Karsil for liver repair - drug instruction

With liver diseases (cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty hepatosis), protection of the cells of the organ (hepatocytes) from destruction is required. For this, a person is prescribed special drugs-hepatoprotectors. They help stop the fatty degeneration of cells, the proliferation of connective tissues and the violation of the outflow of bile. One of the popular medicines is Carsil.

What is Carsil

The hepatoprotector Karsil for liver repair is produced by the Bulgarian company Sopharma. It contains silymarin, which is rich in flavonoids - antioxidants that neutralize the damaging effects of harmful radiation, radiation and toxins. The active substance of the drug increases the elasticity of blood vessels, neutralizes allergens, stops the inflammatory process.

Composition and form of release

Carsil for liver repair is available in the form of tablets and capsules (Forte). Their composition and differences:

Jelly beans



Rounded Brown Dragees

Light brown gelatin cylindrical capsules with yellow powder inside

The concentration of silymarin, mg per pc.


90 (equivalent to silymarin - milk thistle fruit extract dry)

Auxiliary components

Glycerin, lactose monohydrate, brown dye, wheat starch, polyethylene glycol, colidon-25, titanium dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, talc, magnesium stearate, gelatin, glucose monohydrate, gum arabic, sorbitol, sugar, sodium hydrogen carbonate, diethyl phthalphthal

Red iron oxide, lactose monohydrate, yellow iron oxide, povidone, titanium dioxide, wheat starch, black iron oxide, magnesium stearate, gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, sorbitol, sodium bicarbonate, glucose monohydrate


10 pcs. in a blister, 8 blisters per pack

Blisters for 6 pcs., 5 blisters per pack

Indications for use

In a large group of indications for the use of Karsil, toxic liver lesions are combined. The drug is used in the complex treatment of diseases such as:

  • chronic inflammatory liver diseases;
  • cirrhosis;
  • non-viral chronic hepatitis;
  • conditions after acute hepatitis;
  • alcoholic and nonalcoholic steatosis;
  • prevention of liver damage with prolonged use of alcohol or drugs;
  • chronic intoxication of the body.

Carsil's liver treatment

Carsil lipotropic agent for protecting the liver contains silymarin. It has a stabilizing effect on cell membranes, preventing harmful effects on hepatocytes and restoring affected cells. The antihepatoxic effect of the component is due to its interaction with receptors corresponding to toxins in the cell membrane. Nuances:

  1. Karsil stabilizes biomembranes, improves the function of cell structures, providing a therapeutic effect on hepatocytes.
  2. The medicine has a stimulating effect on cellular metabolism, has an antioxidant effect, and improves microcirculation. Clinically, this effect of the drug is to reduce the levels of transaminases, globulins, bilirubin.
  3. In a person taking a dragee or capsule, the condition improves, digestion normalizes, appetite improves, and body weight increases.
  4. The oral administration of Karsil promotes the intensive distribution of active substances in the body. High concentrations of silymarin are found in the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and kidneys.
  5. The active components of the drug are excreted with bile in the form of conjugates and with urine. For 24 hours after a single dose of 20 mg / kg of the drug, 35% of the initial dosage is excreted.


Dragee pills and capsules for liver restoration are taken orally. If the disease is mild and moderate, then the medicine is prescribed in a dosage of 1-2 tablets three times / day. In severe forms of the disease, the dose is doubled, the course of treatment lasts from three months. Children from five years of age are prescribed 5 mg / kg of body weight in 2-3 doses. Dragees and capsules are washed down with water. The prophylactic daily dose of dragees is 2-3 pcs.

The dosage of Karsil for liver restoration in severe lesions in adults and children over 12 years of age is 1 capsule three times / day, for lungs and moderate degrees of flow - 1 pc. 1-2 times / day. For the prevention of chemical intoxication, take 1-2 capsules / day. Special instructions for taking the medicine:

  1. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the medication is taken with caution, only on indications, under the supervision of a doctor and after assessing the benefits to the mother and the risk to the child.
  2. There is no evidence that Carsil disrupts concentration, so it can be taken while driving or operating vehicles.
  3. For 1 dragee or capsule, 0.0554 g of lactose, 0.162 g of sucrose and 0.206 g of glucose are. These data should be known to patients with lactase deficiency, galactosemia, glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome, fructose-dextrose intolerance, glucose-isomaltose deficiency.
  4. Wheat starch as part of the medicine is dangerous for people with celiac enteropathy (celiac disease).
  5. Karsil contains glycerin, which is toxic in high doses. Exceeding its dosage can cause headache, stomach irritation, diarrhea.

Side effects

The use of Karsil to restore the liver can rarely cause side effects. These include increased vestibular disorders, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, abdominal pain, alopecia, allergic reactions, itching, dyspepsia, rash. Signs disappear after cancellation. In case of an overdose of the drug, it is necessary to wash the stomach, induce vomiting, give activated carbon to the victim.

