5 reasons to use pharmacy hand creams

You can buy hand cream not only in the usual cosmetic store or supermarket, but also in pharmacies. The products sold there have a more balanced composition, certified quality, are designed to treat and solve problems, and not just mask them.

Balanced and safe composition

Buying a softening or healing hand cream is better at a pharmacy, because pharmacy cosmetics contain more vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants. The products are enriched with vitamin E, urea, natural oils, while in the mass market the base can be cheap mineral oil, which Creates a protective film, but does not cure the problem.

Manufacturers often remove dyes and perfumes from the composition, so innovative products are suitable for atopic skin, with dermatitis, a sensitive type.

Treatment, not disguise

By purchasing a cream for dry hands in a pharmacy, the buyer is sure that the problem will be fixed. Some drugs are prescribed by a doctor with a prescription because they contain antibiotics, vitamins, and steroid substances. They must be used according to the instructions in order to precisely influence the problem.

Value for money

Pharmacy hand creams are more expensive than store creams, but such pricing is justified by the composition. Due to the hypoallergenic base, vitamin, mineral fillers, the composition is more useful.


Hand cream for dry skin or other types of it must undergo numerous clinical trials, has a quality certificate that the patient can request from the employee at any time

Due to the multi-stage verification, the compounds are safe, they have minimized side effects.

Unlike mass market products, which also have a certificate, pharmacy products are more careful about hands, have the consistency that is needed to treat the declared symptoms.

Specific problem solving

You need to buy creams to solve specific problems: dryness, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, weeping ulcers and others. They are selected according to the type of skin: dry, sensitive, oily, inflamed, baby.

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