A lump sum payment to pensioners from the funded part of the pension - who should

The state reform carried out in 2015 changed the procedure for payments made by employers and individuals to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (hereinafter - the RF PF). Some categories of citizens received the right to a one-time subsidy made from the funded share of the allowance. To return the money, you need to know who can qualify for payments, how to properly apply, where to go with the application. Familiarize yourself with the conditions put forward by the RF PF to applicants for subsidized one-time deductions.

What is funded pension

To understand what resources form a lump sum payment to pensioners from the funded part of the pension (hereinafter referred to as NPP), it is necessary to present the principles by which contributions to the RF PF are divided. If a person is officially employed, then the employer is obliged to make monthly pension contributions at a rate of 22% of employee earnings. They are divided as follows: 6% goes to the formation of fixed surcharges for pension benefits (the so-called joint rate), the remaining contributions of 16% go to accounts intended for insurance and funded subsidies.

You can choose between deductions for savings and contributions that form insurance subsidies. If a Russian prefers the first option, then 6% of the amount paid by the employer goes to the funded part of the pension. The remaining 10% is for insurance subsidies. Since 2016, in connection with the economic crisis, the state has introduced a moratorium on funded contributions. Renewals of these contributions are not forecasted until 2020. To stabilize the economic situation, all funds transferred by the employer are transferred to the insurance part of the pension.

A Russian can create savings by choosing between state and non-state pension funds (hereinafter - NPFs). Upon reaching a certain age or in the event of other circumstances stipulated by law, a lump-sum payment of pension savings becomes available. Contributions can be paid on a voluntary basis, individually, having agreed with the employer an additional percentage of the accrued wages deducted to the RF PF or NPF.

Legal regulation

All types of accumulative pension subsidies that a citizen of the Russian Federation can receive upon completion of labor activity are stipulated by the Federal Law of November 30, 2011 No. 360-FZ "On the Procedure for Financing Payments from Pension Savings Funds". Only individuals can meet the requirements of the Federal Law of December 15, 2001 No. 167-ФЗ "On Compulsory Pension Insurance in the Russian Federation", who have a special personal account in the RF PF and are citizens of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Russian Federation).

The list and schedule of payments due to the citizen from the accumulated contributions deposited in a special account is established by Federal Law dated 28.12.2013 No. 424-ФЗ "On funded pension". The possibility of deductions to an investment non-state pension fund is stipulated by the Federal Law of 05.07.1998 No. 75-FZ "On Non-State Pension Funds". State funding of pensions is established on the basis of the Federal Law of April 30, 2008. No. 56-ФЗ "On additional insurance contributions for funded pension and state support for the formation of pension savings."

What are the benefits for retirement from the funded part

The legislation establishes several types of subsidies that are issued from the funded part of pension contributions paid for preservation and increase to a state or non-state pension fund. These include:

  • One-time deductions due to non-working citizens who meet the conditions established by state regulatory documents. All accumulated money is issued in one payment.
  • Urgent grants made monthly. The pensioner independently determines the period during which the money will be transferred from the funded part of the allowance. Based on the duration of the deduction period, the size of the amount paid monthly is formed.
  • Perpetual surcharges. They are transferred to the personal account of a pensioner every 30 days throughout his life.
  • Payments to the successors of a deceased pensioner. Money is given to the heirs of the deceased upon presentation of documents proving the prerogative of receiving subsidies.

Who can receive the funded part of the pension at a time

The law on lump-sum payment to pensioners stipulates that citizens who have finances accumulated in an account intended for the funded part of pension subsidies can freely use this money. The following categories of Russians can pick up finances, having received an increase in their pension:

  • Insured in the PF of the Russian Federation, aged 51 years (born in 1967 (hereinafter - born)) and younger, who consciously made a choice in favor of forming part of the pension related to funded;
  • men 65-50 years old (born 1953-1966), women 61-52 years old (born 1957-1966), subject to official employment in the period 2002-2004;
  • making voluntary payments within the framework of programs regulated by state funding of pensions, in the part related to savings;
  • women who wish to send funds received under the certificate of maternity capital to pension funded contributions.

Terms of receipt

Regulatory documents stipulate that the lump sum payment to pensioners from the funded part of the pension is not due to all citizens who have accumulated savings in special accounts of the PFR. A one-time transfer can be claimed only subject to the following conditions:

  • It is established that the funded pension is paid on an urgent or unlimited basis. In this case, the amount of the surcharge is less than 5% of the insurance part of the subsidies received.
  • An individual is a recipient of early retirement benefit or disability pension with the status of "disabled pensioner".
  • The Russian is not entitled to insurance benefits due to the lack of the required number of pension points in the account, receives a social pension upon reaching the established age.

Where to go

In order to receive a single payment, a citizen must know exactly where the accumulated pension savings. If it was found that the contributions were transferred to the NPF, then you need to contact the branch of the fund or the management company where you applied for the formation of the savings part of the pension. If the RF PF disposed of the money, then for a one-time subsidy, you should contact the Pension Fund office at the place of registration, and not permanent residence, if the data actually differ.

If a person does not exactly remember where the savings were formed - in the PFR or NPF, and are not sure where to apply for lump-sum contributions, then you can get the required information in the nearby branch of the Pension Fund. Employees of the organization will provide an extract on the status and movement of money in the personal account. This information is freely available on the website of the public services service. You can apply for a one-time allowance at the local office of the multifunctional center (hereinafter referred to as the MFC), when this organization provides such services.

