Ear fungus in humans

Everyone has heard about the fungus from the media or experienced ailment on themselves. We will learn about treatments for diseases on the nails or skin of the feet. However, few people know that the fungus in the ears is far from rare. The disease is very unpleasant, difficult to treat. You can get rid of the fungus only by identifying the symptoms and the cause of the ailment in time.

What is an ear fungus

A large number of people on our planet have fungi inside the ear that begin to multiply and lead to meiosis with certain factors:

  • injuries that violate the integrity of the skin;
  • dirty water entering the ear;
  • too thorough ear cleaning with a cotton swab;
  • the use of antibiotics or hormonal drugs;
  • reduced immunity;
  • using other people's headphones or hearing aids.


The signs of the appearance of an ear fungus are easy to recognize, since they differ in pronounced characteristics:

  • discharge from the ear is green, yellow, black or white;
  • plugs inside the ear, which occur constantly, form crusts of sulfur;
  • congestion and noise are felt in the organ;
  • inside the ear begins to itch;
  • pain occurs on the part of the affected ear, which can cause similar sensations in the head;
  • hearing loss is observed;
  • dizziness occurs.

Types of mushrooms in the ear in humans

Fungal otitis media develops when pathogens of one kind or another appear in the ear:

  • Candida yeast causes candidiasis, affects the middle ear and the skin of the external auditory meatus or the area behind the ears, in appearance resembles eczema;
  • mold in the ear causes aspergillosis and mucoidosis, forms behind the ears, on the auricle and ear canal, resembles plaque in shape;
  • especially pathogenic fungi form coccidioidosis, blastomycosis, affect the skin in the ear canal, are characterized by a pronounced severity of symptoms.

How and how to treat ear fungus

In order to recover from an unpleasant illness, it will take more than one day. Basically, treatment gives a result only after 1-2 weeks. Now a large number of drugs have been created for these purposes. Drops, ointments and tablets are used. A competent doctor will help you choose the right remedy. In addition to the first symptoms of the fungus, you can use home-made medications.

Folk remedies

Treatment of a fungus in the ears of a person at home can be carried out:

  • Celandine broth

Take 1 tsp. dry grass, brew it 1 tbsp. boiling water. Insist the product until it cools down. Drop the resulting drug into the ear for 2-3 drops. Handle celandine carefully so that the plant does not come into contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth, and nose. Wash your hands after preparation.

  • Walnut oil

To treat this product, lie on a healthy ear. In a patient instill 1 drop of the product. As the treatment progresses, increase the dose to 4 drops. Before use, warm the bottle in your hands so that the substance acquires a suitable temperature.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This homemade medicine is not used for instillation; they need to wipe the ear canals by applying liquid to a cotton swab. The tool will relieve you of itching and inflammation. To prepare it, mix vinegar with water in equal proportions. The medicine will become effective if treatment of the fungus is required in children.


So that the fungus does not give complications, does not spread, it is better to use medication. Turning to the hospital, you can easily get the necessary specialist advice. It is very important not only to outline a plan for ridding the organ of pathogenic organisms, but also to find out the root cause of the disease. Folk remedies, which many people like to use because of their naturalness, will be a great addition to treatment.

Antifungal ear drops

For the treatment of mycosis, doctors prescribe such means:

  • Candibiotic

Composition of the drug: clotrimazole, beclomethasone dipropionate, chloramphenicol, lidocaine hydrochloride.

The medicine not only copes with fungi, but also relieves pain and inflammation.

  • Rercorsin

Composition: the active substance is meta-dioxibenzene.

Indications: used to treat fungal diseases and skin infections, has antiseptic properties.

  • "Cefazolin"

The active component of cefazolin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, which contributes to the fight against fungal and other infections, and relief of inflammation.

Hydrogen peroxide

The famous inexpensive drug will help you cope with itching in the ear affected by microorganisms. The organ should be washed with the product, instilling 3-5 drops inward, leaving the medicine inside for 10 minutes. After the procedure, wipe the ear canal with a cotton or gauze swab. In medicine, peroxide is not used as a medicine, but to clean the ear before the introduction of another drug.

Which doctor treats the fungus

It is impossible to engage in self-medication of this ailment. A fungal infection can cause serious damage to your body, spreading it closer to your inner ear. In the most severe cases, surgery is prescribed. If you recognize the signs of this disease, immediately contact an otolaryngologist (ENT). A specialist will be able to identify the cause of the development of the fungus and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Learn what to do with an ear congestion without pain.

Video about the treatment of fungus at home


Arthur, 48 years old Previously, he saw this disease only in the photo, he was horrified by the unpleasant picture. However, I recently ran into it directly. I had an itch and discharge from the ear, which was white in color, which were clearly visible in the shell. Immediately went to the doctor, he prescribed the drug “Candibiotic” to me. After ten days of use, I completely recovered.
Marina, 31 years. I don’t wish even an enemy ear fungus, a disgusting disease. It all started with a simple itch. To cure otomycosis, I washed the organ with hydrogen peroxide, but there was no noticeable effect. After a while I began to feel headaches, went to the doctor. The specialist advised using the tool only to prepare for medical procedures. After several days of treatment with Cefazolin, I felt relief. I believe that this drug is a quick way to solve the problem.
Antonina, 43 years old. My child's ear was combed. I had previously encountered an ear fungus, so I easily diagnosed it. She knew that for children it was impossible to use aggressive means suitable for adults, therefore, the treatment was carried out with apple cider vinegar diluted with water. The old folk way how to treat a fungus, adequately coped with the task. A week later, the baby fully recovered.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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