight, but one of the areas of impact will be predominant. For example, heat influences blood circulation more strongly, myostimulants - on fat cells, vacuum - on cellulite. Examine the reviews, available contraindications, positive and negative sides. Consider the following selection criteria:

  • Functionality. Pay attention to the available modes of the massager for the abdomen, the number of programs and levels of intensity of exposure. Some models are equipped with a number of additional functions, for example, nozzles or infrared radiation for heating tissues - all of them contribute to weight loss.
  • Sizes, weight. If you decide to purchase a belt for weight loss, it is important that its size fits the volume of your waist. It is advisable that the device does not weigh too much. A good alternative would be a massager with a platform for legs and an adjustable stand.
  • Manufacturer. Give preference to a well-known and trusted brand. The products of such companies as Gezatone, Celluless, CkeyiN, Clear Fit, Medisana, Optifit, Tiens, Vibra Tone are very popular.
  • Cost. Multifunction devices with racks are expensive - in the range of 15-20 thousand. Moreover, they are the most effective and optimal for home use. Cheap products are represented mainly by manual models, which have to be used with some effort - it can get tired and quickly get bored.

Recommendations for use

An indispensable condition for tangible weight loss is the exercise and proper nutrition. If you are only concerned about skin that has lost its tone or a couple of extra pounds, then using a massager to correct your figure will be sufficient action. Using such a device for weight loss, be guided by several rules for its operation:

  • It is better to carry out massage sessions in the evenings, after a warming bath or shower.
  • Before using the device for weight loss, treat the skin with a scrub - this approach will help open the pores, so getting rid of extracellular fluid will be faster.
  • Doing a massage to lose belly should not be earlier than an hour before the intended meal or two hours after the meal.
  • To get a visible result, it is advisable to use a massager for about 15 minutes a day. For myostimulants, the time is increased to 30 minutes.


When buying, carry out a kind of price monitoring so that after a careful study of several models, choose the most profitable option. The table will help you with this:

Device name

Cost in rubles

Larsen shape


OptiFit Aldia MG-37


OptiFit Lavita MG-47


Clear Fit Top Beauty CF 135 T


Health Gezatone m142


OptiFit Villa MG-57


Clear Fit Extra Beauty CF 135 E


Clear Fit Power Beauty CF 135 P


US Medica Bikini


Free M MK-207


Sanitas sem30




Slimming Belt MH-101B


Vibra Tone Bradex KZ0061


Body Sculptor Gezatone AMG114


Vibro shape


CelluShock ULTRA AMG112 Gezatone


Vupiesse tua you


Sauna belt


Abdominal M11 Gezatone


Gezatone iShape m175


Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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