Motilium - indications for use and instructions

Every year, the quality of life of a modern person changes. Today it is already difficult to find completely natural food products on the shelves of the store, without additives, flavor enhancers and dyes. Poor nutrition inevitably leads to disruption of the digestive tract. In this state, Motilium is an indication for use.

Motilium - instructions for use

According to the clinical and pharmacological group, the drug belongs to centrally acting antiemetic drugs that block dopamine receptors. A medicine is produced in the form of round biconvex tablets of white or cream color. On one side there is the inscription M / 10, on the other - JANSSEN. Each cardboard box contains 10 or 30 pieces of Motilium tablets - instructions for use are attached.

The active component of the drug is domperidone, which is contained in 1 tablet of 10 mg. The substance improves gastrointestinal motility, therefore, is an indication for use in many gastric pathologies. The auxiliary components of the medication include:

  • hydrogenated cottonseed oil;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • povidone;
  • pregelatinized starch;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • corn starch;
  • lactose monohydrate.

According to the pharmacological action, the drug is an activator of peristalsis, has an antiemetic effect. The active substance gives the effect of some psychotropic drugs (antipsychotics), but does not have their side effects, since the physiological barrier between the central nervous system and the circulatory system does not pass well. Domperidone has indications for use to facilitate the evacuation of liquid and semi-liquid fractions from the stomach of healthy people, and it helps patients to slow the release of solid food lumps.

Motilium suspension

In addition to tablets, manufacturers produce for more convenient use inside Motilium suspension. This form of medicine is available in a 10 ml dark glass vial. A dosing syringe is included. According to the indications for use, the suspension should be drunk half an hour before each meal and, if necessary, before bedtime. Dosage:

  1. Nausea or vomiting. Adults 3 times / day for 20 mg. For children weighing more than 35 kg, the maximum daily dose is 2.4 mg / kg, but not more than 80 ml (80 mg). Babies under 5 years old - 0.5 ml / g of weight 3 times / day.
  2. Chronic dyspepsia Adults 3 times / day for 10 mg.
  3. Children's dyspepsia. For a newborn baby and a child under 5 years old, the dose is calculated according to individual indications at the rate of 0.25 ml / kg of weight.


The drug stimulates muscle activity, which leads to rapid evacuation of food into the duodenum. Motilium in tablets, like suspension, helps to cure reflux disease, helps to stop heartburn. Also, the drug suppresses the activity of the vomiting center, which is provoked by various infectious diseases and chronic pathologies:

  • dyspepsia associated with esophagitis reflux (sensation of bloating and overfilling of the stomach, flatulence, belching, epigastric pain, heartburn);
  • vomiting and nausea associated with dopamine during Parkinson's disease;
  • regurgitation syndrome in newborns;
  • nausea and vomiting associated with a dietary disorder, drug treatment, or radiotherapy.

Motilium for children

According to the annotation, the indications for the use of the drug for a child are caused by difficulty emptying, bloating, cyclic vomiting and gastrointestinal reflux. The medicine accelerates the recovery of the baby in case of poisoning, quickly restores disturbed processes. As a rule, Motilium is prescribed to children in the form of a suspension, since it is easier for a child to swallow. Within two days from the start of the therapeutic course, relief comes.

During pregnancy

Since tablets improve intestinal motility, they are indispensable during early and late gestation. Reception of Motilium during pregnancy and during lactation is allowed with gestosis, which is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and with a violation of the motor activity of the digestive system. In the postpartum period, the drug or its analogues, cheaper in price, is prescribed to stimulate the separation of breast milk.

For nausea

The drug is initially aimed at eliminating vomiting. During the use of Motilium from nausea, it is better to adhere to the scheme: take on an empty stomach or 2 hours before a meal. So the absorption of the drug from the gastrointestinal tract will occur faster. After using the tablets, the drug in the blood plasma is detected after half an hour. If gastric acidity is reduced, then to get rid of nausea, it is better to take pills half an hour before meals.

For heartburn

The burning sensation behind the sternum is familiar to almost everyone. In some people, it occurs after eating constantly. Unpleasant sensations are the result of throwing into the esophagus (involuntary) the contents of the stomach. The cause of this condition can be obesity, stress, alcohol abuse, malnutrition. No matter why there was a burning sensation, Motilium will help with heartburn. To completely get rid of it, taking the drug is not enough. It is necessary to normalize nutrition and abandon bad habits.

For diarrhea

Diarrhea is a consequence of a malfunction in the intestinal tract. It can be caused by food poisoning or bacterial infections. Typically, diarrhea is caused by salmonella, which is distributed in food and water. Tourists who like to travel to exotic countries often suffer from diarrhea. Food poisoning often affects young children who are in close contact with the external environment and can take salmonella-infected items into their mouths. The surest remedy at such moments is Motilium for diarrhea. After the first use, diarrhea recedes.

For lactation

When the breasts are not poured, and the baby is hungry, doctors often prescribe Motilium for breastfeeding. To enhance lactation, the drug is used when the mother decreases the amount of milk after taking hormonal tablets or when she decantes it for a sick child, but there is still not enough nutrition for all. Side effects in mother and baby are extremely rare.


You can buy an antiemetic drug in the pharmacy network or order from the catalog in online stores specializing in the sale of medicines. How much is Motilium? The average price in Russia for a suspension in 100 ml is 500 rubles, for tablets 10 pcs. - 400 rubles. A package with 30 tablets will cost about 700 rubles. If you order the medicine online, then the cost may be less.


You can replace the drug with other medicines, which will cost a little cheaper at a price. The pharmaceutical industry offers many similar preparations that contain domperidone as an active agent. Motilium analogues in the Russian market:

  • Motilak;
  • Damelium;
  • Domstal;
  • Motonium;
  • Passasix;
  • Domet;
  • Perinorm;
  • Tserukal.

How to take Motilium

Instructions for use of the medication show that tablets are recommended for adults, and other forms (lingual, suspension) are recommended for children. How to take Motilium in each individual case has been discussed above. To prevent digestive failure, the medication is used one tablet three times a day. The timing of admission is determined by the doctor individually.


According to the instructions, an antiemetic drug is not recommended for use with hypersensitivity to domperidone and with gastrointestinal bleeding of various origins. Motilium - absolute contraindications:

  • perforation of the intestines or stomach;
  • hyperprolactinemia;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • prolactinoma;
  • glaucoma;
  • pheochromocytoma;
  • epilepsy;
  • mammary cancer.


Liliya, 39 years old. They prescribed Motilium - indications for use indicate that the drug helps with reflux. I bought lingual tablets for resorption, since the price of them was lower. After the first day of taking, the symptoms of esophagitis have become much less common. After a week's intake, they completely disappeared. Now I have become more closely monitor my food.
Anastasia, 23 years old Decided to buy Motilium packaging for her son in an online store. I thought that the price would be inexpensive, but in the end I had to pay for shipping. Sonny suffers from digestive problems. Belching and vomiting - constant accompanying the process of eating. According to these indications, an antiemetic was prescribed, and after 3 days everything was fine.
Marina, 32 years old I buy Motilium infrequently due to the high price in the pharmacy. But sometimes there are cases that you cannot do without these pills. When, after a trip, the whole family got an intestinal infection, the gastroenterologist, having studied our indications, prescribed to drink them in combination with other drugs. My husband and I recovered faster, but my daughter came to herself for a very long time.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.