Ironing board with steam generator and iron: steam systems and functions

Currently, ironing steam systems, which include an iron, a steam generator and an ironing board, are gaining great popularity. They are innovative equipment that is used for high-speed cleaning and ironing of clothes, upholstered furniture, carpet products and even tiles. On sale you can find dozens of models of such multifunctional devices, so treat the choice of the optimal system correctly and responsibly.

How to choose an ironing board with a steam generator and an iron

Selectable steam ironing system should be convenient, reliable and functional. The board, which is part of it, is a folding frame and countertop. Often in a set there is a shelf for linen, a removable device for ironing the sleeves, an arm for hangers and a stand for the iron. In order not to make a mistake with the purchase, pay attention to such factors:

  • Type of system - it can be classic and active. Both varieties have an increased worktop width, a reinforced anti-slip stand for the steam appliance and a special coating on the work surface. In this case, the surface of the countertop is designed so that moisture evaporates as quickly as possible. The active system is more functional.
  • Functional. Compared to a “passive” active ironing board, it is plugged in. She is able to perform various actions. Two of them are mandatory: airflow (ventilation, pressurization) and absorption of steam (absorption). Thanks to the first function, a protective shell is created, which provides a gentle mode for smoothing thin tissues. This ironing saves delicate fabrics from jams. Due to the second function, moist air impregnates the fabric through and draws it to the working surface - this makes alignment easier. Along with this, excess steam is removed and no moisture remains on the board with the linen.
  • Weight. This parameter can vary between 5-20 kg. The more weight, the better the stability, but the worse the mobility.
  • Dimensions Give particular importance to the height of the product. On sale you can find models in which the height is adjustable depending on the height of the person. The mechanism of the level for adjusting the location of the countertop can be stepwise or smooth. A simple stepped version is considered durable, but a lever mechanism extends the limits of adjustment.
  • The shape and size of the countertops. It is good if the surface of the product is wide with a narrowed edge.
  • Stability and reliability. The frame is made of high strength plastic and steel pipes. Check the stability of the assembly in the assembled working condition. It is better if the supports extend beyond the contours of the countertop in width. The ironing board for the iron (steam) will not slip if rubber nozzles or corrugated plastic are put on the legs. If frequent moving of an ironing board is supposed, then it should be equipped with castors.
  • The cord length should be sufficient so that you do not have problems connecting the steam generator or placing the ironing system in a specific place in the room.
  • The power of the iron, the steam generator - it will determine how quickly you can cope with ironing.

Ironing steam system

The proposed systems with an iron and a steam generator differ in size, volume of the water tank, power, the presence of additional functions (ventilation, suction) and other characteristics. Some models have a filter and the possibility of adding water during operation. The price range is very wide - from 30-40 to 100 and more than thousand rubles. When buying ironing systems with a steam generator for the home, pay attention to the products of famous brands. They are:

  • Mie;
  • Laurastar;
  • Battistella;
  • Comfort Vapo;
  • Karcher.


The multifunctional MIE Completto Econom system includes a professional iron, a powerful steam generator, and an ironing board. The latter is equipped with the functions of vacuum and blowing (supercharging). The iron has a thick sole made of aluminum alloy and a pair of buttons for supplying steam. The main advantages of the ironing board are mobility, a simple folding mechanism. Its maximum height is 96 cm. The mechanism of raising, lowering is springless. The steam generator has an ergonomic shape. The system is equipped with wheels:

  • model name: MIE Completto Econom;
  • price: 33490 r.;
  • characteristics: boiler power consumption - 1000 W, iron - 800 W, fan type - reversible, steam - dry, boiler pressure (working) - 5.5 bar, productivity - up to 150 g / min., standby time - 11 min. , the tank capacity is 1 l, the size of the ironing platform is 110x37 cm, there are 3 covers for the board in the kit;
  • pluses: good functionality, reliability, reasonable price, good set;
  • Cons: a relatively small surface of the board, low system availability.


