How to wash bedding

To maintain personal hygiene, you must regularly change your sleeping set. If you follow several rules when washing it, your linen will delight you with its impeccable appearance, pleasant aroma and freshness for a long time.

When to wash bedding

Criteria that affect the frequency of change of sleeping set:

  • wearing pajamas;
  • taking a shower before going to bed;
  • the presence of skin diseases or colds;
  • pets that spend the night in bed with the owner.

If a person puts on pajamas and takes a shower before going to bed, you can wash your sleeping set every two weeks. For diseases, bed set must be replaced every day. The tendency to sleep without pajamas or lack of time and desire for an evening shower forces you to wash the kit weekly. Pillowcases are changed every 3-4 days.

Reasons why only purchased items need to be washed:

  1. Processing the fabric at the factory is a conditionally safe substance that makes the material harder or brighter.
  2. Bad smell in the new kit.
  3. Sleeping linen managed to get dusty.

Rules for preparing laundry for washing

If you do not take care of the process in advance, even a good powder and rinse aid do not guarantee the desired result. When washing, linen may change color or size, lose shape. To avoid problems, prepare things before loading them into the machine.


  1. Colour. You can not wash white bedding with black, and multi-colored sets are better divided by shades.
  2. Type of fabric. The washing cycle (natural, synthetic, delicate) depends on the material.
  3. Type of pollution. Wash bedding in the machine, if the sleeping set is just stale, you can use gentle mode. Pillow cases or sheets with stains are pre-soaked.

Choosing the right detergent

  1. Wash baby bedding and allergy products with safe powders with the appropriate labeling.
  2. Use bleaches only for white sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers.
  3. Wash silk, wool, viscose and satin products with compositions marked "For delicate fabrics."
  4. For multi-colored sets, buy powder for colored fabrics.

The choice of washing

  1. Cotton. For colored bedding, set the temperature to 30-40 ° C, white - 60 ° C, in the presence of stains - 90-95 ° C. Press at maximum speed.
  2. Linen color set wash at temperatures up to 40 ° C, white - 60-90 ° C.
  3. You take "Delicate" washing mode for bed linen made of silk, without spin. The maximum allowable temperature is up to 30 ° C.
  4. For white calico choose a program that heats water to 60 ° C, for color - up to 30 ° C.
  5. Satin. One-color kits will wash at 60 ° C, color - 40 ° C. Use maximum spin.
  6. Synthetic materials. Switch on the Synthetics cycle, set the temperature to 45 ° C.
  7. For satin sleeping set select the "Delicate" mode without spin.

Machine bedding

The standard automatic machine is designed to load 4.5-5 kg ​​of laundry at a time. To get a high-quality result, lay only 1 sleeping set for 1 cycle. At a washing mode of 60 ° C, the bedding is well washed, disinfected and not too worn. When the fabric is very dirty or it is necessary to strengthen the disinfection (after a sick person), set the temperature to 90 °.


Often need to soak. Only load the sheets in the machine with the pillowcases from the same set (when the color and material of the items match).


For effective cleaning, turn them on the wrong side, fasten buttons or zippers. Pillowcases can only be washed with sheets. Pillows, when an unpleasant odor appears, also need to be cleaned.

The rules for washing depend on their filler:

  1. Organic. For horse hair or wool pillows, use the “Hand wash” mode, set the temperature to 30 ° C, without spinning. Clean bamboo at temperatures up to 40 ° C, and spin at a minimum speed.
  2. Down-feather. Dispense such pillows before loading into the machine. Divide the filler into parts and pack in bags, tightly tie. For washing, use a liquid gel, select "Manual" or "Delicate" mode.
  3. Synthetic. Wash pillows with artificial contents at 40 ° C, select the spin up to 1 thousand revolutions. Add two or three tennis balls to the drum to prevent the filler from rolling. The machine cannot wash the old synthetic pillows, prone to deformation, because of the risk of permanently ruining them.

Duvet covers

Load the heavy components of the bed set into the drum separately from other things. Before washing, turn the duvet cover inside out, clean the corners of dust, fasten the zippers. Bedding with rhinestones or buttons that may come off, wash in a protective bag separately from other things. Washing of sleeping linen with decorative elements is carried out according to the "Delicate" or "Manual" program.

Hand wash bedding

  1. Make sure the tub or sink is clean.
  2. Fill half of the bathtub with cold water, add detergent marked "For hand washing." Put the same color underwear there.
  3. Wash the kit gently without stretching or twisting so as not to damage the fabric.
  4. Rinse the bedding: change the water until the foam disappears. Squeeze and hang the kit carefully.

Drying after washing

  1. Post a bed set in the fresh air. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. If there is no way to pull the ropes on the street, a balcony will do.
  2. To prevent the clothespin from leaving marks on the fabric, place a white sheet of paper between the material and the clip.
  3. Use the "Dry" mode in the washing machine, but do not keep the laundry there until it is completely dry.
  4. Remove the product from the rope slightly damp so as not to use the "Steam" function.

Special bedding

What to do if a household gets sick:

  1. Cover his bed with a white cotton sleeping set.
  2. Every day or several times a day (if necessary) change pillowcases, a sheet and a duvet cover.
  3. Wash the kit separately from other things.
  4. Select a program with maximum temperature. Wash white bedding with the addition of bleach, and boil the cotton.
  5. Iron the sleeping set for extra disinfection.

In chronic skin diseases or bronchial asthma, personal hygiene must be followed carefully. Change the bed set weekly, use safe detergents for washing, do not add air conditioning.

To destroy bugs or ticks, wash a set of laundry at high temperatures, dry it in the street under direct sunlight and be sure to iron with a heated iron to maximum temperature. If the material cannot be boiled, treat the duvet cover, pillowcases and sheets with a non-toxic bug repellent, place them in a bag for 2 months. In winter, put the linen in a bag and take it to the balcony: at low temperatures (not higher than -20 ° C), the bugs and their eggs will die.

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