Massage for the neck from wrinkles - features of the procedure, popular techniques and methods

Due to the characteristics of the skin of the neck, over time, it loses its elasticity and firmness, wrinkles appear. To prevent, and also reduce the manifestation of such signs of aging, a special massage will help. It will improve blood circulation and dermis tone in this area.

Does massage for wrinkles on the neck help

Massage techniques have a rejuvenating effect only with prolonged and regular use.

To prevent sagging skin, wrinkles, it is recommended to perform such procedures from 28-30 years. It is also necessary to use specialized anti-aging cosmetics: creams, lotions, masks, oils, etc. Regular massage:
  • improves metabolic processes;
  • increases blood circulation;
  • improves the tone of the dermis;
  • tightens the contour of the neck;
  • tightening;
  • relieves puffiness.

You can perform a wrinkle massage on your own, but it is better to consult a specialist. He will individually select the technique depending on the type, characteristics of the skin and age. Contraindications:

  • hypertensive crisis;
  • instability of the cervical spine;
  • decompensated respiratory failure;
  • pathology of the skin at the place of massage;
  • pathology of the lymph nodes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • infectious lesions;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • injuries, wounds and inflammations in the field of massage;
  • feverish conditions;
  • increased tendency to internal, external bleeding.

Popular Techniques

In modern cosmetology, there are many techniques for conducting the procedure. Such massage techniques will help to remove wrinkles on the neck:

  • lymphatic drainage;
  • Tibetan pinpoints;
  • Taoist
  • Chinese - using spoons.

Lymphatic drainage

Massage with lymphatic drainage helps smooth out wrinkles on the neck, increasing the activity of the metabolic processes of the epidermis, lymph flow and blood circulation. The fold on the neck is tightened, the oval of the face acquires clear contours. The technique is as follows:

  1. The specialist preheats the skin by performing light stroking movements along the massage lines with the fingers of both hands: from the nose bridge and the inner corners of the eyes in the longitudinal direction to the earlobes.
  2. Then massages the neck area, gently pushing from the bottom up.
  3. Slightly deflects the chin up, stroking the neck from the collarbone. In this case, heat should be felt.
  4. Masseur stimulates the tissue of the neck near the back of the head and the solar plexus.
  5. Duration is approximately 20 minutes.

Tibetan point

The method consists in stroking, warming the skin and pressing on certain points. The advantage of this technique is the absence of epidermal stretching. Avocado, shea or coconut oil is used during the procedure - the skin is additionally moisturized. According to reviews, the first results after a Tibetan massage are noticeable after 2-3 procedures. Procedure Procedure:

  1. The fingertips are held along the neck from the bottom up. Please note that the thyroid gland is not affected.
  2. I put my palms in a “boat” and carry it from one ear to the other, from the area under the nose to the sides.
  3. Index fingers press on the base of the eyebrows, moving along the forehead to the temples.
  4. The average duration is 15 minutes.

Taoist technique

The basis of the Taoist massage technique is the exchange of energy with the cosmos - it is sent along all channels of the body, providing youth and longevity. The procedure is performed as follows:

  1. Stand straight, stretch your right hand palm up. Imagine that a powerful energy stream passes through it. The left hand is lowered, palm down.
  2. Rub your palms against each other, bring them to your face and perform massage movements in a circle.
  3. Rest your thumbs on your cheekbones, gently move your index fingers around the eyes from the nose to the temples.
  4. Then put the middle and index fingers along the wings of the nose, massage the nose bridge over the eyebrows, moving towards the temples.
  5. Lift your chin up, massage the neck area with stroking movements from the collarbone to the ears.
  6. Duration should be at least 15 minutes.

Chinese massage with spoons

The technique is aimed at improving the tone of the skin and blood vessels of the microvasculature. Chinese massage with spoons should be performed according to standard massage lines: from clavicle to earlobes and from chin to temples. The execution technique may vary slightly depending on the purpose of the procedure:

  1. Elimination of the second chin: take heated spoons, grease them with any cosmetic oil. Attach to the neckline, lead up towards the chin.
  2. Reducing the severity of wrinkles, swelling: take warm and cold spoons, perform massaging movements, constantly alternating them.
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