Refund of insurance after repayment of a loan at Sberbank

Credit insurance is a voluntary service, i.e. the customer has the right to choose. Credit managers often unscrupulously fulfill their obligations by slipping a signature agreement and assuring that without this clause the application is unlikely to be approved. Have you encountered this situation too? Then you need to know how to return Sberbank loan insurance. This will help not to feel shy when applying for a loan.

Refund of insurance after loan repayment

The return of the insurance amount to an individual after payment of the debt is possible only at the insurance company, but Sberbank is a direct insurer, and therefore it is necessary to contact its employees. If a person has paid the last amount within the period specified in the concluded agreement, then it will not work to get the money back. You can return insurance money only in 2 cases:

  • early repayment of debt when insurance is no longer needed;
  • refusal of insurance while the debt is still paid.

Sberbank loan insurance is refunded if no more than 3 years have passed since the full payment of the debt. This is a limitation period when similar cases are pending. Here's how to get back insurance from a Sberbank loan:

  1. To do this, you just need to file a claim in the form of an application to the manager of the branch of Sberbank where the loan was issued.
  2. Managers may not give you forms and assure you that you cannot get insurance money back, referring to the charter of the bank - require documentary evidence of their words.
  3. If the bank employee does not make concessions, contact the manager directly.
  4. In case of early payment, the application for the return of insurance money must be written on the day of repayment in order to receive your funds back.

Here is the amount you can get:

  1. In case of early repayment, this is the amount of funds for the remaining period of validity of the credit relationship, if only the insurance amount was paid immediately in one payment. The bank will only charge a service fee.
  2. With still existing credit relations - 100% of the amount if a person applied within a month after the transaction was completed, 50% - if a month later.

There are several nuances that require special care when signing documents, because you agree with everything that is indicated there. These points are:

  • whether a refund is provided for early payment;
  • what percentage of funds is supposed to be paid to the client and what it depends on.

Find out in more detail what is the credit limitation period.

Consumer loan

This type of loan involves insurance of the loaned person, i.e. his life and health. Unlike collateral, this type of insurance allows the return of funds paid. You will need a whole package of documents:

  • copy of the passport;
  • copy of the previously concluded loan money agreement;
  • insurance policy;
  • checks on the full payment of credit debt and insurance funds.

With documents, go to the branch of the bank where the loan was issued. Ask the manager for an application form. Write it in the name of the department manager where you applied. So that in the case of a court you can prove your position, correctly fill out the application in 2 copies. Keep one for yourself, but do not forget to require you to put a mark on it that the manager has accepted your application. A response from the bank should be expected 10 days - you can even indicate this period in a written appeal. After the expiration of the period, you can safely go to court if the employees did not contact you.


Mortgage is designed to facilitate the solution of housing issues. It is taken for a long time, so the bank needs security guarantees as an apartment, which is pledged, and human life. If property is insured, then insurance funds cannot be returned until the termination of the loan document, i.e. to issue back paid insurance funds you need to pay off the mortgage ahead of schedule. If the life of the borrower is insured, then it is allowed to refuse such a service while still having a credit relationship. Here's how to get insurance from Sberbank with a mortgage:

  1. Gather a package of necessary documents, consisting of a copy of your passport and credit transaction, insurance policy, certificate of full repayment of a loan, a copy of the contract and payment insurance checks.
  2. Go to the bank to write an application. Do not forget - there must be two of them, so that one remains in your hands. Track the manager, because he must put a mark on the acceptance of your claim. There is another option - send all this by mail in the form of a registered letter with a mandatory notice that it has been received.
  3. Wait for an answer 10 days and only then file an application with the court.

Car loan

Car loan insurance involves the return of insurance funds on the same principle as for a mortgage. If the car itself is insured, then it will not be possible to get these funds before paying off the loan debt. If the bank ensures the safety of the borrower himself, then insurance in the bank on the loan is returned as described above. Documents required:

  • copy of identity document;
  • copy of the loan loan transaction;
  • confirmation of debt repayment;
  • insurance policy and checks confirming payments under the terms of insurance.

After collecting the documents, go to the Sberbank branch, where you took a loan. Write there 2 applications for the issued form. One, with a note on the date the claim is filed, leave to yourself to have confirmation of appeal in the event of litigation. Wait for the indicated period, which is often 10 days, but can be extended up to a month. If no response has been received, get ready for litigation.

Sample Application

When writing a complaint to the bank, you should be provided with a standard application form, where the main points are:

  • Name and address of the bank.
  • The full name of the borrower.
  • Passport data.
  • Phone, email.
  • Number and date of the loan agreement.
  • Date of application, signature of the borrower.

Early repayment of insurance

If you need to get back the sum insured during the repayment of the debt, then it is better to issue a waiver of insurance on the loan. You need to do it no later than a month from the moment you took it, so that you will be given all the money paid. How to refuse credit insurance? Go to the Sberbank branch with the above package of documents. Only a certificate of full repayment of the debt will be absent, because you still pay it. Credit insurance repayment is carried out according to the following conditions:

  1. If you find an imposed service within 30 days after issuing a loan, then the amount that will be returned to you will be in full, only taxes will be deducted. The cancellation of the insurance clause and the period for returning the money is 1 day.
  2. If you decide to apply for a cancellation of insurance after receiving a loan after 31 or more days from the moment of signing the contract, the amount of returned funds will be equal to only half of the amount paid during the period specified in the insurance policy. The return period is 14 days.

Another problem is the early repayment of the loan. Here your actions should be as follows:

  1. If you found information on the possibility of repaying money in case of early repayment among the clauses of the loan document, then go to the bank and write a statement that you pay the debt in advance.
  2. Do not forget to get your account details.
  3. Then write a claim that you need insurance in case of early repayment of the loan. It must include your contact information, number and date of the transaction, account details to which the bank must transfer the amount.
  4. Wait for an answer the specified period. If the bank has not contacted, you automatically receive the right to further proceedings in court.

Bank loan insurance video

Many bureaucratic delays can confuse any, even the most experienced client of Sberbank. The main thing - before you take a loan, read the signed document, especially the points on the provision and the possibility of returning insurance payments. If the problem of how to return insurance on a loan from Sberbank touched you, then watch the video below with a detailed description of your actions in this case.

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