The drug is prescribed with caution in hormonal disorders (risk of the estrogen-like effect of silymarin), endometriosis, carcinoma of the mammary glands and prostate gland, uterine fibroids, and ovarian lesions. Contraindications for taking dragees and capsules:

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the composition;
  • lactase deficiency, galactosemia, malabsorption-galactose-glucose syndrome;
  • children's age: up to 12 years for capsules, and 5 years for dragees;
  • celiac disease (gluten intolerance).

Drug interaction

Instructions for the use of Karsil for liver repair does not prohibit combining it with vitamins, corticosteroids and immunosuppressants in the complex treatment of persistent hepatitis. Other drug drug interactions:

  1. Silymarin is able to reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy drugs.
  2. The active substance of the composition can enhance the effects of Diazepam, Ketoconazole, Vinblastine, Alprazolam, Lovastatin due to the inhibitory effect on the system of cytochrome isoenzymes.


Medicines are stored in a dry, dark place at temperatures up to 25 degrees for two years from the date of manufacture, dispensed without a prescription. You can buy them through the Internet or pharmacies. Approximate prices for drugs in Moscow and St. Petersburg will be:

A variety of drugs Carsil

Internet cost, rubles

Pharmacy price, rubles

Dragee 35 mg 80 pcs.



Dragee 35 mg 180 pcs.



Karsil Forte capsules 90 mg 30 pcs.



Karsila's analogs

Hepatoprotectors are intended to replace the drug, which have a similar effect on liver cells and serve to restore it. These medicines include:

  1. Hepa Merz - based on ornithine acetate. The drug is available in the form of granules for the preparation of an oral solution and ampoules for infusion. The tool improves the detoxification function of the liver.
  2. Essliver Forte - capsules containing essential phospholipids, vitamins E, group B, nicotinamide. The drug normalizes phospholipid and fat metabolism.
  3. Antral - inexpensive tablets based on the component of the same name, serve to restore the liver.
  4. Energy - contains soy fat-free and enriched phospholipids that slow down the fatty degeneration of the liver.
  5. Hepatox is an infusion concentrate based on ornithine acetate. It is administered intravenously with hepatic encephalopathy.
  6. Livolin Forte - capsules with lecithin, nicotinamide, vitamins of group B, E. Hepatoprotective agent regulates lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.
  7. Phosphogliv - as a part of natural components. This is an improved version of Essential for effective cleansing and restoration of the liver. The product fights viruses, stimulates the immune system, prevents inflammation, and acts as an antioxidant. The drug is a hepatoprojector, restores the structure of cell membranes, reduces the risk of fibrosis.
  8. Essential Forte N - capsules based on essential lipids to protect the liver and restore it after taking antibiotics.
  9. Lecithin - capsules that normalize the liver, gall bladder, lowering blood cholesterol.
  10. Orniliv - a concentrate for infusions based on ornithine, aspartate, is a lipotropic and hepatoprotective agent.
  11. Legalon - capsules and dragees based on dry extract of the fruits of milk thistle. They do not allow toxins to enter the hepatocytes.
  12. Milk thistle tablets are a natural cheap preparation containing a unique complex of flavolignans, which includes silibinin, silidianin, silicristin.
  13. Heparsil - hepatoprotective capsules based on silymarin.
  14. Hepatrin is a plant-based hepatoprotector based on milk thistle, artichoke, phospholipids. The drug has a choleretic property, reduces the risk of poisoning, protects the liver from toxins and antibiotics. Taking pills eliminates discomfort, pain. Phospholipids do not allow liver cells to break down, the artichoke regulates the secretion of bile, reduces its viscosity, and milk thistle strengthens cell membranes.
  15. Silymar - a direct analogue of Karsil, contains milk thistle. The product cleanses and restores the liver, stimulates cell regeneration, prevents membranes from breaking down, protects the organ from the effects of drugs.


Irina, 49 years old I have been taking Carsil for liver cleansing for two years. I work as a painter, so I often inhale chemically the fumes that are harmful. The drug helps me restore the liver and protect its cells from toxins. She noticed that when I took the capsules, my digestion returned to normal, I felt better, my head stopped constantly hurting.
Ivan, 58 years old. I have a long-standing liver disease, so I have to take pills. A year ago, doctors prescribed to take Carsil for liver hepatosis. These tablets are tasteless, easy to swallow and work effectively. Judging by the analyzes that I constantly pass, everything is fine with me - the body does not degenerate into fat, it works properly.
Natalia, 37 years old. My husband drank a lot, was a chronic alcoholic, but managed to cope with the addiction. He doesn’t drink anymore, but he is currently undergoing an intensive recovery course. He is currently taking Carsil capsules for liver prophylaxis. They contain a plant extract of milk thistle, which protects the organ. The husband says he is doing well.
Sergey, 24 years old I had pneumonia, which I was treated with antibiotics for a long time and persistently. In parallel with the treatment, I took Carsil capsules to protect the liver. If I didn’t do it, it would have been hard - the organ already suffered from a constant attack of antibacterial drugs. After discharge from the hospital I feel fine, the liver does not hurt.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.