The Laurastar Go Red ironing system is easy to disassemble and assemble. It only takes 10 minutes to heat up. Sophisticated design with narrowed on one side large surface is convenient for ironing any clothes. 10 minutes after you stop using the system, the iron will automatically turn off. This makes the system safe and at the same time helps to save electricity. Detailed description:

  • model name: Laurastar Go Red;
  • price: 94990 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions of the ironing surface - 119.5x36.5 cm, heating time - up to 10 minutes, power consumption - 1800 W, steam boost - 200 g, steam pressure - 3.5 bar, tank capacity - 0.8 l, adjustment temperature - 2 modes, hose length - 2.1 m, power cord - 2 m, height adjustment - yes, dimensions - 137.5x18.5x50.5 cm, weight - 12.7 kg;
  • pluses: the presence of self-cleaning of scale, multifunctionality, reliability, good power, relatively light;
  • Cons: expensive, small tank.


An ironing board with a steam generator and an Italian iron made by Battistela Sole M Base will be a real helper in any home. Steam generator, ironing board can work autonomously by choosing different modes. The tank is made of stainless steel - it holds up to 1.8 liters of water. The level of the board can be adjusted by fixing at the desired level. The maximum height reaches 99 cm. To increase mobility, the legs on one side have wheels. The system has the functions of heating, vacuum, boost and vertical steam:

  • model name: Battistella Sole M Base;
  • price: 52000 r .;
  • Characteristics: boost fan / vacuum power - 90 V, iron - 800 V, desktop heating - 450 V, steam boiler - 1500 V, pressure (max.) - 4 bar, steam saturation (max.) - 70 g / min. , the waiting time for readiness is 8 minutes, the volume of the steam boiler is 1.8 l, the dimensions when folded are 135x46x21 cm, the dimensions of the ironing platform are 125x46 cm, weight is 27 kg;
  • pluses: multifunctionality, volumetric tank, increased safety level, good readiness rate;
  • Cons: heavy.

Comfort vapo

The Confort Vapo de Lux ironing system is equipped with a pneumatic lift, thanks to which the structure unfolds automatically. The steam generator is equipped with infinitely adjustable output steam power - between 0-45 bar. It delivers steam directly to the work surface, which simplifies the ironing of woolen sweaters, polyester and silk blouses, scarves. The system also has the function of boost, heating, vertical ironing. Additionally there is a steam iron, gun:

  • model name: Comfort Vapo de Lux;
  • price: 225700 r.;
  • characteristics: iron power - 800 V, desktop heating - 400 V, steam boiler - 2000 V, boost / vacuum motor - 45 V, boiler volume - 3 l, pressure - 4-6 bar, folded dimensions - 150x45x25 cm, dimensions of the ironing table - 120x45 cm;
  • pluses: it automatically develops, unfolds, an excellent set of functions, a volumetric reservoir, smooth steam adjustment, a powerful steam boiler;
  • Cons: high cost, large dimensions.


Ironing board with steam generator and iron Karcher SI 4 Premium + Iron Kit has a large set of additional accessories for cleaning, ironing. The active ironing board effectively removes excess steam, so that the laundry will not be wet. The kit includes a steam cleaner for ironing and cleaning the house without the use of cleaning products. The kit includes microfiber cloths, a hand nozzle, a Comfort Plus floor nozzle and several brushes:

  • model name: Karcher SI 4 Premium + Iron Kit;
  • price: 44999 r .;
  • characteristics: iron power - 700 W, steam generator - 2000 W, tank volume - 0.8 l, ready to work - 4 minutes, pressure - 3.5 bar, steam supply speed - 60 g / min., dimensions of the ironing surface - 167x48 cm, height - up to 100 cm, there is blowing and vacuum, automatic shutdown, the possibility of adding water, dimensions - 46.2x96x145 cm, weight - 12.6 kg;
  • pluses: a large surface for ironing, there is a set of necessary functions, rich equipment, you can add water during operation;
  • Cons: a small volume of water tank, a relatively small capacity of the iron.


Evgenia, 30 years old Recently I decided to order an ironing system in one online store. The choice fell on the Laurastar S6A. This system has a strong protective sole for delicate fabrics, a filter to combat scum, 2 air flow rates and a vacuum system. In addition, I highlight a powerful steam generator - 2200 watts. The disadvantage is the price of 150 thousand rubles.
Angelina, 27 years old Planned to buy an ironing board with an iron, but in the end acquired a whole Laurastar Go system worth 74 thousand rubles. Of the pluses, I want to note a powerful steam generator, a protective sole for ironing delicate materials and excellent functionality. The system is very convenient in operation, but the volume of the tank is relatively small - 0.8 liters.

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