How to get a lump sum payment in the Pension Fund

A lump sum payment to pensioners from the funded part of the pension can be issued in several ways. The state takes into account that not all citizens can, due to health reasons, personally visit the branch of the RF PF, getting by public transport to the organization’s office. The following methods are available for applying for a one-time grant:

  • personal appeal to a pensioner with an application for payment to an NPF or PF of the Russian Federation;
  • execution of the required documentation at the MFC, when the organization provides such a service;
  • filing an application via the Internet to save time, using the portal of the public services system, through the registration procedure on the site;
  • the use of the services of a third party, a relative, with the issuance of a power of attorney by a notary confirming the right to submit an application, and the presence of identity documents of a person authorized by the pensioner for such actions.

Application for the return of the funded part of the pension

The legislation provides for certain requirements when filling out the application form for a lump sum payment of savings. The following information should be indicated in the document:

  • the full name of the branch of the PF of the Russian Federation where the citizen applies
  • surname, name, patronymic of the applicant;
  • date, place of birth as indicated in the passport;
  • the presence of citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • applicant's gender mark;
  • address at the place of permanent registration;
  • series, passport number, by whom, when issued;
  • SNILS;
  • a valid telephone number by which you can contact the petitioner to notify you of a decision on one-time deductions;
  • certificate that the applicant has been assigned one or another type of pension;
  • an acceptable way to receive money, details of a debit account, where a one-time subsidy is supposed to be transferred;
  • the date of the application with the signature of the applicant;
  • information about the third party, if the receipt of payment is made by notarized power of attorney.

If the savings were formed in a non-state management company, then the receipt of a one-time allowance is also regulated by legislative normative documents. A unified version of the application has been established, which is mandatory for all NPFs to comply. A citizen will have to fill out an application on the website of a non-state management company or ask for a petition form for a personal visit to the organization’s office.

Package of required documents

The legislation regulates the list of documentation required from a citizen applying for part of the pension savings due to him. If a relative of a pensioner who, for objective reasons, is unable to visit the IFC or the PF branch of the Russian Federation, makes a one-time subsidy, then it is allowed to present the organization’s employees with copies of the following documents instead of the originals, provided they are notarized. The applicant is required to provide the employees of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation with the following list of official papers:

  • a statement drawn up in the prescribed form, completed correctly, without dashes, blots, corrections;
  • the passport of the applicant, or of the person making out the proxy payment;
  • information that the applicant is entitled to a state, social or insurance pension;
  • certificate of the amount of retirement benefit received;
  • bank account details where the surcharge is supposed to be transferred;
  • information on the duration of employment if the petitioner receives social security for the loss of a breadwinner or other grounds provided for by law;
  • other documents, at the request of employees of the RF PF, MFC.

Decision Dates

After a citizen submits for inspection at the IFC or PF of the Russian Federation the entire package of official papers, the employee of the organization must write out a receipt and confirm receipt of documentation by it. The verification of the compliance of the declared data with the actual information about the applicant begins. It can last up to 30 days, after which a decision is made in writing. The applicant will be notified that the Pension Fund has made a positive or negative decision on the application, by calling the organization’s employee to the phone number indicated in the application.

If the answer does not suit the pensioner, then you can appeal it to the courts. Sometimes the application returns for revision. The cancellation of the request occurs for the following reasons:

  • careless, incorrectly filled in application that cannot be read, with blots, corrections;
  • in the package of documentation attached to the petition, there are not enough official papers;
  • there were differences between the information provided and the actual data.

Payment of the funded part of the pension at NPFs

The legislation does not limit Russians in choosing an organization for the formation of future old-age benefits. If a citizen chose an NPF in Moscow to transfer contributions and has a personal account with savings, then in order to receive a one-time subsidy, you need to follow this algorithm:

  1. Carefully read the terms of the agreement with the NPF, determine what conditions for receiving funds should be respected.
  2. Collect the package of official papers required for a specific APF to pay a lump sum.
  3. Contact the office of the management company in person, having previously specified the hours of reception by phone, or register on the official website of the organization, if possible.
  4. Fill out the application form, avoiding blots, strikethroughs, in accordance with the established requirements, in consultation with the NPF employee on all incomprehensible issues.
  5. Give all documentation to a private pension fund employee against receipt.
  6. Clarify the timing of the decision of the NPF on the issue of paying part of the savings due to you, the method of notification.
  7. Wait for a positive response on the application, transfer of finance to the specified bank debit account.
  8. Cash out, use at your own discretion.

Order of receipt

If the documents comply with the requirements established by law, then the NPF or PF of the Russian Federation makes a positive decision to make a one-time surcharge. The accrual is made on the basis of the filing date of the application. Funds are paid at a time, within two months after a positive decision by the state or non-state fund. A citizen has the right to choose the most convenient way to issue finances. Money can be obtained in such organizations:

  • at the Russian Post, in the branch nearest to the place of residence of the pensioner, or at home;
  • in a company engaged in the issuance of pensions to the population, through the cash register or by sending an application for receiving money at home;
  • at a bank branch, by bank transfer to the account specified in the application, or through the cashier of this financial and credit company.

When can I reapply for a new one-time payment?

If a citizen continues to work and generate new savings, then after receiving the first one-time subsidy, you can withdraw the next part of the money that has accumulated over time. You can apply for a new payment after five years after the issuance of the latest additional assessments. We will have to collect a new package of documents, and, acting in the order established by the NPF or PF of the Russian Federation, receive the amount due.